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Server Resume Sample, Template and How to Make One

Using server resumes sample is of course the best idea when you have no clue on how to make your own resume. A job is important to get, and even if the job is just as a waitress, you will have to make a correct resume in order to get the job and capable to make money out of it.

Fine Dining Resume

There will be plenty of examples to show below and you should be able to download all the examples as well as templates for free. There is no need to create your own resume which can take hours. Simply use the templates or samples available, and you will be successful at getting the job.

Server Resume Example

Penny Howard



45 High Street, Leonard, Pasadena, CA

At a Glance

  • Have been working as waitress/ server in several restaurants over the past 5 years.
  • Good with communicating with people and fluent in several languages.
  • Always work exceptionally hard and good with team working.
  • Capable in handling shifting work method and server-related tasks.


Pasadena High School, Graduated 2016, GPA 3.0

Community College of Pasadena (Ongoing)

Working Experience

Gilbert Fine Dining, Server, 2014-2016

Johnson Bar and Café, Waitress and Bartender, 2016-2018

Oscar’s at Jimmy Hotel, Server/Waitress, 2018-2019

Cheesecake Café and Factory, Server, 2019-2020

Humphrey Cakes, Server, 2020-Ongoing

Language Skill

English, Advanced

French, Advanced

Mandarin, Intermediate

Italian, Intermediate

Other Trainings and Skill

Training for New Bartender, Oscar’s at Jimmy Hotel, 2019

How to be a Good Waiter: A Seminar, Gilbert Fine Dining 2016

How Do I Write A Server for My Resume?

Even though the job is not as elite as the one at offices and companies, you still have to make a good resume. It all starts from using the right server resumes sample as the one to guide you. Then, follow these advices and you should be able to make the right resume.

  1. Get the server resumes sample and then choose the one matching to your position
  2. Make sure the template is editable and open it up with your PC or laptop
  3. Add in your information, highlight on the previous working experience (in restaurant industry), and then add in your other information, such as the previous education as well as training.
  4. Check the document and print it out or send it via email when everything written there is correct already.

People Also Ask

What is a server job description for resume?

A server in a restaurant has the job of making sure people are well-served or fell-fed during their visit. Therefore, there are a few things that you need to write. If the server resumes sample does not have this information, you can find here. The jobs of a server include:

  1. Proving or showing the seat or tables to the visitors
  2. Handing the menu and explain the special of the day
  3. Taking the order and giving the order to the kitchen department
  4. Bringing the food out to the guests table when they are ready
  5. Keep checking on the guests and ask if they need something from the menu or need anything else
  6. Bringing the bills to the guests and process their payments.

What should I put on my resume for waitressing skills?

There are skills that many people have to master when they want to become a waiter or waitress in a restaurant. Those skills are including communicating skill and language skill of course. When you can speak multiple languages, it will help you talk easily to people in the restaurant.

It will help a lot, including when the guests do not understand English or the major language. This is why when you go looking for server resumes sample; make sure that the template has spaces to write on your language skill. That way, the people who are in charge of recruiting server will get impressed.

What does a server do at a restaurant resume?

As explained above, the job of server is like a lot. They will have to make sure that the guests are served right from the start. You can find the server resumes sample that already has the job description there but if you have not found one, the explanation on the job above is enough.

Server Resume for Administration

Do you work as administration people in the restaurant? If you do, this is the server resumes sample that you can use as it leans toward the position of administration.

Cafe Server.DOC

Resume for Exchange Server Administration

Just like the one above, this is the resume for exchange server. It looks the same, but it can be edited as much as you like.

Food Server

Server Resume for Professionals

Do not underestimate the power of resume. So, even when you are a pro, keep writing a good resume and this is one of samples.

Catering Resume

Resume for Banquet Server Position

Keeping an eye on banquet is not an easy job. Applying for the job is neither, and this sample is going to ease your way in making the document.

Head Server Resume

Server Resume for Hostess Position

This is the server resumes sample for hostess. There is no need to write the document according to your own words and format as the template provides that for you.

Exchange Server

Resume for Food and Beverage Server

This is the resume you need for those working in food and beverage industry. This template is free to get and can be used anytime.

Job Resume

Resume for Head Server Position

If you want to apply job as head server, this is the server resumes sample that you will have to use. It contains the needed experience list and other things you need to highlight.

Server Resume for Fine Dining Restaurant

Use this resume to create your application to find dining restaurant. Getting the job will be easier when your resume is well-written.

Server Administrator

Basic Server Resume Example

This is the back-to-basic resume for the servers out there who want to apply for the job. Use this server resumes sample to get the basic but the best resume.

Hospitality Resume.DOC Hostess Server

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