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How to Write the Best Nanny Resume

If you are a passionate nurturing person, try to apply for a job as nanny. You will need to have outstanding personal qualities, such as responsible and love to be around children. In fact, not everyone loves to be around toddlers or children, so it is not that east to be a nanny. Well, you can find the sample of nanny resume below.

Nanny Babysitting Resume

The Example of Nanny Resume

You may feel confused about writing your nanny resume. Here it is, the simple sample of this resume to enlighten your mind:

Annie Wolf

Personal Details

Address            : 87 3rd Street, New York, NY 28732

Phone               : 9282 7363 6262

Email                : annie.wolf@outlook.com

Resume Objective

  • Loving individual seeking a job position as a babysitter/nanny, which can manage the household while taking care of the children.
  • Having over 3 years’ experience of being a babysitter, and loved by many clients; either the children or the parents.

The Key Qualifications

  • Fluent in Spanish, English, and Chinese, and able to teach the children about these 3 languages
  • Relationship building skills
  • In-depth knowledge in the children development
  • Effective and great communication skills
  • Having a driver’s license with a remarkable driving record
  • Hard worker, highly enthusiast working 24/7
  • More than 3 years of experience in taking care the children and toddlers
  • Have big responsibility and a loving heart
  • Capable of handling the young teens
  • Highly adaptive to the children’s needs

The Children Care Skills

  • Laundry
  • Potty-training
  • Feeding
  • Activity building and planning
  • Bathing and diapering
  • Transportation
  • Housekeeping
  • Reading
  • Meal preparation

The Professional Experience

Babysitter (May 2018 – Present)

Childcare Solutions, New York, NY

  • Outings traveling with the children
  • Cleaning the children’s bedrooms
  • Performing the laundry tasks
  • Making the children’s beds
  • Cooking snacks and meals for the children
  • Creating an inspiring, fun, and secure environment for the toddlers and the children
  • Teaching and caring for 3 children of ages 2, 3, and 5
  • Coordinating and managing the educative and constructive activities for the children
  • Taking children from and to school, appointments, and lessons

The Educational Background

College (2014 – 2018)

The New York College, New York, NY

High School Diploma (2010 – 2014)

St. Daniel High School, New York, NY

The Certificates

CPR Certification (2018)

Several Tips to Make a Nanny Resume

Knowing how to make a nanny resume will not be enough for you to make your profile astounding. You need to apply these things:

  1. I.S.S (Keep It Simple and Short): Making an effective resume does not mean you have to write a long resume with boring and irrelevant details about yourself. Just mention the important information and leave the unimportant ones behind.
  2. Use the relevant keywords in your nanny resume.
  3. Double-check the grammar and the spelling. You have to make sure your nanny resume is well-written.

People Also Ask

What should you put on your nanny resume?

One of the main things to put in your nanny resume is the working experience since the parents usually choose nanny by looking at her previous experiences. The following are the tips on putting working experiences in your resume:

  1. Use the proper format for resume
  2. Proofread your nanny resume
  3. Describe the ages of toddlers or children you cared before
  4. Add the relevant babysitting experience
  5. Use action verbs only
  6. Add special circumstances condition

What skills do I get from nannying?

There are so many skills you will earn once you start your career as a nanny, such as:

  1. Household works and duties
  2. Problem solving
  3. Quick thinking
  4. Creative thinking
  5. First aid skills
  6. Organization skills
  7. Patience
  8. Cooking skills
  9. Communication skills
  10. Relationship building skills

What is a nanny job description?

Nowadays, many parents can’t take care of their children 24/7 because they have to work outside their houses. That’s why many families hire a nanny to help them take care of the children. A nanny is responsible for providing the needs of young teens or children. She should be patient and highly creative since children are usually getting bored easily.

The Nanny Resume for Childcare Nanny

Do you love to be a nanny or babysitter but not sure where do you will get the job from? Apply for a nanny position in a childcare service in your area then fill in this resume template. The institution will help you to get the job that you want.

The Nanny Resume Template for Housekeeper Nanny

Why do you hire a housekeeper if hiring a housekeeper nanny can do all household works? Yes, a housekeeper nanny is a high-demand job position as many people need her to take care of the household works which they cannot do because of particular circumstances.

Nanny Childcare Resume

The Nanny Resume for Experienced Nanny

There is nothing better than a well-experienced nanny who has the complete qualities. You can download and treat this sample as your guide to make a perfect nanny resume. It will enhance your career in the babysitting field.

Nanny Housekeeper Resume

Nanny Resume Template for the Babysitting Nanny

As we know, babysitting is definitely a hard job to do since taking care of the babies is harder than taking care of toddlers or children. You have to be fully aware 24/7 since the baby can’t say even a word. You have to make sure the baby’s condition is well while the parents are not at home. Use the babysitting nanny resume to enlighten your mind about the resume you need.

Professional Nanny Resume

Nanny Resume Template for Professional Nanny

This resume template is for the professional nannies in this field job. If you have the impressive working experience as a nanny, either working in a childcare service, working as a housekeeper nanny, or working as a babysitting nanny, make sure to mention all the experiences that you have along with the duties’ details in your nanny resume.


Experienced Nanny Resume



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