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Everyone needs babysitter resume template when they have to make the document on your own. There is no need to start from a blank page since you can use template, and get the resume done in no time at all. These are some of the best resume templates you can use for a babysitter job.

Part Time Babysitter Resume

These templates are for free, which means you do not even have to pay for anything when you are downloading them. The steps to get the template are to select which one of the resume templates to download, click on the download button, and basically you are done. This is the further information about it.

Babysitter Resume Template Example


Jennifer Fanny Hudson



6 Carry St., Hammer Ville, 2917, JK


  • Professional babysitter who graduates from governess academy and fully licensed as professional baby sitter and child care by the government of Hammer Ville.
  • Having been working with families and institutions.
  • Having good knowledge in child care and can communicate well with children.


St. Louise Academy of Babysitting and Child Care, Graduated 2015.

Gulliver High School, Graduated 2011.


2015-2016, Johnson Family (Hammer Ville), taking care of George Johnson Jr. (then 3 years old).

2016-2018, Pauline Family (Berkshire), taking care of Violet and Patricia Pauline (then 2 and 4 years old respectively)

2018-Ongoing, St. Georgiana Baby Sitting and Child Care Center, Senior Babysitter Team

License and Training

2015, The Government of Hammer Ville, Certification for Professional Babysitter and Child Care Provider. Certificate Number: 381926HV29


  • Childcare
  • Child food and nutrition intake
  • Communication
  • Child play and entertainment
  • Time-management
  • Patience

How to Write Babysitter Resume

There are several things that you should really write on your babysitter resume. This is why looking for the correct babysitter resume template is pretty much important. The things to write on your resume are including the contact information and of course the experience. The full list is:

  1. A brief profile. Let the reader knows who you are in a glance. Write a brief profile. This profile section is usually highlighting the years of experience you have as baby sitter and what related skills you have to make sure that parents can trust you with their babies and kids.
  2. Contact information. Of course, you need to include contact information in the resume. That is the only way you can make sure that people can get in touch to you. Write your phone number, email address and your social media link on that resume.
  3. When you are a professional baby sitter, usually you will have the proper training. There are academies and colleges out there specifically used to train future governess or babysitters. If you do, though, always write it when you edit that babysitter resume template.

People Also Ask

How do you describe babysitting on a resume?

Babysitting is often considered as an informal job. Sometimes the job is given to teenagers or young adult to take care of their relative’s and neighbor’s babies/toddlers. However, this job can be done professionally, too. Describing the job surely depends on how formal the job is.

To put it simply, just write the things that you are usually done on the babysitting jobs. Describe the duties as it is and place it on your profile. The profile is located on the top section of the resume. It is then followed by further information of the babysitter, including their contact information and experience.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a babysitter?

In babysitter resume template, you often see section on the job experience where the duties are mentioned. What exactly are the duties of a babysitter? Well, obviously the main job is to take care of a child or a baby during the absence of their parents or guardians. However, there’s more of course.

The jobs of a babysitter are also including: preparing simple meal for the child, preparing baby food (if it is a baby), doing diaper changing, cleaning up playroom/ nursery, and getting the child ready for bed. The duties are usually set individually by the parents or those who hire the babysitter.

What is a babysitter called?

Informally, most babysitters are called “sitter”. When the situation is more formal, they can also be called “nanny” or when it is even more formal, they are called “governess”. Sometimes, terms like au pair or nursemaid are also used but it is quite rare, though. Babysitter is like the most common term to use.

Entry Level Babysitter Resume

There are plenty of babysitter resume template and examples that you can use, but this one is for entry-level babysitter. Entry-level is when you have zero experience or this is the first time you have the job done. Download the template for free now.

Nanny and Babysitter Resume

Using babysitter resume template to write the document is surely making the whole process easier. You should be able to turn the template into actual resume in no time at all. Consider using this template before trying to write the resume on your own.

Babysitter Resume No Experience

Babysitter Resume with No Experience

Do not worry when you have no experience in doing babysitting job. The experience will come along for sure. For a starter, use babysitter resume template to write your resume. Explain that you have no previous experience of babysitting, but you are willing to learn along the way.

Experienced Babysitter Resume

On Training Babysitter Resume

In the formal academies or schools, there are babysitters who are on their way to get licensed or that they are in the middle of a training program. In the meantime, they can apply for a job, and then explain that they are on training. This is the best babysitter resume template for this purpose.

Professional Babysitter Resume

Professional Babysitter Resume

For those who have been doing the babysitting job for years and now considered as professional, writing resume might be still a hard thing to do. To ease the process, make sure you use the babysitter resume template. It is surely helpful for everyone to get the right concept and format.

Self Employed Babysitter Resume

Babysitter Resume with Experience

Use babysitter resume template to make a resume that you can freely explain your experiences in doing the job. It will help everyone reading the resume to understand how experienced you are in the job.

College Student Babysitter Resume Free Babysitter Resume Nanny Babysitter Resume

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