6+ Fresher Resume Template

Fresher Resume Template Example and How You Write It Properly

There is no doubt that using fresher resume template is quite helpful. Fresher is like someone who just graduated from school, and they have little to no experience when it comes to look for a job. The thing about job is that you will have to bring in a resume in order to get one. Well, in this case, you can use the template.Freshers Resume Sample PDF

Yes, using templates is wise because it means you do not even need to worry about constructing sentences and the content of the resume on your own. You just have to add data and then follow the format that’s already displayed in the template. Therefore, without further ado, this is the template, example as well as the explanations that you need to know about the resume.

Fresher Resume Template Example

Jackson Williams


Phone: 2816-2921

Address: 26 Bounce St, Patrol Town 271

Career Objective

Having just graduated from university, the career goal is to find a decent job and establish a career. Before graduating from university, I have a few experiences in internship and informal jobs. I can work with teams and always have the determination to give the best to everything.

History of Education

Glenn High School, Graduated 2017, GPA 3.4

Thomas State University, Graduated 2021, Bachelor of European Literature, GPA 3.2

Internship and Previous Work Experience

Translator, Yank Museum, 2017

Historian Internship, School of English Monarchy, 2018

Internship for Historian Team position, Denver School, 2019

Research Team, The Unearthing of National History, 2020


Communication Skill

Reading Old Languages

Manuscript Preservation

Time Management



English, Advanced

Spanish, Advanced

Latin, Intermediate

How to Write Fresher Resume Template?

There are a lot of formats for fresher resume template. However, the best one should be the simple one. Remember, people who are labeled as fresher or fresh graduates are expected to have less experience when it comes to professional work. So, it is better to keep the resume nice and simple.

  • Make the resume look brief, but it does not mean the essential information should be omitted.
  • You will have to write everything important in there, like the contact information, but you do not need to squeeze too much winding up and complicated information.

People Also Ask

What should a fresher resume contain?

The most essential thing that people need to put on their resume when they are just graduated from college is personal information and the history of education. After all, you have just been fresh out of the school, and the school has reputations. Most of the time, it is important for the recruiters.

Besides considering the school, they will also consider the internship experience. If you do not have any, fear not as most of fresher resume template and examples you can find have the space to add your extracurricular activities as well. Therefore, it does not have to be an empty resume after all.

What is a good resume for someone with no experience?

It does not matter whether or not you have experience. As long as the resume is well-written and not exaggerated, everyone should consider the resume as a good one. If you want to make it look even better and readable, use chronological resume as it orders the resume by date.

It should be able to make the resume way more interesting and up to date. The newest addition will be on the top list, so the recruiters will have time to examine which experience and information is the most recent ones. This is a very common form of resume to use as well.

How do I make a resume for a beginner?

There are a few; you have to do these steps. It is important to follow the step, so you won’t end up with uninteresting resume, and you won’t lose the chance of getting the job. These steps are the common steps to take, whether you are fresher or just have tons of experience in the working industry.

  1. Focus on displaying a truthful data
  2. Download the right fresher resume template
  3. Edit the template by preparing the data beforehand
  4. Recheck the data and information displayed on the resume before sending them to the recruiters.

Free Fresher Resume Examples

Templates are available everywhere, and this is one of the best examples you can get. Use this fresher resume template to write your experience and contact detail.

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Resume Format For Fresher In Word Format

Fresher Resume in Word

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Fresher Resume in PDF

The standard format for emailed job application is the PDF for the resume. This is the fresher resume template that you need, and it is already in PDF format.

Sample CV Format For Freshers

Standard Resume with Simple Format

Use the standard format to create simple yet readable resume for everyone in general. It works perfectly fine.

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fresher resume format

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Standard Fresher Resume Example

This is the last fresher resume template to show. You can use this template and edit it whenever you like as this is the standard format.

IT Freshers Resume Template

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