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Nurse Resume Free Templates in Several Formats

Writing a nurse resume won’t be easy at all when you have no clue about how to do that. This is where templates and examples are so helpful. By using them, you can see the correct and proper content of the resume, and you do not have to bother making one on your own.

Pediatric Nurse Resume

Take a look at the example, and then download one that you like the most. Therefore, you can use it to write your nurse resume easily without any fuss. There are so many of them that you can use, and this is the example for you.

Nurse Resume Example

Kimberly Mason

Registered Nurse (RN): 386031

Email: kimmason@mail.me

Phone: 2716-2917

Address: 36 Power St, Rangers, YT, 1726

At a Glance

  • Professional, registered nurse with more than 5 years of experience.
  • Working in neonatal care units and expert in maintaining medical record, using EMR system, operating in pediatric units and supervising medication schedule for patients.
  • Communicative and having great patience.


William High School, Graduated 2011, GPA 3.5

Harvey School of Nursing, Bachelors of Science in Nursing, Graduated 2015, GPA 3.6

Working Experience

Ranger City State Hospital, Position: Staff Nurse, 2015-2018


  • Providing care for 5-7 patients per day
  • Working under the supervision of Registered Nurses
  • Providing nursing care
  • Facilitating patient transfer and discharge
  • Inserting catheters and tracheotomy tubes

Ranger City State Hospital, Position: Registered Nurse Case Manager, 2018- Now


  • Facilitating proper care for patients
  • Supervising patient care
  • Training new nurses in the ward
  • Managing transition of the patients
  • Supervising the CNAs


  • Wound care
  • Vital sign monitoring
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • IV therapy
  • Blood drawing
  • EMR
  • Communication Skill
  • Team working Skill

Certificates and Licenses

Registered Nurse (RN) 386031, Ranger City Licensing Board, 2018

Certificate for Basic Life Support, Michael Hospital, 2017

Basic Nurse Seminar, Kent Hospital, 2018

Anesthetist Seminar for Nurses, Richard Hospital, 2019


English, Advanced

Spanish, Intermediate

Portuguese, Basic

How Do I Write a Professional Nursing Resume?

To write a good nurse resume, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the nurse resume example or templates that matches your purpose
  2. Open them with the correct software on the PC and then start editing them.
  3. List your experience and add in your nursing licenses on the resume
  4. Recheck the resume and print or send the resume

People Also Ask

What should be included in a nursing resume?

Writing a nurse resume is all about showing the skills and experiences. Yes, those are the two most important things you will have to add in your resume. The skills are mostly the technical ones, and the experiences should be the ones related to your contribution in the nursing industry.

Resume Template for Critical Nurse

Working as critical nurse is a challenging job. If you want this job and try to apply for it, you should make an impressive resume. Use the help of examples and ready-to-use templates.

Resume for Emergency Nurse Example

Emergency services surely have nurses in it. They give the first aid and make sure the patients who come to the ER will get the best treatment. To write a good resume for this position, take a look at the example.

Student Internship

Resume Template for Entry Level Nurse

Entry level nurses usually do not have that much experience. They are practically brand new in the industry. Even though the experience is few, it does not mean the resume has to be empty. Use the templates and examples as references before writing one.

Graduate Nurse Resume

Resume for Fertility Nurse Example

Fertility nurses work in IVF center or in fertility clinic. They have lots of experience in helping couple with fertility issues. To make the nurse resume, use this example and get it done really quickly.

Student Nurse Resume

Resume Template for Graduate Nurse

When people have just graduated from school and apply for a job, they mostly have no idea how to write a proper resume. This is where examples and templates come in handy. It can help people writing a good resume properly.

Icu Nurse Resume

Resume for Health Nurse Example

Health nurse is usually the one who takes care of people’s overall well-being. This is the example of the nurse resume of this position that you can use to ease the way in writing the resume.

Telemetry Nurse Resume

Resume Template for Home Care Nurse

Homecare nurse is usually the one who works at the patient’s home. Mostly, they take care of elderlies, as well as people who have severe health condition. If you want the job, apply for the position by sending a resume.

Nurse Practitioner Resume

Resume for ICU Nurse Example

ICU or intensive care unit is an important part of a hospital or health care center. This is where people who need extra attention and care should be placed. The nurses working in this particular ward must be the professional ones as reflected in their resumes.

Charge Nurse Resume

Resume for Resume Template for Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioner is a good position to earn money. For those who need to write a nurse resume for this job, use templates and examples as shown.

Resume for Nursing Assistant Example

Nursing assistant position is usually given to internship nursing students or those who have just starting the career. To make a good resume for nursing assistant, templates and examples are definitely required.

Engineering Graduate

Resume Template for Nursing Student

Nursing students are those who are in the middle of their studies in gaining the degree in nursing. Usually, they still need to make resume because they do have to join internship or working part-time job in clinic or hospitals.

Resume for Pediatric Nurse Example

Pediatric nurse works mostly with children and babies. Writing the nurse resume for this job will be so much easier with the help of a template.

Entry Level Nursing Resume

Resume Template for Telemetry Nurse

Telemetry nurse is an important job for many people. To write a good nurse resume for this particular position, you need to use an example as guidance.

Nursing Assistant Resume 




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