10+ Sample Customer Service Representative Resume

Sample Customer Service Representative Resume Templates and Examples to Download

Using sample customer service representative resume is of course something you must do considering that writing a resume on your own is never easy. With the help of templates, the resume can be made in just few minutes and thus making the job done quicker.

Customer Service Representative Manager Resume

For those who have been looking for the templates and examples of resume addressed for customer services, there will be plenty of them to choose on this page. They range from bank customer service to the one working at airlines. Download the one that you need the best.

Sample Customer Service Representative Resume


Jackson Smith



56 Caliber St, Utah, JT, 2816


  • Working in customer service industry, whether it is via phone or direct customer service.
  • Graduating from high school and having 2 years experiences in handling customers.
  • Good at communicating and having compassion toward clients.


Hudson High School, Graduated 2018, GPA 3.1

Working Experience

2018-2019, Nomad Phone Call Centre, Call Center Team.

2019-2020, Emerald Bank, Customer Service Officer

2020-Ongoing, Glenville Bank, Customer Service Officer


  • Communication
  • Basic Computing Skill
  • Problem Solving
  • Empathy
  • Patience
  • Time Management
  • Team Working


English, Advanced

Spanish, Advanced

French, Advanced

How Do I Write a Resume for a Customer Service Job?

Writing resume won’t be easy without the helpful hand of sample customer service representative resume. This is why the process will start by downloading the template or the example. Then, open the downloaded file on your PC and start following these steps.

  1. Add in your personal information/ contact information. Those include email, phone, address and social media profile (if any)
  2. List your history of education, mostly people write their high school education and college education
  3. List of working experience (customer service related only)
  4. List your related skills
  5. List your language skills
  6. Recheck the resume before printing or sending

People Also Ask

What should a customer service representative put on resume?

In sample customer service representative resume, you can see most people put their skills and experience there. Of course, the companies will only hire professional customer service and this job gets better by experience. Therefore, working experience is incredibly important on this job.

List the experience and if you want, you can go with the details of the duties although for most people the duties of a customer service officer is clear as day. Also, do not forget to add your skills and languages. It will be a good extra point if someone is fluent in multiple languages.

What are the job responsibilities of a customer service representative?

The main job of a customer service officer is to deal with customers. When customers need inquires, or they like to complain about related services or products, you will be the one taking their complaint. Customer service needs to bring solution to the customers or clients.

That’s why in sample customer service representative resume, you will find the skills of a customer service are including communication and patience. There is no way that someone can put up with complaining, or sometimes angry customers when they have zero patience.

What skills do you need for customer service?

The hard skill or technical skills include the ability to operate computers and use particular tools or software provided by the companies to record the customer’s inquiries. The soft skills, as stated or seen in sample customer service representative resume, are including patience and communication.

Airline Customer Service Resume Example

Airline customer service works at the airport, mostly. To write a good resume, lean on this sample customer service representative resume, and see how easy it is to write a resume and get the job done way quicker than you think.

Resume Templates for Automotive Customer Service

Working at automotive showroom is definitely a challenge. There will be customers with plenty of problems and many questions. Writing resume for this job can be done easily with the help of example.

Entry Level Customer Service Representative Resume

Bank Customer Service Resume Example

Customer service will most definitely be found at banks. This is the sample customer service representative resume for those wishing to write a resume for bank customer service. It shows you the proper content and format of the resume.

Call Center Customer Service Representative Resume

Resume Templates for Call Center Customer Service

Call center is one of the biggest places in customer service industry. It is usually for communication companies or something like that. Working in such industry forces you to have extra patience and compassion as well.

Certified Customer Service Representative Resume

Certified Customer Service Resume Example

Customer services are sometimes certified, meaning that they do not take the job for granted. This is the sample customer service representative resume for certified customer service. You can tell that the resume is properly written indeed.

Automotive Customer Service Representative Resume

Resume Templates for Entry Level Customer Service

Entry level customer service is practically brand new. They have very few experience related to the industry. This is why their resume will not get enriched with tons of experience. However, writing the resume properly can make it up to you.

Outbound Customer Service Representative Resume

Free Customer Service Resume Example

There is no need to pay for money when you want to download any templates or samples. Simply get a template for free as it is what it should be. All templates to be found on this page are certainly for free and they are free of charge.

Insurance Customer Service Resume Example

This is the sample customer service representative resume for those who are working as customer service in insurance companies. They have to own extra skills in order to deal with insurance claims and complaints from the clients.

Senior Customer Service Representative Resume

Resume Templates for Customer Service Manager

Customer service manager is senior position and even though they are senior, it does not mean that their resume will be poorly or randomly written.

Resume Templates for Outbound Customer Service

This is the example you can use for outbound customer service. It should help anyone who need a hand in writing such resume to get the paperwork done in no time at all.

Airline Customer Service Representative Resume

Senior Customer Service Resume Example

A sample customer service representative resume is still going to be needed, even when you are a senior and have been working in the industry for years. Use the examples and templates to make the perfect resume.

Bank Customer Service Representative Resume

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