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How to Make an Outstanding Combination Resume

The combination resume is a resume that contains a mix of functional format and the chronological format. Sometimes, this type is also called the hybrid resume since it contains a combination of traditional and modern format.

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In addition, this resume is the best choice to apply for any job or position nowadays. Whether it is your first time applying for a job or the time to change your career, this hybrid resume will suitable for all your needs.

The Example of Combination Resume

In fact, writing a combination resume might be difficult. Therefore, you can take a look at the sample below:

Tiffany Jones

Personal Contacts

Address: 34 Princetown Road, Boston, MA 03436

Phone   : (723)-917-2838

Email    : tiffany.jones@outlook.com

Educational Background

Senior High School (2008 – 2011)

Princetown High School

Junior High School (2005 – 2008)

Princetown Junior High School

Elementary School (1999 – 2005)

Boston School

Personal Skills

  • Language: Fluent both in verbal and written French, Chinese, and Spanish
  • Computers: Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Volunteer Experience

Youth Representative (April 2012 – Present)

Boston Council of Environment

  • Learning about the community issues
  • Networking and communicating with public facilities and youth programs
  • Campaigning the environmental marketing strategies to teenagers

Junior Counselor (March 2011 – Present)

Church of Princetown

  • Providing childcare services to any families with children
  • Assisting the church service preparation

Volunteer (June 2010 – March 2011)

Asian Community Center

  • Evaluating and contributing the youth programs
  • Organizing and planning the student activities
  • Training the junior volunteers

Youth Staff (February 2010 – June 2010)

First Fitness Studio

  • Evaluating the guidelines of the fitness activities
  • Creating the fitness programs

Youth Volunteer (January 2008 – February 2010)

Boston Children Center

  • Participating in youth development programs
  • Recruiting the teens for youth programs
  • Managing the customer service desk

Work Experience

Clerk (June 2011 – Present)

Princetown Mart

  • Handling the payments and credit receipts
  • Assisting the customers in checking out the groceries
  • Handling the daily report

How to Make Combination Resume

Knowing the most commonly used combination resume template will not enough to make an impressive resume. Here is how to make the resume:

  1. Make it neat and simple: do not use exaggerated words when writing your resume. Remember K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short and Simple), and you will be surprised with the outcome.
  2. Include your accomplishments: when writing about your work or volunteering experience, list what you have done in every detail.
  3. Use the right format: do not write a too-long resume. Just keep it only one page long, or max 2 pages.

People Also Ask

How do I combine multiple jobs on a resume?

If you are having multiple work experiences in a variety of fields, you can start by putting relevant skills and work experience first to catch the recruiter’s eye. Then, follow it with your other skills and experience. Make sure at least you have the required educational background, experience or skills to get the position.

What is the difference between combination resume and chronological resume or the functional resume?

The combination or hybrid resume is basically a mixed resume of functional and the chronological resume. The chronological resume is the most commonly used, and it contains the work experience chronologically. Meanwhile, the functional resume is used often by those who change their career fields, and this usually focuses on the skills. So, the combination resume is the best of all since it contains the work experience, and it highlights the relevant skills to the job.

How do I make my resume stand out?

To make your resume more stand out, follow these tips:

  1. Use important keywords
  2. Highlight your relevant skills
  3. Make your resume only in one-page length
  4. Format properly
  5. Complete with your certifications

Entry-Level Combination Resume

Use this combination resume if you are a high school graduate and do not have any work experience yet, but want to apply for a job. First, you will start with writing your educational background then followed with work experience, volunteering experience, interests, and skills.

Part-Time Job Combination Resume

This combination resume template is for students who are seeking any part-time job position. Similar to the previous type, you can start by listing your education then continue it with the list of your work experience.

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Cover Letter for Combination Resume

Add a cover letter to your resume to make it more eye-catching. The cover letter basically is just like any other letter that contains brief summary about your life (the reason why you are interested in the job and the company, your profile, experiences, skills, etc.)

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Babysitting Combination Resume

If you are great at handling children and love to be around them, try to use this babysitting combination resume template to apply for a babysitter position. Put your skills and experience that’s relevant to babysitting to make your recruiter know that you are the right person to be trusted with their children.

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Professional Combination Resume

Use this professional combination resume template if you are a highly remarkable person who has many accomplishments and achievements. After putting in your professional experience, make sure to include your education background and details about your achievements or accomplishments.

Hybrid Combination Resume PDF Template

Basic Combination Resume

If you don’t have any target yet but still want to apply for any job position that’s advertised on paper, try to use this simple template. You will be needed to input your personal details, just like on any other type of resume, and it will be great if you have any references to include in the resume.

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Volunteering Combination Resume

The volunteering combination resume enables you to highlight the impressive volunteering experience. Although the main focus is your volunteering experience, you can’t forget to put your interests and skills since these will be your another strength.

Blank Combination Resume in Microsoft Word

High School Student Combination Resume

Are you a fresh graduate student who seeks a job? Then, high school student combination resume template will be a perfect help for you. With a complete explanation in every section, you can write the resume easily.

Chronological and Functional Combination Resume PDF Free Download Combination Resume for Education Word Free Download

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