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Try Getting These Teaching Assistant Resume Templates Below

At times, teachers can get frustrated dealing with the class. This is where teaching assistant comes to help. Interested in becoming one? Go and prepare your resume! To help you, grab and use one of teaching assistant resume templates available below.

Teaching assistant resume templates will help you showcasing your previous experiences in teaching. This way, your future employer can know that you qualify to be granted such teaching assistant position.

Kindergarten Teacher Assistant Resume

Sample of Teaching Assistant Resume

If you’re looking for a teaching assistant resume sample, you may find this resume made by sample teaching assistant resume templates good for you.

Pierre M. Adison

122 Sunrise Rd. Indianapolis, Indiana 22930

Phone 8210-2043-3947 | email: pmadison@hmail.com


Join the school as teaching assistant for Biology subject, including taking parts to the educational excellence of students through various ways of active involvement within the school community.


Bachelor of Science – Biology Education

University of XYZ, Indianapolis, Indiana (Graduated in February 2015)

  • Overall GPA 3.52
  • Dean’s list – Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012, Fall 2013
  • Creating and implementing curricula for three grades including 12 classes
  • Preparing lessons in twelve classes that involves various learning styles.

Professional Experience

Student Teacher

IJK High School, New York City, New York

Grade 10-12, September 2017 to December 2020

International Guest Teacher – Biology

Osaka High School, Osaka, Japan

Grade 10, March 2015 – July 2017

Teaching Assistant – Reproductive Biology

University of XYZ, Indianapolis

September 2013 – December 2014


Computer skills – Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power Point

Language – English (Native), Japanese (JLPT N1)

Suggestions to Write Your Teaching Assistant Resume

  1. If possible, get some references and attach it in a different document.
  2. Make sure not to include ‘cute’ decoration onto your resume – think of it as a professional document (and it must be).
  3. You may use up to two pages, but not more.
  4. While mentioning your teaching experiences, make it in detail. So, include the class and subject you are teaching.
  5. If possible, include your field experiences, organizational involvement, and all related experiences.
  6. Use teaching assistant resume templates to ease you while making the resume.

People Also Ask

What skills do you need to be a teaching assistant?

  • Adequate educational background
  • Organizational skills
  • Children-friendly
  • Creativity and flexibility

Can you be teaching assistant with no qualifications?

It depends on which school you’re applying for. Some schools have strict requirements while lower schools usually don’t.

How do I become a teaching assistant with no experience?

Try to volunteer to local school during some occasions, for example, in holiday activities, after-school activities, and even school outings. If you have a basic background, it’s best to try providing tuition.

How do I write good teaching resume?

You can apply the aforementioned suggestions and use teaching assistant resume templates to help make resume. Highlight your skill, include relevant experiences, and always remember to proofread your resume.

Various Samples of Teaching Assistant Resume

We know that there are teachers are categorized by their specific subjects. But in terms of teaching assistant resume templates, differentiating one teacher from another just through subject isn’t enough.

Teacher Resume Free Template

Who doesn’t like freebies? Download a teaching assistant resume template easily online, all for zero bucks! What’s left is to leave it for the employer to read your experiences.

Special Education Teacher Assistant Resume

Resume Template for Applying as Teaching Assistant

If you don’t have any specific career goal that you want to achieve, yet you’re sure that you’ll be going for teaching assistant, it is better if you are sticking with the general resume. Find your general teaching assistant resume templates in this list below.

Sample of Assistant Teacher Resume

Making resume is an easy thing to do. But it doesn’t mean you should make it nonchalantly. Try to read a sample resume before making one yours.

Student Teacher Assistant Resume Template

No-Experience Assistant Teacher Resume

Having a job is everyone’s rights, even for the ones with no experiences. Even if you’re inexperienced still, show off your skills and achievements and write it down with this no-experience teaching assistant resume templates.

Resume Template for Child Care Teaching Assistant

Planning to teach kids in child care? Sounds like a good idea. Prepare your resume with this child care teaching assistant resume templates. No need to make that from scratch, all you can do is to customize it.

Teacher Assistant Resume Sample

Resume Template for Volunteer Teacher Assistant

If volunteering and teaching is your passion, then being a volunteer teacher assistant can be the job you want. Get into the position and showcase your skill with a decently-designed resume. To make it quick, simply grab a template.

Resume Template for Special Education Assistant

Being a teaching assistant covering special kids is demanding. Only special personnel which are great for the position will only pass the requirements. Thinking that you’re the one? Prove your skills by applying to the job!

Teacher Assistant Resume with No Experience

Resume Template for Daycare Teaching Assistant

Even if you deal with just young kids, applying for a position in a daycare center requires you a resume. Make it with one of these available teaching assistant resume templates and be less worried about what content you need to put in.

Resume Template Preschool Assistant Teacher

Preschool kids are wonderful. Besides they are actively learning, being their teacher can also be the other training for you, especially if you’ve only handled older kids.

Volunteer Teacher Assistant Resume

While in doubt of making your resume, try getting your resume template here. With easy handling and professional looks, hope it will take your employer’s attention. Hence the call will be yours!

Resume Template for Kindergarten Teacher Assistant

Kindergarten teaching is similar to preschool teaching, yet more formal. Plus, as a compulsory school that kids need to attend, the school requires a perfect candidate to teach their students.

Art Teacher Assistant Resume

If you are confident of yourself for having such skills – not only to teach, but also to become the students’ friend, probably kindergarten teaching assistant resume template is what you need before applying. Using this template, you won’t need to make it from scratch.

Resume Template for Art Teacher Assistant

Having a keen interest in art and planning to become an art teacher? Well, win your position from other applicants by sending your resume. No need to make it colorful and artsy, even if you’re applying for becoming an art teacher – you’ll still need to make it looking professional.

So, those are some types and related information about teaching assistant resume templates. Get ready to show off your skills and experiences to get that call for an interview

Child Care Teacher Assistant Resume

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