10+ Teaching Curriculum Vitae Sample

Teaching Curriculum Vitae Sample Example to Assist You in Writing Your CV

Generally, making a teaching CV is not much different from making any other curriculum vitae. Here, you can find the teaching curriculum vitae sample example to help you in writing your own teaching curriculum vitae.

Professional Teaching

Do you want to apply for a job in a teaching position, but don’t have a clue where to start? Don’t need to be confused as writing a CV is not as hard as you imagine. You just need to write your background honestly.

Teaching Curriculum Vitae Sample

Following is the most common of teaching curriculum vitae sample example:

Thomas, Joshua

Personal Contacts

Address: 18 High Street, Highwood, Highwoodshire

Phone: 028777778888

Email: joshua.thomas@outlook.com


A highly motivated and professional teacher who is seeking a first teaching position. My previous educational experiences have developed excellent planning and communication skills, along with strong adaptability. I also have received many nice feedbacks from my university and school and stated as an outstanding graduate.

Educational Background

Teaching Placement (December 2019-August 2020)

St. Highwood School

Teaching Placement (February 2018-January 2019)

Redd High School

Bachelor of Arts (2013-2017)

University of Highwoodshire

Personal Skills

Advanced level in 5 languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, French, and Spanish)

Excellent in Microsoft Office

Excellent in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

High ability to work under pressure

Great communication skills

Teaching Experiences

Teacher (August 2020-The present)

Highwoodshire School

Intern Teacher (January 2018-August 2020)

Highwoodshire School

Part-time Teacher (August 2017-December 2018)

Highwoodshire School

Tips on How to Write Teaching Curriculum Vitae

If you have trouble in writing your CV, the following are the things you can simply follow:

  1. Make sure to put a heading just like when you write any formal letters that contain your updated personal details and contacts.
  2. Include your educational background: your schools, degrees, courses, or any other educational programs that you’ve taken until the present.
  3. Do not forget about your teaching experiences, if you have any. This surely will be the highlighted part of your curriculum vitae.
  4. If you have published any journals or any other publications, do not forget to list all of them in the CV. This will increase your credibility as a teacher.

People Also Ask

How do you write a good teaching CV?

Here are some tips to make the strong teaching curriculum vitae:

  1. Put an impressive cover letter.
  2. Present yourself as a highly developed and motivated teacher with the amazing knowledge and experiences in teaching.
  3. List your specific personal skills, if you have any.
  4. As a teacher, you need to write down your teaching methodology.
  5. Prioritize to use of action verbs in your curriculum vitae.
  6. Do re-check for any grammatical and spelling errors

What skills and abilities make a good teacher?

To be a great teacher, you need to have the following qualities:

  1. Strong ability to build a connection with students.
  2. Excellent organization and planning skills.
  3. Good communication and listening skills.
  4. Deep knowledge of the subject.
  5. Friendly and approachable.

How to list skills on a CV?

First, put the most in-demand talent and skills. Then, include your best skills that are relevant to the position or job you’re applying to. Do not forget to also put your key skills. In addition, in the professional section, put your work-related skills

Teaching and Humanities Curriculum Vitae

This teaching curriculum vitae sample example is great for you who have a passion for humanities and have plenty of teaching experiences. Yes, you can include your relevant experiences in teaching and related field.

Teaching Curriculum Vitae Sample Template

With this teaching curriculum vitae sample example, you can simply download the file and input your personal data in it. You can start with your contacts and followed by writing down your areas of expertise, educational background, and also your teaching experiences.

School Teaching CV Sample

Curriculum Vitae Template for Academic Teaching

The academic teaching curriculum vitae sample example is good option if you have many academic experiences, honors, awards, educational background, and any other achievements. With this template, you can list all of your details to make you more stand out as a remarkable teacher.

Volunteer Teaching

Curriculum Vitae Template for Volunteer Teaching

If you have teaching experiences and want to apply for any volunteering job in teaching, you can use this template. Make sure to list all of your teaching experiences since you graduate from teaching school.

Teaching Curriculum Vitae Layout

Curriculum Vitae Template for School Teaching

If you are a highly motivated teacher and have an amazing educational background in teaching, just use the school teaching curriculum vitae sample example. This template will enable you to highlight all of your educational achievements.

Academic Teaching

Curriculum Vitae Template for Professional Teaching

The professional teaching curriculum vitae sample example is similar to the school teaching template. However, in this template, you will need to list down your work or training experiences that are relevant to the job position you’re trying to apply in teaching field.

Teaching CV Template

Curriculum Vitae Template for First Teaching

Do not be afraid to write your first CV if you don’t have any experience in teaching yet. Use this template, and you will have the chance to be more stands out since this template enables you to list down your relevant skills and educational qualifications.

Humanities and Teaching CV Template

Curriculum Vitae Template for Highly Professional Teaching

This template is similar to the school and professional teaching curriculum vitae sample example. However, in this template, you will need to add your academic awards, honors, publications, or any other impressive achievements.

Teaching Experience

Experienced Teaching Curriculum Vitae

If you are a well-developed teacher with many great experiences in teaching but still want to grow your career, the experienced teaching curriculum vitae sample example is a great choice. You can accentuate your teaching experiences as your greatest strength.

Curriculum Vitae Template Sample for Teaching

The teaching curriculum vitae sample example is the most common form of teaching CV. Just start with this simple template by putting your personal details first then continue to write the language skills as well as educational background. If you have any work experiences, add them in your CV.

First Teaching CV Template Professional Teaching Curriculum Vitae Template

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