Letter of Appreciation for Job Well Done And Its Example

What Is A Letter Of Appreciation?

Today, people love going to social media or email to appreciate someone. Nevertheless, writing a letter of appreciation for a job well done can be an excellent way of showing gratitude to the employees or staff when they have accomplished a certain task. On this page, we will discuss more how to write this letter properly.

How To Express Gratitude To Employees Or Staff?

saying thanks to staff or employees is not a difficult job. You can do some simple things like the following list:

Sending A Thank You Note

A brief email or post on social media is simpler and in certain ways, it can be fun. However, the conventional way like sending a thank you note shouldn’t give you a lot of trouble. Even employees can appreciate it more because they make an effort to write it. Isn’t that great if they post it on social media for getting this card? It is more meaningful, right?

Give A Small Gift

An appreciation doesn’t have to be something big. It can be small gifts that are useful for their everyday lives. For example, if your employees just have babies, you can give them baby gift sets. They will appreciate it more.

Give Them Time Off

One of the best things that your employees might appreciate more is giving them the time off. It is a great thing you can give to them because they need more time to rest after a long work. Your staff will appreciate it more instead of giving them some unnecessary items.

Ask Them To Have Lunch Together

Lunch? Yes! It is a simple thing that your employees will remember. Besides, you can get to know them better by having lunch together. Besides, it strengthens the bond between you and your team.

Sample Of Letter Appreciation For Job Well Done

Dear Helena,

I would like to congratulate you on reaching the milestone in less than 3 months. Your performance in handling the team and obstacles is very impressive. You work effectively in negotiating with difficult clients and create an amazing job by providing an excellent system for your staff. No wonder if your target has been reached beyond my expectation.

Our company has been running better since you create the system and a new SOP in telemarketing, making it easier for the staff to decide what to do when finding difficulties. I am sure this is your genuine heart and passion you put into every project. Also, your leadership skill.

Therefore, I would like to give you a week’s vacation to help you recharge your energy and get back to the office with more ideas for the marketing department. The Human Resources Department will place the copy in your permanent employee file. Once again, thank you for your outstanding job.


Best Regards,



Andrea Herera

cc: Human Resources Department

This letter of appreciation for a job well done will be very valuable for people whose effort gets unnoticed. We hope this sample helps you!

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