5+ Basic Fresher Resume

Using Basic Fresher Resume Template as Guideline

Using basic fresher resume template is important because basically fresher is someone who does not have that much experience in the working industry. It can be either a college/high school fresh graduate or someone who just switches the focus on the career. Either way, you need templates to make the resume.

Basic Fresher Resume for Students Template

The templates are going to be helpful when it comes to writing resume. Resume is not that easy to write, and thus you have to make sure the templates are saved in your PC. There will be a few of them below, and they can be downloaded for free. The example is also available here.

Example of Basic Fresher Resume


Kyle Stone



7 Green St., Walker, 71, JA


  • Fresh graduate who has just graduated from University of Manchester earlier this year with Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics.
  • Keen to start professional career in prominent institutions.


2021, Graduated from University of Manchester, Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, GPA 3.5


2019, Jack Russell Math School and Education, Math Team Teaching

2020, Newton Academy, Math Team Teaching


  • Fast learning ability
  • Quick thinking
  • Problem solving


English, Native

Spanish, Intermediate

How to Make Basic Fresher Resume

Resume is still a resume, whether you are a professional or a fresher. If it is fresher resume, usually the employment section is shorter. However, it can always be filled with something else considered as experience along the way. The full tips are written below.

  1. There will be plenty of basic fresher resume template and examples to find. You have to download the best one only. The first thing that you must understand about the template is that it is free. Then, make sure it is editable. Download them after that.
  2. After being downloaded, the file will be saved in your PC. Make sure you know exactly where it is. Whenever you need to write a resume, locate the file and open it. The basic fresher resume template must be editable using the help of Microsoft Word or something else.
  3. Now, you see some different sections on the resume template. You will have to fill each section with the information based on your life, whether it is your history of education or your skills to support the job application. Fill the resume template completely.
  4. When you are done, the resume is basically ready to go. Recheck all the spellings and contents there and make sure that you do not miss anything at all or make a mistake during the writing. Now, send the resume to the addressed company and good luck with it.

People Also Ask

Which type of resume is best for fresher?

Simple resume is the best format for fresher. It is also called the one-page resume in which the document is one page only. It does not have anything exaggerated in it, and it looks so simple. Of course it makes sense because fresh graduates tend to have less working experience to show off.

Find a lot of one-page resume templates around the internet. If you cannot find one, simply use basic fresher resume template but make it simpler. Make it one page only and it will prevent you from sending resume that is considered too long by some people, which is not good at all.

How should resume look in 2020?

Resume these days looks way more modern that what it looked like before. Back then, resume is a black-and-white, formal document. However, these days, people can express themselves using their own resume. This is why many resumes are colorful, completed by photos and more.

The reason why people love colorful template for the resume, including for the basic fresher resume template, is because the resume helps them to stand out. When other candidates send the boring, plain resume, you can always stand out in the crowd using that colorful resume.

What are the skills required for fresher?

It depends on what type of job that you are about to take. However, the mutual skills could be the soft skills. The soft skills are including quick-learning, problem-solving, time-management and many more. They are mostly found in the basic fresher resume template you can download.

Fresher Resume Template in Doc Format

The most common format of document you will find is the doc format. The doc format is editable by using Microsoft Word, which is the common one. Download this resume template in Word, and then you will be able to write a good resume.

Basic Fresher Simple Resume Template

There is nothing to exaggerate when writing a resume. All you need to show is simplicity. This is one of the simplest examples of the resume. Download it now, and use it as a guidance to help you write a good, readable resume all the time.

Basic Fresher Resume Format for Engineers

Basic Free Fresher Resume Template

As you can tell, basic fresher resume template should be free. There is no need to pay for anything, let alone spending time filling in forms that will give away your credit card information. For those who need to download the template for free, some of them are surely available now.

Fresher Resume Template in PDF Format

When you want to send the resume via email, the best format for the resume is PDF. This format is more compact and harder to manipulate. Therefore, it is better for you to attach your job application online using a resume made by basic fresher resume template in PDF format.

Basic Fresher Resume in PDF

Simple Fresher Engineer Resume Template

Engineering is a complicated industry, so the experience is always needed. However, when you are a fresher, surely your working experience is shorter. But you always have that internship and apprentice programs along the way to be written on the basic fresher resume template.

Basic Fresher Student Resume Template

When you are just graduating university or college, you are technically still a student and thus you need this student basic fresher resume template. Most students find it hard to compose a good resume, so you can use the template as helpful tool.

Basic Fresher Resume Doc

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