5+ Electrical Engineering Resume

Knowing the Electrical Engineering Resume Samples and Details

A good electrical engineering resume should contain your engineering educational qualifications and work experiences. If you have a good resume, your chance to get accepted into the company will be automatically increased.

Electrical Engineering Student Resume

In this article, you can find the important information about electrical engineering resume. Besides knowing the example of impressive engineering resume, you will be provided with some tips in writing a good resume.

The Example of Electrical Engineering Resume

Here is the most commonly used electrical engineering resume template:

Tommy Gustavo

Career Objectives

I am a high-motivated individual with more than 4 years of working experience. I aspire and aim to be the Head Electrical Technician within the next year. Now, I would like to get the position as a Technician Leader in your company to prove myself that I can make your company to be more successful.


Address: 2827 Wood Road, New York City

Phone   : 2928 – 9028 – 7272

Email    : tommy.gustavo@outlook.com


Paul Anderson (Manager)

Phone   : 011 – 1827 – 1822

Email    : paul.anderson@outlook.com

Isabella Covey (Manager)

Phone   : 011 – 8272 – 1877

Email    : isabellacovey@outlook.com

Key Skills

  • Electrical Tracing
  • Process Monitoring
  • Wiring Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Microsoft Office
  • Heat Systems
  • Project Management
  • Organizational Skills
  • Adobe Creative
  • Physics and Mathematics
  • Circuit Systems
  • Problem Solving


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Russian

Educational Background

Master in Electrical Engineering (2014 – 2016)

The University of California, Berkeley, CA

Bachelor of Science (2010 – 2014)

The University of California, Berkeley, CA

High School (2007 – 2010)

Wood High School, NY

Work Experience

Electrical Engineer (2016 – Present)

The Wood Electrical, Inc.

Electrical Engineer Intern (2015 – 2016)

Berkeley Circuits, Inc.

Tips to Write Electrical Engineering Resume

Like it is said above, good resume will make your chance to get accepted increased. Well, just follow some useful tips below:

  1. For your information, a resume should only contain your relevant details, such as relevant work experience, skills, educational background, etc.
  2. If you include your project or course details, write the in-depth information for each project.
  3. Highlight your career profile and make it interesting.

People Also Ask

How do you write an electrical engineering resume?

You should write an electrical engineering resume by following these steps below:

  1. Start with putting your career profile.
  2. Do not forget to put your contact and reference (if you have any).
  3. Include your working experiences and write them chronologically reversed. List the name of company that you have worked in before and also the period of each experience.
  4. Include your skills and achievements in bulleted points.

What should be the key competencies in electrical engineering resume?

Following are the top key competencies needed for electrical engineering job:

  1. High enthusiasm for learning
  2. Critical thinking
  3. Problem solving
  4. Organizational skills
  5. Mathematic skills
  6. Communication skills
  7. Basic electricity knowledge
  8. Basic engineering knowledge
  9. Creative thinking
  10. Physics skills

What is the resume headline for the electrical engineer?

To make your resume more eye-catching, you should make an interesting headline. Input your relevant working experiences along with the name of company and the long period of every experience. Put only the information that’s relevant to the position that you are applying to.

What is the career objective in an electrical engineering resume?

Career objective is usually contained with a brief summary of personal experiences as a professional worker. It also tells about your career goal and the things you offer to the company if you get accepted. Therefore, in electrical engineering resume, you can write educational and working qualifications, as well as your best skill in the electrical engineering fields.

Few Kind of Electrical Engineering Resume

Finally, now you are reaching the last section of this article, and it is time to look at the types of electrical engineering resume that you can choose.

Diploma Resume for Electrical Engineering

Diploma electrical engineering resume template is a perfect option for you who graduated with a diploma in electrical engineering. Of course, the very first thing to do after graduating is applying for a job. Use this template, and you will be helped to write your first resume.

Entry Level Electrical Engineering Resume

Professional Resume for Electrical Engineering

If you are a remarkably experienced engineer, especially in electrical engineering, then this template is a great choice for you. With this template, you can highlight your remarkable educational background and working experiences as your strength.

Fresh Graduate Resume for Electrical Engineering

Do not be worried if you are just graduating and still haven’t any working experience to be included in the resume. Use this template to highlight your other strength, such as your skills, relevant interests, hobbies, and also your relevant educational qualifications.

Experience Electrical Engineering Resume

Entry-Level Resume for Electrical Engineering

The entry-level electrical engineering resume template is quite similar to the fresh graduate resume. Use this template if you want to pursue your career in electrical engineering or using this field as the stepstone to further career field.

Internship Resume for Electrical Engineering

The internship resume template will enable you to include cover letter to make your resume more impressive. Include your academic activities and achievements to increase your possibility to be accepted as electrical engineer.

Fresher Electrical Engineering Resume

Experienced Electrical Engineering Resume

Just by seeing the title, you will know the experienced electrical engineering resume template is similar to the professional resume. Use this template if you want to highlight your working experiences.

Creative Resume for Electrical Engineering

This creative resume template contains the usual important details of your personal, but with the light touch of art. You can express yourself with this template as it enables you to play with any color and design.

Electrical Engineering Resume for Non-Experienced Candidates

Not having any remarkable working experiences in electrical engineering is not the reason that you can’t try to make the resume to pursue your career. Highlight your other strength like educational qualifications, awards, or achievements in this non-experienced electrical engineering resume template.

Diploma Electrical Engineering Resume


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