10+ Chronological Resume Templates

Chronological Resume Templates and Its Important Details

Many people need chronological resume templates since they have no idea what it is, and how to use it. Well, easily speaking, this resume is used when you order the work experiences and events listed on the resume based on the dates. Usually, it is newest first down to the oldest.

This type of resume is the best one around because a lot of people can use it to help understanding the resume even easier. Everything is listed according to date, so you will find out which experience is the most relevant in the resume. Here are some examples and templates.

Chronological Resume Sample Template

Example of Chronological Resume Templates

Jemima Johnson

Email: jemjohnson@mail.com

Phone: 3718-3371

Address: 73 Hugh Shire, Glenville, HN

Brief Profile

  • Graduated from Aspen University in 2010 with the Master’s Degree in Classic English Literature.
  • Have been working for various companies and organization for the last 10 years.
  • Have numerous experiences in the field of classic English literature and theater all across Glenville and other area.


Master’s Degree in Classic English Literature, Graduated 2010, Aspen University, GPA 3.3

Bachelor’s Degree in Classic English Literature, Graduated 2008, Aspen University, GPA 3.4

Thomas High School, Graduated 2004, GPA 3.5Work Experiences

  • Shakespearian Theater, 2018-Ongoning, Assistant Producer and Main Director.
  • Farnaby Production, 2016-2018, Head of Production Team
  • Glenville Government of Art, 2014-2016, Junior Assistant for Drama Department
  • Aspen University Literature Library, 2010-2014, Main Head Director for the Department


Becoming a Good Drama Producer, Aspen University, 2018

Speaking in Old Language Like Chaucer, Glenville Government, 2017

Seminar on Old Language in History, Glenville High School, 2016

Practical Training to Understand Classic Poetry and Prose, Glenville Government, 2015

Language Skill

English, Advanced

French, Advanced

Latin, Intermediate

How to Write Chronological Resume?

When you ask how to write a good chronological resume, you need to make sure you have plenty of experiences and work history to display first. If you do not have them, you won’t have anything to order. These are some tips to write the resume:

  1. You can use chronological resume templates instead of writing on your own.
  2. Pick the right template that says chronological in it.
  3. Collect all your data information, including certifications and all documents.
  4. Add the information into the template by sorting them from the newest (on the top) down to the oldest.
  5. Make sure all the dates are written correctly.
  6. Re-check the date, and then finish up editing the template.
  7. Lastly, print the template or send it as PDF via email.

People Also Ask

What does a chronological resume focus on?

After looking at the chronological resume templates, you will find out that the goal or focus of the resume is to make sure the reader knows that the author of this resume has a lot of working experiences or related events leading to the current day. It is important to show to everyone.

This is the reason why the resume is often used. It shows people that even to this day; the author still has the experience related to the field. For those who like to use this kind of resume, make sure all the dates are well-sorted and ordered properly on the document.

Should a resume be in chronological order?

Most likely yes, it should. People find it easier to find chronological resume templates instead of other types of template. They will also find it beneficial when they have to write the resume according to order. They need to know exactly what goes on in the experience.

Bosses and recruiters are also finding it better to read the experiences written in chronological order. It shows which one is the most recent and outdated already. Anyone should find it really easy to write the resume in this kind of template or format.

Who is a chronological resume best for?

The chronological resume templates are best for you who have a lot of experience and want to apply for a job in the same field. It echoes the professionalism and expertise in the field, so the bosses will most definitely hire them.

Sample for Chronological Resume

This is the most basic and simplest resume. It is great to use chronological resume templates as you do not have to start from a blank page.

Chronological Resume for Students Template

Students can write the resume in chronological order as well. Use this example to make sure you can write it easily.

Chronological Resume Format

Chronological Resume for Custodian Template

For those looking for chronological resume templates for custodian, this is the one for you. It has the best sample and format to follow.

Entry Level Chronological Resume

Chronological Resume for Teachers Template

Teachers can also use this template. It has the structure and correct format for teacher to fill in and use.

Chronological Resume Work Experience

General Chronological Resume Example

These are the basic chronological resume templates. You can use them for everything and these will bring you the best-looking resume for sure.

Administrative Assistant Chronological Resume

Chronological Resume for Pharmacy Example

Working at pharmacy will bring tons of experiences. This is the perfect resume to contain all the information about your experiences.

curriculum vitae template2 blue1

Chronological Resume for Professionals Template

You are a professional, and thus having many, many experiences. Use the chronological resume templates to list all your experiences throughout the year.

curriculum vitae template3a maroon

Template for Customer Service Chronological Resume

Customer service does require lots of experience. This template is going to show you how to make the resume effortlessly.

Custodian Supervisor Chronological Resume

Chronological Resume for Management Template

Do you apply for a job in management? Use chronological resume templates to ease your way in writing the resume. It is free to download.

Chronological Resume Template Download

Chronological Resume for Administrative Assistant Template

Looking for a template to write as assistant? This is the one you can certainly use all the time. It is simple, yet very useful for everyone.

Customer Service Chronological Resume Template

Chronological Resume Entry Level Example

This is the resume for entry level. Even though you have less experience, the chronological resume templates will help you list the experiences according to the date.

Chronological Resume for Engineering Students

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