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It is believed that banking resume template is always needed by anyone who are about to write a resume. Resume is a formal document in which the content is not to take for granted. This is the reason why writing a resume cannot be done randomly. You should be very careful and thoughtful.

bank manager resume template

To help you out finding the best resume template, there will be some of them displayed below. They are all easy to download and surely you can get them for free. Before jumping to the templates, you can also read an example of the resume, as well as some FAQs that people often have in mind.

Example of Banking Resume Template



Deborah Flower



5 Reuben St., Fitzwilliam, YH, 1816


  • Professional banking customer service.
  • Having been working in front-desk at several different banks.
  • Good in communication and can speak four different languages quite fluently thus helping the communication with customers to flow better.


2016, Graduating from Fitzwilliam University, Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. GPA 3.5


2016-2018, Paulson Bank, Customer Service Officer

2018-2020, Thomas More Bank, Customer Service Officer

2020-Ongoing, Fitzwilliam National Bank, Customer Service Officer


English, Native

Spanish, Native (by descent)

Italian, Advanced

German, Intermediate

How to Make Banking Resume

Making banking resume is going to be way easier when the templates are involved. This is the best benefit of using banking resume template because the document template eases the entire writing process of the resume. The further steps after downloading the resume template are:

  1. Open the resume template using your PC. It should be opened with its compatible programs, like when you have doc template, the program to open it is Microsoft Word. Open the template and make sure that the template is editable.
  2. Now, fill in the banking resume template There will be sections there, of course, showing you the contact information part, profile part, history of employment part and many more. Fill each section with your own data. It should be truthful and not exaggerated.
  3. Once you are done filling the sections, read all the resume contents from the beginning. Make sure you do not make any mistake, whether it is misspelling or wrong data. Also, make sure that the phone number and email address you write on the resume is correct.
  4. Now, you can send the resume to the address via email or you can print it and hand it in person to the further employee or to anyone who need to read your resume. You should be able to make a job-winning resume as long as you use the right banking resume template.

People Also Ask

What degree should I have to work at banking sector?

To work in banking section, usually you should have a degree related to banking or finance. Degrees like finance management, economic science, accounting and something like that are definitely needed. However, it will always come back to the job itself because banking industry is a wide-ranged one.

Say for example, if you work at the bank but your position is a relationship manager, it means that you do not necessarily need a degree in financing or banking. You need to have degrees in communication or public relation instead. So, always match up your skills and degree to the job position you apply.

What to highlight in banking resume?

People who work at the bank are considered as someone professional. So, when getting banking resume template to write your own resume, you need to understand which part of the resume is needed to be highlighted. It is the employment history or the experience you have along the way in banking industry.

There is no way that you will be hired when you have zero experience in banking. Even when you are a fresh graduate, you’ve got to have experience in internship or volunteering programs at the bank. It will make you at least have an experience of dealing with banking situation and all its challenges.

Is working at a bank a decent job?

Yes, of course. People do know that some positions in the banking industry is like very beneficial to earn money. People who have been working at the bank, usually behind the screen, like manager, supervisor and many others, are paid very high because banking industry is nothing easy to manage.

Banking Accountant Resume Template

Accountant is always needed in banking industry. For you who have the job as accountant or you want to write a resume about it, using templates as shown on this page will be quite helping hands.

Bank Branch Manager Resume Template

There are branches in banking industry, and probably managing all of them will be a difficult job. This is why every bank branch will have a branch manager. A branch manager has the responsibility of running the bank branch from start to finish. Download the banking resume template for this job.

bank operations manager resume template

Bank CEO Resume Template

One of the highest positions in the banking industry is the CEO. It is like one of the top bosses that everyone knows about. They still need to write resume at some points, though. This is the banking resume template to download for free.

bank risk analyst resume template

Bank Debt Management Resume Template

Debt management is like a counselor, but works mostly with the clients or customer, particularly those who are about to apply for loan or something like that. Download the banking resume template for this position right now.

bank risk manager resume template

Bank Loan Processor Resume Template

Loan processors manage the loan application and process it. They will be the first ones to find out whether your loan to the bank is approved or not. If you are aiming for this job position, this is the banking resume template to download.

bank teller resume template

Bank Relationship Manager Resume Template

Relationship manager in a bank has the job to maintain the good relationship between the bank and its clients and customers. The position is of course needed because without it, there will be no one to help the bank communicates with the clients. This is the banking resume template for this position.

branch manager resume template cashier resume templates bank accountant resume template bank ceo resume template bank loan officer resume template

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