10+ Social Work Resume Examples

Social Work Resume Examples and Free Downloadable Templates

For those who are looking for social work resume, the example can be seen below and there are so many of them that can be used. They are all available in many different styles and format, so you can just pick the one then download it immediately.

In fact, being a social work or social worker is an awarding job, and you need to apply for one with the help of a good resume. Write the resume well with the templates. It is good for the structure of the resume, and it will be able to help you get the job as soon as you can.

Senior Manager Social Work Resume

The Example of Social Work Resume


Sarah Finn

Phone: 2691-2817


Address: 65 Tahoma, Greenfield, YG 16

Career Objective

The career objective is to become a professional social worker, especially the one working with children, children with special need, and abandoned children. I would love to work in a government-based company and also in a nonprofit organization providing charities for children and people who are in need.


2012-2015, Glenda High School, GPA 3.4

2015-2019, Manning University, Major in Social Relationship, GPA 3.6

Social Skill

Active Listening, Advanced

Communication, Advanced

Cultural Competence, Advanced

Patience and Self-Care, Advanced

Empathy and Organization, Advanced

Language Skill

English, Advanced

Tagalog, Advanced

Spanish, Advanced

French, Intermediate

Social Working Experience

Trainers at Child Protective Service, 2019-2020

Internship at Government for Human Right, 2019-2020

Assistant at Jacksonville Social School, 2020-Ongoing

License and Training

  • Trained and licensed social worker (3715/JAG/28/2020) by the government of Greenfield
  • Training as eligible social worker for children, Manning University, 2020.

How do I write a CV for social work?

To write a good social work resume, you need to find the exact step-by-step information of how to do that. Below is the information if you need one, so you can make the best resume for your social worker career:

  1. Download the right social work resume template
  2. Gather your information, including your licensing and certification
  3. Write them all on the provided space on the template
  4. Print the template after recheck the whole thing
  5. If the application is via email, check again the template, convert them into PDF format and then send them away via email.

People Also Ask

What is a good objective for a social work resume?

When you want to make social work resume and you would love to have a job as social worker, do NOT mention money or salary on the objective. Remember that this is a social work which means that money is not the priority here. Make sure that you know that is like the base of the whole thing.

Always mention that your goal is to work or to serve. If you like children, write on that you would love your career objective to be in the organization like the CPS or something like that. You can always mention that your job is to connect with people instead of monetize the situation.

What should be included in a social work resume?

A social worker is someone who really has to work hard and they need to have a lot of skills. So, the first thing you have to highlight on the social work resume is the fact that you have people skill. The skills are including communication as well as organization.

You also need to have skills like empathy because it is impossible to be a good social worker when you have zero empathy toward other people. This is why you need to take the job seriously as it will have impacts on other people around you.

What skills should a social worker have?

As mentioned before, a social worker should have people skill like communication, organization, and empathy. However, there will be plenty other skills that you should have including self-care, self-control and the ability to handle other people with ease.

Entry Level Resume for Social Work

For you who are just becoming a new social worker, write the resume with ease using the help of the examples and templates. You do not need to make it from the scratch as the template already provides what you need.

Template for Social Worker in Professional Level

Professionals need professional-looking resume. This template is what you can always make as it is structurally correct.

Social Work Assistant Resume

Social Work at School Resume Example

Social work at school is needed everywhere. Use this social work resume template to make yours, and you will be able to work really easily later on with the resume.

Professional Social Work Resume

Social Worker Assistant Template Example

If you are an assistant for the social worker, use this social work resume example to show people your skills and educations.

Social Work Resume for Recent Graduate

Student Social Worker Resume Template

This is the social work resume for students because some young people want to get involved in social working already. Use this template to ease your way there.

Resume for CPS Social Worker Template

If you are working at Child Protective Service, this is the social work resume that you have to download. There is everything you need there, and the template is also editable.

Social Work Student Resume

Basic Social Worker Template Resume

Keep everything basic and readable by using this template. This is basic template, and altering it whatever you like is possible and very easy to do.

Resume for Humanitarian Service Social Work

This is the social work resume for those who work as humanitarian in some organizations. You will have to list your experience, and this is where you can get the best examples for that.

Entry Level Social Work Resume

Example and Template for Resume of Senior Social Work

Even when you are a senior one, writing a good social work resume is mandatory. This is what you need for the resume. The template is downloadable absolutely for free.

Human Service Social Work Resume Template

Fresh Graduate Social Worker Template Resume

If you are just graduating from college or high school and want to make social work resume, this is the template you need. It has everything you have to write on the resume.

School Social Work Resume

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