No Call No Show Termination Letter And Sample

When an employee fails to show up at work and perform some tasks, it is called the “no call no show” violation. Especially if this employee is the only one who manages a certain task, this will damage the company’s growth. Therefore, such acts cannot be tolerated. You need to issue the no call no show termination letter for employees who cannot commit to your business.

Do You Consider The No Call No Show Quitting?

Failing to perform tasks and violence the absence in your company is not a good thing. When an employee does this, it depends on the company’s policy for calling you quitting or being fired. Besides giving a bad effect on the company, this can also cause

troubles to the employees themselves that they cannot collect the insurance and also unemployment compensations.

How To Apologize For A No Call No Show?

Call the manager and be honest

Remember that when a company requires you to attend the office, it means they want you to be available to do a certain task and submit the result right away. Besides, it is to keep the balance of the workplace. However, sometimes some things make you fail to show up. Therefore, try to contact your manager and be honest about why you were absent.

Apologize to the coworker

Once you decide to be absent from your office, you disrupt the office working habit. Your co-workers must take your responsibilities at work. This is why you always have to apologize for making their burden turning to double. It sounds trivial, but it is necessary to make your career runs smoothly.

Offer help and take the unwanted shift

Most of your co-workers might avoid certain shifts which makes your manager get dizzy every time. You can offer them taking an unwanted shift as compensation for helping you during your absence.

Ask the manager to make an amends

Always discuss it with the manager if you can make amends for your previous actions. Try to make sure that this will not occur again in the future.

No Call No Show Termination Letter

In the worst scenario, a company must issue a termination letter because the employee cannot cooperatively follow the company’s policy. Here is a sample of call no show termination letter you might need to know:

Dear Marinka

On December 1, 2020, you failed to show up and reported work at the scheduled time. Besides, you didn’t explain the reasons why you were absent to yo your manager, nor you don’t respond to the calls. Therefore, we have summarized that you are elected to resign as an Accounting stand in Hoarder Company. This letter is written to inform you that we already have accepted the resignation and your employment contract has been terminated starting from December 10, 2020.

As you know, the success of the company depends on the absence of the employees. Your absence has brought a lot of messiness during the busiest week. The other staff struggled to cover your responsibilities which affect their performance too.

You were reminded of the penalty of the no show no call at the training times. In this information, there is an employee handbook that addresses how a contract will be terminated due to a “no call no show” violation. We will email the remaining paycheck along with the details of the company’s properties that you are bringing.

If your absence was out of your control, please call me at (6667)76766-76765 to arrange an appeal meeting. If we don’t hear anything from you within 7 days, we will consider that this matter has been closed.




Alissa Hamid, Manager

Hoarder Company


The “no call no show termination letter” can be a warning to other employees and help your business to cut off toxic employees. We hope this helps you!

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