10+ Security Guard Resume Template

The Security Guard Resume Template and Examples

In fact, writing a security guard resume should be something that you are done based on template. It is not easy to write a resume, let alone the one for security guard. Therefore, for those who need to write one, there will be templates shown here. They are all free and downloadable.

In addition, these templates are very easy to use, and all you need to do with them is simply download and then edit them on your PC. Then, print the template and bring the resume to the recruiter. Or, you can also make sure the resume is sent easily on the email.

Experience Resume

Security Guard Resume Example

John Meadow

Phone: 2816-2168

Email: johnmeadowmail@mail.net

Address: 782 Nook, Thomasville, KG

Weight: 180 lbs

Height: 6 foot 4 inch


  • Professional security guard since 2018.
  • Skillful at bodybuilding and karate.
  • Studied the art of security guarding from professional school and graduate with honor.
  • Having certificate and licensed from the local government.
  • Looking for a stable job as security job.
  • Fine with day and night shift.


Thomasville High School, Graduated 2010, GPA 3.0


Karate Training, 2006-2010, Black Belt

Bodybuilding Training 2008-2012, Advanced

Security guard knowledge, 2017-2018, Certificate available

Job Experience

2018-2019, Security Guard at John Johnson Museum

2019-2020, Personal Body Guard at Mahmood Mansion

2020- Ongoing, Personal Body Guard at Kingston Residence

License and Certification

The government of Thomasville, Community Training for Security Guard, 2018

Number: 872/826/SC/271




Martial Art

First Aid





What should a security guard put on a resume?

When writing security guard resume, you need to know exactly what to put there. These are some of the most essential things to write on the resume:

  1. License and certification
  2. List of skills
  3. Training and education related to the security job
  4. Skill in criminal judgment
  5. Reference number
  6. List of job experience as security guard over the years
  7. Full personal information, including height and weight as well.

People Also Ask

How do I write a security resume?

If you find it hard to write security guard resume on your own, you have to use some templates. The templates are helpful because they have the previously formed structure, and all you have to do with the templates is just filling them up and there you have your resume ready.

If you do not want to use template, keep it in mind the resume needs to be simple. Therefore, write only the most essential things that the recruiter needs to know. Since this is security guard, make sure the needed information, like the skill list is there to see.

What are some skills for a security guard?

Of course when you are applying job as security guard, you will have to make sure the skill is related to the physical alternation, such as martial art and criminal handling skill. These skills are incredibly important because the job as security guard is no joke at all.

You will also have the skill at communication and the skill of observation. You have to be able to see through people, especially when you are a security guard at important places. So, make sure you are having licenses because those skills are mostly acquired through licensing procedures.

What are the objectives of a security guard?

The objective is to make sure the place is fully safe. This is why companies or anyone will have the best security guard only. You can apply to places, but they will only choose the best of the best. This is the reason why the resume needs to be impressive.

Security Resume for Fresher

This is the security guard resume for those who just graduate from school. Well, this is the template you need as it has everything in there.

Security Job Resume Simpler Form

The resume does not have to be complicated. It can be simpler, and it will impress the recruiter whatsoever. This is the resume example you can follow. The format is simple and yet useful.

Functional Security Guard

Resume for Bank Security Job

For you who need to make security guard resume for banks, the resume is below and it is completely free to download. You just have to click on the download button.

Security Guard Resume for Fresher

Nightclub Security Job Resume

Security jobs are needed at nightclubs. You can get hired there by handing a good resume. Choose the best example for the resume.

Hospital Resume

Professional Security Job Resume

Even though you are a professional, you have to make sure your security guard resume is written well. This one is the example that you have to follow.

Bank Resume

Experienced Security Resume Template

If you are already doing these jobs for years, it does not mean you can just write a bad resume. The resume needs to be impressive. This is the example of the resume that you need to do. It is all free to download.

Officer Resume

Entry Level Security Job Resume Example

Entry level security guard resume is the one you need when you have no experience but want the job. This is the job you need, and this is the resume you have to make.

Functional Security Guard Resume Template

Of course any resume needs to be functional. You have to make sure it is going to make you get the job. Just follow the template to do that.

Professional Security Guard

Hospital Security Guard Example for Resume

For those looking for jobs in hospital, this is the security guard resume you need to know. Download it for free, and it is ready for you to edit.

Bar Security Guard

Hotel Security Guard Resume Template

Pursuing job as hotel security guard is good and you can do that by sending this security guard resume. It has everything you need to tell the hotel management.

Security Guard Job.DOC

Basic Security Guard Resume Example

Keep everything nice and easy by making the basic resume. This one is the security guard resume that you have to own for any purposes. Basic template is suitable for a simple resume that only highlights the essential points.

 Hotel Security Guard  Entry Level Security Guard

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