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Are you looking for free resume samples? If you do, you have come to the right place as there will be so many of them shown below. All you have to do is selecting the one you need, and then you can get and save it in your PC or laptop.

High School Resume For Student

Therefore, pick free resume samples now, and you should be able to make any types of resume as you wish. All of them are available for free, and there is no need to create the resume on your own because you will need a lot time for that.

Example of Free Resume Samples



Randy Howard



Glenn 63, Ville, 2917

At a Glance

  • Professional historian from the school of art and history.
  • Having been working in the industry for more than three years.
  • Having good experience in dealing with Middle Ages history, including Saxon, Norman, Celt and Viking history.
  • Willing to work in team and working in shift.


Utah High School, Graduated 2014, GPA 3.1

The School of History and Art, Graduated 2018, GPA 3.6

Work History

2018-2019, Middle Ages Museum, Art Historian Team

2019-2020, History and Craft Center, Senior Art Historian

2020-Ongoing, Jemima Museum, Senior Art Historian


  • Old English Reading
  • Manuscript Transcript
  • Viking Inscription
  • English History


English, Advanced

Spanish, Advanced

How to Write Free Resume Example?

To write a resume, you need some examples. There are many ways in using the examples, but basically they are leading up to a good, well-written resume. These are the steps to use the template example in order to write a good resume:

  1. Understand the exact type of resume you want to make
  2. Look for the right and proper resume for the purpose
  3. Download the resume template
  4. Edit the template using Microsoft Word or other program
  5. After adding your data and information, print the resume or save it to send later.

People Also Ask

Where can I get free resume samples?

Free resume example can be found anywhere. It is all over the internet. You should also be able to find the resume examples on a lot of websites. They are available in many types and formats as well.

Does Microsoft Word have Resume Templates?

It is not particularly. Ms. Word has templates, but probably only for the latest version of the program. However, do not worry as plenty of the templates available online are already in doc format, which mean they can be used in Microsoft Word anyway.

Art Director Resume Template

If you are working as art director and want to write a resume about it, find the template and then use it to write your experience while working in this particular industry. Write your skills, so the reader knows that you are the real deal.

Resume Example for Assistant

Assistant is a common job you will find practically anywhere. Get the job done of writing a resume for assistant, and then you can apply for any job you wish for. This is one of free resume samples that will certainly help you out.

Internship Resume For Business Administration

Blank Resume Template

A blank resume is like a plain canvas. All you have to do is entering your data. There is no need to concept anything as it is already completed with the things you need, including the experience and skills. You just have to list them on the document.

Resume Example for Business Analyst

For those working as business analyst, this is the resume you need. All the documents shown are all for free. You can download any free resume samples depending on your need.

Mba Resume Sample

Clean Creative Resume Template

Clean and creative resume is surely needed when you want the resume to impress a lot of people. Try to write it in the proper way, but give it a modern touch. The example will show you how easy it is to write such resume.

Resume Example for College Graduate

College graduate is considered to have higher level of education, and that is the reason why the resume should look better. The resume will be better when it is written based on a good example and template.

Professional Resume

Customer Service Resume Template

Customer service is the job that everyone tends to get at the earlier stage of their career. This is the example for the resume. Using free resume samples is so useful these days as you may not have to spend hours creating it from the start.

Resume Example for Graphic Designer

A graphic designer will have to write a lot of things in their resume and attaching their portfolio. Use template to ease the way in writing the resume, so you can focus more on the portfolio and samples of your designs.

Project Manager Resume

High School Student Resume Template

High school students are usually looking for free resume samples when they want to write resume to apply for job in between school and also for internship. Use the help of template to create the best resume and get the job properly.

Resume Example for Internship

Internship is a common program when it comes to school and university. It introduces people to the real working industry. Find the best example and write your own resume.

Resume For Engineering Student

Modern Resume Template

Modern resume does not look so plain and boring like the traditional one. You can get the resume done in modern touch when you have found the free resume samples.

Resume Example with No Experience

Even when you have no experience in the field, you still have to write free resume samples with good content. This is where the samples and templates are mostly needed. These will help you to write a good and readable resume.

Administrative Assistant Resume

Professional Resume Template

This is a professional resume for you who have years of experience in the industry. There is no need to get confused about writing a proper resume as this template will help you to find out the correct format.

Resume Example for Teacher

Teacher is a serious profession, and you have to complete your job application with good resume. There are plenty of free resume samples to create teacher’s resume. Use them and find out the perfect format or content for the resume.

College Resume Sample

Two-Page Resume Template

A good, simple resume is going to be one page only. However, if you have a lot to explain in resume, you can use free resume samples that have two-page format. It will give you the much needed space for the details.

Executive Resume Free Customer Service Resume

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