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Sample Internship Curriculum Vitae and Its Templates

When you need sample internship curriculum vitae, surely you are on your way to apply for an internship program. This kind of program is actually important, and thus you should not take it for granted. There will be plenty of examples and templates to use that you can see below.

Medical Internship

These templates are all for free, and you can download each and every single of them. Then, save it in your PC. Whenever you need a hand on an internship CV, you just have to take the sample internship curriculum vitae out, and edit it a little bit. Here is the full information for you.

The Example of Internship Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


At a Glance

  • An undergraduate student on his way of becoming an art historian.
  • Currently studying English History particularly in Tudor and Stuart England.
  • Good in communicating and learning.
  • Willing to work in shift and willing to work in teams.

Personal Information

Name: James Bart

Email: bartjames@mail.me

Phone: 386-2817

Address: 36 Charles, Second 271, GK

History of Education

Villiers High School, Graduated 2018, GPA 3.4

School of History and Literature, Ongoing

Previous Internship

2020, Hanoverian Museum, Junior Assistant Historian

2019, The Palace of Hare Wood, Curator Team


  • English history examination
  • Old English manuscript reading
  • Time Management
  • Team Working
  • Precision
  • Communication


English, Advanced

Latin, Advanced

Spanish, Intermediate

How to Write Curriculum Vitae for Internship?

In order to write an internship CV, these are the steps that you have to take. Remember, even though internship is mostly an unpaid work, you cannot just take it for granted. There will be tons of things that you can benefit from the program. Follow this instruction to get the CV right.

  1. Download the correct sample internship curriculum vitae.
  2. Edit the CV template according to your data and personal information
  3. Recheck the CV before finishing it up. Make sure the information, every provided date is correct.
  4. Print or send the CV via email.

People Also Ask

How can I write my CV for internship free?

The only way you can write it for free is by using the sample internship curriculum vitae. Most of the documents are all for free. You won’t get charged for downloading them, and thus making it completely free for you to create the document.

What skills are required for internship?

It depends on the field. However, the common ground for internship skill is usually the soft skill like communicating and listening. After all, internship is the program where you learn to adapt and absorb as many information and knowledge as possible.

Curriculum Vitae Internship Example for HR

For those looking for sample internship curriculum vitae for human resources industry, you can use the template example as guideline. It will help you creating a good resume that will impress the seniors and bosses in the company. The templates also help you to create the CV faster.

Curriculum Vitae Internship Example for Law Students

Law students have to get through internship before graduating. This is the only way they can get the real life experience of becoming a law-related officer. Use sample internship curriculum vitae for law students that can be found and edit it to match your own style.

Neuroscience Internship Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae Internship Example for Medical Students

Of course medical students will have to do an internship. It is extensive as well and can last for 1-2 years. This is the way they can gain experience and learning how to be a good physician. Before getting internship position, surely they have to download sample internship curriculum vitae.

Student Internship

Curriculum Vitae Internship Example for Neuroscience

If you are studying to be a neuroscience and you want to write a resume about it, find the template and then use the template to write your experience in learning in this particular study. Write all your skills as well, so the readers of that resume know you are the real deal.

Pharmacy Curriculum Vitae

Basic PDF Curriculum Vitae Internship Example

A basic CV template is like a plain canvas. All you have to do is entering your data and information. There is no need to concept or anything as it is already completed with all the things that you need, including the experience and skills. You just have to list them on the document.

Undergraduate Internship Curriculum Vitae

Pharmacy Curriculum Vitae Internship Example

There are so many things you have to learn and study before getting the degree and being able to work in the industry. This is why sample internship curriculum vitae is really important. It will help the students to write a good resume and help them get the internship position.

Postdoctoral Internship Curriculum Vitae

Phycology Curriculum Vitae Internship Example

This is a CV example for those who have been studying to get the degree of psychology and have the experience in the industry. There is no need to get confused about writing a proper CV because this template will help you find out the correct CV sample and format.

Example of Internship

Curriculum Vitae Internship Example for Postdoctoral Students

Postdoctoral students are those who have completed the PhD degree but still want to work in internship level. Use the sample internship curriculum vitae to write and concept the CV. Well, CV is certainly needed as it will be the only essential document to apply for the internship position.

Psychology Curriculum Vitae

Standard Curriculum Vitae Internship Example for Student

The CV template is surely needed when a student wants the document to impress a lot of people. Try to write the CV in the proper way, but give it a modern touch, so it does not look boring. The example will show you how easy it is to write such document.

HR Internship

Curriculum Vitae Internship Example for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students are on their way to get Bachelor’s Degree in their respective field. In order to do that, they will have to join internship program. It will enhance their knowledge and prepare them for the industry as well. Use sample internship curriculum vitae instead of having to write it on your own.


Law Internship Curriculum Vitae



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