Letter of Appreciation to Boss about Employee

It is a shame when a quiet employee who has good skill, an excellent work ethic, and professionalism gets noticed when moving to a new company. At this time, the management might start finding out what they can do to keep the individual loyal. This is why the letter of appreciation to the boss about an employee can help.

The Format Of A Letter Of Appreciation To Boss About Employee

This letter requires a standard format that you need to write the employee’s name, department, title and specific details related to the position, goal, and job description. It is needed to describe it exceptionally. This is also important for employees to know that he or she is noticed by the upper management.

How To Write A Letter of Appreciation To Boss About Employee

To create a good appreciation letter, you can follow the following steps:

Be prompt

When you are planning an appreciation letter, be prompt. You must make it as soon as possible once you have noticed your staff achievements. It is the best way to make them feel appreciated which will give a lot of impact on the company.

Find appropriate format

Because this is a professional relationship, you have to make it formal. Besides, write a letter in official format and address it professionally such as using an email. In some cases, some managers or upper management also write it casually because this is done for personal acquaintance.

express the letter purpose

The body of the letter should be written simply and full of gratitude. Avoid too much chit-chat and be straightforward of your thankfulness to certain finished projects done by your employee.

Sample Of Letter Of Appreciation To Boss About Employee

This is a letter example of a manager in the e-commerce division that is trying to appreciate the staff’s name to the upper management.


Dear Ms. Stefani,

My purpose to write this letter is to inform you about how much I appreciate one of our telephone representatives, Sarah Fernandez who has been consistently doing a good job.  She is an exceptional employee who always comes up with new ideas and great at handling difficult situations. She has been working in this field for more than 5 years in this company and has never taken sick and vacation leaves.

She has regular customers who will be waiting for her only to get served by Sarah instead of other representatives. I see that Sarah has been doing great work that customers always love to go back to her even waiting in line. Besides, she has a great memory and knows our product inside and out which makes the customers decide what products they need due to her help.

Even though her performance is far from than others, she keeps a humble, cheerful, and really low profile. I am very grateful and proud of her for becoming her mentor during training. I wish I could clone another Sarah for the goodness of our company. I wish you notice her spectacular achievements that you will talk to her personally when visiting our office.



Alice Handerson

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