Retail Resignation Letter And Strategies How To Quit From Your Job

Have you ever thought of changing your retail job to another and still have no idea how to do that in such a proper way? It is true that leaving a job can be tricky and it will show how you maintain your relationship with the old job and it applies to the retail job as well. First thing first, you have to prepare the retail resignation letter but along with that, you need some other things to consider doing to save your professional career.

Strategies of How to Quit a Retail Job

In quiting a retail job, or any jobs out there, basically you have two ways of doing so. It is either you need to do it quickly or you still have the time and decide later. Both ways are possible and thus have slightly different approach. Knowing which one is your way is better so that you will not make mistakes in deciding what your next step is.

How to Quit a Retail Job Immediately

No matter how immediate you need to leave your retail job behind, there are some things to do properly. Aside from writingaretail resignation letter, you have to set a time to talk to your retail supervisor. Make sure you choose the right time, usually it should not be too close with the time you want to quit the retail job, around two weeks before.Tell them the reason why you decide to quit. Also, thank them for all the assistance you have received during the time you work in the retail job. Giving the retail resignation letter during the last day is the easiest for you who want to quit a retail job immediately. By doing this way, you will avoid questions from the co-workers who stop your leaving.

How to Quit a Retail Job when You still Have Time

When you have time to buy before leaving your job, the things you need to do are a bit similar. Find a specific time, around two weeks in-advanced, to talk to your supervisor and to other co-workers. During the time you have before leaving, show the dedication at work likeworking in daily basis. This will give you a sense of professionalism in the workplace.

Format of a Retail Resignation Letter

After knowing what you should do, here comes the most important thing, a  retail resignation letter. If you are confused about what to write, below is the format example of the letter.

Dear Mr. Robert,

Please accept this letter as my resignation notice as a Retail Sales Assistant at XYZ Shopping Center. As it is issued by the company, this is my two-week notice. Recently, I received an offer as the Retail Sales Manager in another Department Store near my region. I believe this will draw me closer to my career goals. My last work will be on December 23rd, 2020.

In this two weeks period, I will be ready to give assistance to help the work going through a stable situation and transition. I have been enjoying all the experiences I have in this XYZ Shopping Center and I will certainly miss the atmosphere of working here.

If you need to talk further, do not hesitate to contact me through my number at (123) 456789098 or e-mail at

Once again, thank you for the opportunity you give to work in your place.

Yours sincerely,

David Johnson

David Johnson

Retail Sales Assistance

XYZ Shopping Center

Now, do you have a clearer idea of how to write a retail resignation letter? We hope it helps and good luck for your next job.

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