10+ Accountant Resume Example

Accountant Resume Example for Accounting Graduate Students

Each of resume is always different, depending on the need and purpose. There are varieties of accountant resume example for accounting graduate students who want to pursue the dream career in accounting.

Entry Level Tax Accountant Resume

A resume is an essential thing for job seeker to find and apply for a job or position. You have to “sell” yourself as an interesting person to be recruited in any position of the company.

The Accounting Resume Sample

Olivia Willburgh

Contact Details

Address            : 88 Greene Avenue, Old Creek, CA 91010

Phone   : (777) 132-76337

Email    : olivia.willburgh@outlook.com

Career Objective

Well-mannered accountant with years of experience and educational background in accounting.

Now seeking an accounting staff position in which can expand my experience and skills in accounting

Educational Background

Master of Business Administration (2018 – 2020)

San Fransisco University, CA

Bachelor of Arts (2011 – 2015)

San Fransisco University, CA

Personal Skills

  • Budgeting analysis
  • Public accounting
  • Private accounting
  • CPA certification
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Foreign & domestic tax reporting

Work Experience

Assistant Accountant (January 2015 – June 2018)

McMiller Architects, Inc.

Accounting Staff (July 2018 – February 2019)

McMiller Architects, Inc.

Accounting Staff (June 2020 – Present)

Taylor Laws

Tips on How to Make an Accountant Resume

Ever wonder why don’t you get accepted into the company or position that you want? Maybe the reason is that your resume isn’t good enough to make you get accepted. Here are few tips  to make the resume.

  1. Pay attention to your language selection in resume. Use the proper language and format to make the resume look professional.
  2. Use more relevant keywords related to your skills or experiences.

People Also Ask

What should I put in an accounting resume?

Besides the contact details, experiences, educational background, and your achievements, you need to include the skills which highlight yourself as a potential candidate, such as:

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Well communicated
  3. Data analysis
  4. Paying attention to any details
  5. Deep-in knowledge in accounting

How do you make a resume as an accountant?

Here are few steps to make an accounting resume:

  1. First, put your contact details. This information will be needed by your recruiters if they want to contact you in person.
  2. Then, include your summary as a professional accountant
  3. Highlight your personal skills
  4. Include educational qualifications
  5. You can also add relevant hobbies or personal interests
  6. Write also your references if you have any

What skills does an accountant need?

Among of many interesting skills, here are the core skills you need as an accountant:

  1. System analyzing
  2. Active learning
  3. Ability to work in a team or as an individual
  4. High attention to details
  5. Strong skill in verbal and written communication
  6. Good time management

Assistant Accounting Resume Template

If you want to apply for a job as an assistant accountant staff, you can easily follow this template. Do not forget to include your work experience as assistant accountant, completed with the name of company in every experience.

Tax Accountant Resume Template

Do you want to work as a tax accounting staff? Then, try to use the tax accountant resume example. Besides your educational background and personal skills, make sure to include your summary of qualifications and your career objective.

Project Accountant Resume Objective

Entry-Level Accounting Staff Resume Template

Don’t be worried if you don’t have any work experience but want to pursue career in accounting. The entry-level accountant resume example will help you to make yourself more stand out even if you have zero experience.

Chartered Accountant Resume Objective1

Graduate Accountant Assistant Resume Template

To increase your chance to get accepted in any company you want as accounting staff, try to follow the graduate assistant accountant resume example. Besides your educational qualifications, highlight your core competencies and skills as your strength.

Senior Accountant Resume Objective Example

Senior Accounting Staff Resume Template

Yes, you can expand the career although you are already a senior accounting staff. Here, use the senior accountant resume example to help you make your updated resume. Of course, as an experienced senior accountant, you will need to list all your remarkable work experiences in this template.

Entry Level Staff Accountant Resume Example

Accountant Auditing Resume Template

If you have plenty of experience as an accountant auditor, just use this template sample. With this creative template, you can put your photo to make the resume more interesting. After that, list the work experiences, education, and also your career objective.

Senior Staff Accountant Resume Example

Associate Accountant Resume Template

Just like any other accountant resume example, this template will help you to list the full complete qualifications as an accounting associate. Write only your relevant qualifications to help the recruiter gets a big picture of how yourself as a professional accountant.

Receivable Accounting Staff Resume Template

The receivable accountant resume example is similar to the associate accountant resume template. You can write down the professional accomplishments as an accountant. This elegant and simple template allows you to put your photo and contacts as well.

Tax Accountant Job Resume1

Senior Tax Accountant Resume Template

If you have many irrelevant work experiences but want to pursue career in accounting, you can follow the senior tax accountant resume example. Even if your experiences don’t relevant to the targeted job position, make sure to list them, so your recruiters know your skills that could be good impacts to their company.

Experienced Accountant Assistant Resume Template

The experienced assistant accountant resume example is great if you have many work experiences as an accounting assistant. Before you list all the work experiences, write your special personal skills and key accomplishments that could make your resume more valued.

Assistant Accountant Experience Resume.DOC

Junior Accountant Resume Template

The junior accountant resume template is similar to the senior accounting resume. Both have a slight difference in the work experience.

Tax Accountant Entry-Level Resume Template

The entry-level tax accountant resume template is similar to the entry-level one, except this template is specialized in tax accounting.

Accountant Assistant Resume Format

Senior Accounting Management Resume Template

If you are a highly talented management accountant who wants to expand your career, you can try to use and follow the senior management accountant resume example. This template can highlight your skills and achievements as an accountant.

Entry Level Staff Accountant Resume Example13


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