10+ Housekeeping Resume Example

Housekeeping Resume Example and the Beneficial Related Information

Housekeeping isn’t something easy. That’s why many institutions involved in hospitality services, need professionals working in this field. You probably are the one among many professionals out there and are looking for a new place to work for. In that case, you should learn from housekeeping resume example shown below.

This article will provide you various information regarding housekeeping resumes, even including housekeeping resume example that you can learn to prepare yours. Along with that, you can also get some FAQ and tips to write your housekeeping resume.

Example Hotel Housekeeper Resume Template

Housekeeping Resume Sample

In the sample below, you will see a housekeeping resume example by an experienced nanny who applies to become nanny and housekeeper.

Danielle Alarie

110 George Washington Street, New York City, NY 22910

Phone: 028-438-389 | E-mail: daniellealarie@gmail.com

Professional Summary

  • An experienced nanny and housekeeper with more than 10 years of service.
  • Great at child-caring and a patient person. With an outstanding creativity and a background in the related field, teaching kids and playing an art-game with them is her favorite task to have in a job.


  • Fluent in both English and French
  • Patient, caring, and loving for children
  • Skilled in communicating with both parents and children
  • Great at planning engaging educational events for children
  • First-aid and CPR certified nanny
  • Developmental psychology education background

Working Experiences

Hired household nanny and housekeeper – New York City area

December 2020 – April 2021

Nanny in You Corp., New York – Nanny Housekeeper

May 2008 – November 2020

Job descriptions:

  • Playing fun yet educational events with children
  • Doing assigned household chores
  • Keeping children’s activity logs for parents
  • Keeping children safe while parents are away
  • Providing basic education for children


Bachelor of Psychology – Developmental Psychology, NYC University

Year of 2004

Tips of Writing Housekeeping Resume

  • Avoid using slang words, informal-sounding sentences, lengthy descriptions, or such. Make your resume easy to understand, and always make the sentence effectively composed. See the housekeeping resume example below for reference.
  • Always make your resume neat. Neatness is one ‘pillar’ of professional-looking resume.
  • Proofread your resume before printing and/or sending it.
  • Including your education background is not an exaggeration. Instead, it can give your future employer some insights about who you are and why you are the perfect candidate for the position.
  • Consider learning various housekeeping resume example that you obtained from many sources to give you an idea about how a good resume should be.

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What are three qualities a housekeeper should possess?

  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Adapting to new surrounding/household where that somebody works.
  • Providing attention to details in anything they work on.

What is job description in housekeeping?

Related to housekeeping, there are many duties a housekeeper has. Ranging from dusting to sanitizing, polishing furniture and making beds – in general, the objective is to have a clean and sanitized household.

What do you put on a resume for housekeeping?

  • Skills and experiences relevant to housekeeping
  • Personal details such as name, phone number, and address
  • Educational background which is relevant to the position offered.

Templates for Housekeeping Resume

For many people working in housekeeping field, resume isn’t something they’d give an eye into. It’s not a good move – resume helps employer to know their applicants before proceeding into an interview.

Resume of Executive Housekeeper

Whichever housekeeper job you are applying, make sure to leave the best first impression first. If you’re not sure how, try to write a good resume with the help of these templates below.

Example School Housekeeper Resume Template

Microsoft Word-friendly Apartment Housekeeper Resume Template

You must have known that Word can be included as one of the best applications to make resume. It’s easy to handle with various features that you can lean on. If you plan to apply for an apartment housekeeper job, why don’t you give it a try?

Free Download Residential Housekeeper Resume

Resume Template Housekeeping Worker

Many housekeeping worker applicants ignore making their resumes look cool by applying some sort of formatting. Well, that’s where the problem starts – let alone if they don’t know what to include in a resume. A template should help to avoid such confusion by providing you the blanks. You’ll only need to put on the text.

Housekeeper Manager Resume Template Example

Example of Nanny Housekeeper Resume

Do you know that many people have trust issues with nannies? Although in the end they’ll still hire the nanny, it’s best to showcase that you’re trustable to become their partner in keeping their children. Hence, learn how to write a trustable resume by getting some housekeeping resume example below.

Apartment Housekeeper Resume Template in Word

Resume of Housekeeping Assistant

Writing a resume isn’t writing without tactic. Make sure you learn beforehand how to write this document so that you won’t make your skills and experiences underestimated. Feel free to refer to this housekeeping resume example provided here.

Housekeeping Worker Resume Template

Sample Resume Template of Hotel Housekeeper

Hospitality industry is like the home of housekeepers. By working in hotel, you’ll get the chance to meet various people in various backgrounds. To apply to this job, make sure you prepare your best resume.

Resume Template of School Housekeeper

As a housekeeper, do you love working in a place where you can meet children? If so, becoming a school housekeeper sounds like a great idea. If you don’t know how to entice that school to hire you, try learning how this school housekeeping resume example is written below.

Nanny Housekeeper Resume Example

Example for Housekeeper Manager Resume Template

It may sound funny for some as there is such term like housekeeper manager. Housekeeping manager is something that you can find easily in hotels. Planning to become one? Try using this housekeeping resume example for housekeeping manager below.

Free Example Residential Housekeeper Resume

As people get busier, residential housekeeper demand is on the rise. If you need a job in this field, preparing the resume is one thing you should prepare as soon as possible. Try seeing this residential housekeeper resume example below for reference.

Private Housekeeper Resume

Resume of Private Housekeeper

Planning to become a private housekeeper? Sounds like a good idea, especially if you already have some professional experiences in it. Now it’s time to showcase your housekeeping experiences in a resume.

So, these are some housekeeping resume example that you can learn from. As mentioned above, it is advised that you learn from an example to make your resume. Hence, you will know what aspects should be included in a housekeeping resume.

    Assistant Housekeeper Resume

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