Effective Date Resignation Letter and Example

Even if you love what you are doing, there are times you have to face various situations that make you quit your job. This can be moving to another place, sickness, or others. To keep your relationship with the company good, you need to set up your resignation date by writing the effective date resignation letter. This will avoid you burning the bridge and keep your relationship with employee professional.

Is The Resignation Date The Last Day of Your Work?

The date of your resignation date submission doesn’t have to be your last day. Some people give the resignation notice at least 2 weeks before quitting from the position. During this time, the employee and the company will work together for the transition. The employee can finish the projects or distribute them to someone eligible. Meanwhile, the company will look for a new candidate who can be a substitute from another employee or hiring a new candidate.

Is It professional To Reign Immediately?

It depends on the company, sometimes a manager will allow someone to resign from the company as it brings minimum impact to the business. However, it will be more professional to resign with a notice such as writing an effective date resignation letter. Even though some emergency times require someone to resign immediately, although such a case rarely happened.

Am I Allowed To Change The Resignation Date?

There is no legal rule whether you are allowed to change your resignation date or not. However, the company has no obligation to accept or decline the resignation date. In some cases, the HR department might still be looking for a candidate for a substitution, in this case, you are allowed to extend your working day until the company has found a new employee. Or, if you are required to leave earlier, then the company cannot decline your request when it is in an emergency and it doesn’t affect the company’s operation. Typically this will depend on the company’s policy about the resignation terms and conditions.


Dear Mr. Kim,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I will be resigning from my position as an Account Manager at ABC Company starting from January 1, 2021. I have decided to quit this company due to personal reasons. Therefore, please accept this letter as my official resignation notice two weeks before the due date.

During my last service, I will do my best to finish the remaining projects and tasks as well as distributing the task as a part of the transition effort. I will do the transition process as smooth as possible and make sure all parties are involved.

If you have any word to discuss, please contact me by phone at (555)5555-555 or by email at Helen.smith@email.com.

I am very thankful for the chance and experience I got from this company. I enjoyed working here and now I am confident to enter another stage of my life. I wish ABC Company success and I hope we will cross paths one day. Thank you for your consideration.



Helen Smith

Accounting Manager

ABC Company

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