5+ Administrative Assistant Resume Templates

Administrative Assistant Resume Templates and Basic Details

Writing administrative assistant resume is not easy when you have never done that before. To help you out, the templates are needed. Where can you find the templates? Well, you can download them for free as much as you like.

Executive Administrative Assistance Resume PDF

The templates are needed because everytime you have to make a resume, you do not have to do it on your own, and you can simply use the template then fill it up. It takes minutes rather than hours of setting up your own resume. It is quicker and more efficient. This is the example for you.

Administrative Assistant Resume Example

Bonnie Miles

Email: missbonnie@mail.com

Phone: 2719-3712

Address: 27 Simon, 72 Laurence, JS


  • Graduated from secretary major and having experience working as administrative assistant.
  • Good with people and team work and wishing to work in top, national company and expand the skill of cleric and secretary.
  • Currently looking for the company to work better and more efficiently every day.

The History of Education

  • Saint Martha High School, Graduated 2012, GPA 3.5
  • Ursula University and College, Bachelor of Secretary, Graduated 2016, GPA 3.5
  • Ursula University and College, Master of Secretarial Education, Graduated 2018, GPA 3.3

The Working History

2018-2019, Government of Simon and Laurence

Position: Secretary to the Chief

Job Desk:

Maintaining daily schedule of the chief

Processing email and phone calls

Keeping up with the administrative in the chief office

Making sure all staff are working according to schedule

2019-2020, Hubert University

Position: Administrative Assistant

Job Desk:

Taking care of the letters, email and phone call

Making records of what went in the daily activity of the office

Tracking progress of the university-based projects.


  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Power Point, Advanced
  • Computing skill
  • Coding Level A

Language Skills

  • English, Advanced
  • French, Advanced
  • Italian, Intermediate

What Should an Administrative Assistant Put on a Resume?

Well, when you need to write administrative assistant resume and you have no idea how, this is what you need to know. Make sure that these tips are done so that your resume will look as good as it gets. Here is the step-by-step information for you to read:

  1. Download the correct administrative assistant resume and use them in your PC
  2. Take a look at the sections and make sure you can add in all your skills and work experience in the PC
  3. Attach the document if needed, such as certificate and others
  4. Print the resume but before that, make sure you know how to recheck the document and find that there is no mistake or flaws
  5. Send the resume to the company immediately

People Also Ask

What computer skills are needed for administrative assistant?

Computer skill is a must. You will notice that most administrative assistant resume templates will have computing skill to include. Your skill related to the computer is including the one to operate the actual computer and doing things like scanning and printing.

Of course, you will have to do something like typing using Microsoft Word as well as making sheets from Microsoft Excel. Therefore, make sure you know how to do this because it is very basic. You should be able to be a good assistant when you know how to handle things like this.

What are the top 3 skills of an administrative assistant?

The top three skills are including computing skill, communication skill, and cleric skill. When you are done with those three, there is no doubt that you should be good assistant. There is no need to get any training at all because those three skills should come naturally as year’s progress.

The most important one is the computing skill because it is the skill you are going to be using every day. You should be able to work with people and with PC as well. Being an assistant means you have to be good at making schedule using things like Excel as well.

How do you describe administrative skills on a resume?

Simply put the skills on the administrative assistant resume using bullets and numberings. That way, they will be easier to read, and you should be able to highlight the entire skill easily. Make sure they are all listed, so your resume will be more well-balanced.

Administrative Assistant Resume for Fresher

This is the resume for fresh graduate or those who have been just graduated from school. Use this one to write a perfect resume.

Basic Administrative Assistant Resume Template

This is the basic resume. It is editable, and you can add anything you like with this template.

Sample Administrative Assistant Resume PDF Download

Administrative Assistant Resume PDF Format

For those looking for PDF administrative assistant resume, this template is the right choice. The PDF is editable, and you can use it to make resume anytime.

Administrative Assistant Resume In Word

Use this template if you want your resume to be in .doc or word format. It is free and printable of course.

Senior Administrative Assistant Resume Sample PDF Format

Medical Administrative Assistant Resume Template

Are you doing some medical assistants at the administrative side? Well, this is the administrative assistant resume that you have to know. Get this template and start writing the resume now.

Example of Senior Administrative Assistant Resume Template

For seniors, this is the resume that you should use. Get it now and download the entire thing for free.

Sample Medical Administrativve Assistant Resue PDF

Simple Administrative Assistant Resume Template

This is the simplest administrative assistant resume for you. This has the best format and the best structure to send.

Doc Administrative Assistant Resume Template

This is the one you are looking for when the administrative assistant resume should be written in Word. This is the most common printable type of document accepted, so use this one for the best.

Legal Administrative Assistant Resume Template

This is the one you should be looking for when you are about to write administrative assistant resume, and the position is legal assistant. Use this particular template to make sure you can write the document correctly.

Administrative Assistant Resume Skills Example PDF Download

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