4+ Medical Assistant Resume Template

Medical Assistant Resume Template in PDF, Word and More

Using medical assistant resume template is definitely helpful when you need to pen down a good resume but you cannot really do that on your own. There are many templates available all across the internet and there will be several of them here. They can all be downloaded for free.

Entry Level Medical Assistant Resume PDF Format

With the help of the template, making resume for applying job as medical assistant will be quite easy. There will be no obstacles at all, and you just have to download the template, edit them accordingly and then send the resume to the employer or to the hospital where you need to apply.

Example of Medical Assistant Resume Template


Fanny Button

Email: ladyfannybutton@mail.com

Phone: 2716-8278

Address: 25 George House, Jacksonville, JA, 291

Career Objective

Becoming a professional medical assistant and being able to use my medical assistant skill to help other people. The career goal is to deliver the best care and the most efficient help for those working in the healthcare industry. I am good with people skill and willing to work in a team


  • Laurence High School, GPA 3.6, Graduated 2014
  • Edward Lincoln University, Bachelor’s Degree of Medical Assistant, Graduated 2018


  • Certified in First Aid Handling, American Hospital Association
  • Certified in CPR Handling, American Hospital Association


2018-2019, James Health Clinic, Jacksonville

Position: Medical Assistant

  • Checking patient’s vital signs
  • Recording patient’s progress and updates
  • Keeping patient’s medical record and make reports
  • Organizing patient’s samples and specimens

2019-Ongoing, Jacksonville Public Hospital

Position: Supervisor for Medical Assistant

  • Organizing other medical assistants
  • Supervising schedule for assistant and interns
  • Helping with patient’s vital sign
  • Recording and keeping records on the patient’s progress

Clinical Skill

  • Understanding medical terminology
  • Understanding how to check vital signs
  • Understanding patient’s examination
  • Understanding minor surgery support
  • Understanding phlebotomy
  • Understanding injection administration
  • Understanding specimen collection

Administrative Skill

  • Capable in producing medical billing
  • Capable in performing coding
  • Capable in keeping patient record
  • Capable in making scheduled appointment
  • Capable in using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook

How Do I Write A Resume For A Medical Assistant?

To write a good resume, this is what you need to do:

  1. Download the right medical assistant resume template
  2. Edit the template on Word (if the format is doc) and add details on the resume
  3. Do not forget to add your work history, education history and skill
  4. Finish the resume and save the document
  5. Send the document to the job application company

People Also Ask

What is a good summary for a medical assistant resume?

Medical assistant is still a job to take care of people. It goes beyond the payment. This is why when you need to write your summary, especially on the objective, make sure the objective is not to gain well-paid job. The job is indeed well-paid in many areas, but this should not be your goal.

You need to state that you want the job because you love to help other people taking care of their health and assisting doctors and nurses in doing their jobs. It should be so much better objective rather than the materialistic side of the story.

How do I write a resume for a medical assistant with no experience?

It is common for people who are just studying at university or just graduating not to have any experience. However, in medical assistant resume template, you can find the part where you should be able to write your internship experience (or externship if any).

The internship is good enough and sometimes considered as unpaid work. The point of writing the work history is to see how much experience you have. Considering that internship is just as good as working, your resume is going to be full of experience.

What are some medical assistant skills?

There are two types of skills which mostly found in the medical assistant resume template. The first one is clinical skill, and the second one is administrative skill. Clinical skills are including recording patients vital and doing injection. Meanwhile, administrative skills include keeping medical record and using Ms. Excel.

Resume Template for Certified Medical Assistant

This is a medical assistant resume template that you can use when you have your own certification or at least you are certified as medical assistant. Highlight the certification using this particular template, so you should be able to write on your resume with ease.

Example Medical Assistant Resume with Externship

Example of Resume for Medical Assistant with Objective

Of course any medical assistant resume template should have objective. This one is no exception. You should be able to write your career objective or goal in the resume, and show the employer or anyone reading the resume how passionate you are to work in the healthcare industry.

Free Medical Assistant Doc Resume Template

The most common format for any document is .doc. It means you can open the document in Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word can be found in all types of PC and laptop, and everyone seems capable in using one. This medical assistant resume template is using .doc format, and it is downloadable.

Sample Medical Assistant Resume Objective

Entry Level Medical Assistant PDF Resume

If you need other format rather than doc, though, you can try PDF. This medical assistant resume template is in PDF format, and it is very easy to edit as well. The template is aimed for those who are just at the very beginning of their medical assistant career.

Example for Resume for Medical Assistant with Externship

Externship is sometimes very popular for those who study or learn skills like medical assistant. Instead of internship, externship is done way beyond their organization or university to gain as much experience as possible. This is the medical assistant resume template for that.

Resume Template in PDF Format for Administrative Medical Assistant

Most job applications are done by email now. To send email and attach your resume there, it is better for the resume to be in PDF format. This is the template you are looking for as it is using PDF format. The medical assistant resume template is very easy to use, and it is downloadable for free.


Administrative Medical Assistant Resume PDF Format

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