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Fashion Designer Resume Template in Word, PDF and More (Free Download)

Downloading fashion designer resume template is surely mandatory. If you are a fashion designer, whether an aspiring one or professional one, you have to make a resume every once in a while. The resume showcases your works as fashion designers over the years.

Example Technical Fashion Designer Resume Template

Making resume is never going to be easy when you are doing it on your own. This is why you will need a template. A template shows exactly what to write on the resume and all you have to do is filling in the resume template with your data.

Fashion Designer Resume Template Example


Georgiana Falcon



26 Darcy St., Jane Elizabeth, 726, YH


  • Professional fashion designer.
  • Specialized in casual and modern gown for women. Having years of experience in fashion industry.
  • Designing special outfits for clients and movie productions as well.
  • Having been on exhibitions and fashion shows over the years to showcase the works.


2010-2012, Fancy Modern Dress, Assistant Fashion Designer

2012-2019, Fancy Modern Dress, Fashion Designer

2019-Ongoing, Falcon House of Design, CEO and Head Fashion Designer

Exhibitions and Fashion Shows

2019, Hudson Fashion Week

2019, New Attempt on Fashion

2020, Flaming Fashion Show and Exhibition

How do I create a fashion CV?

As stated before, making resume is not going to be easy without templates. This is why fashion designer resume template is definitely needed. Creating the CV will start from downloading the resume template to printing it eventually. These are the details you need to know.

  1. There will be plenty of fashion designer resume template examples that you can see. Take a good look at all of them and see which one you want to download.
  2. Click on the download button to download and save the document on your PC or laptop. Then, open the destination folder. It will show you the downloaded file.
  3. Open the downloaded file using Microsoft Word if it is a doc-formatted document. If it is a PDF one, open the file using PDF reader tool.
  4. Prepare your data, including your certificates and portfolio; edit the resume template according to your data, especially on the working experience section.
  5. Once done, examine the resume and make sure there is no flaw on it. Now you can either email it or print it. When you want to email it, convert the file into PDF format so that attaching it on the email will be easier.

People Also Ask

What should a fashion designer put on their resume?

When it comes to fashion designer, usually the most important thing to include on the resume is the portfolio of the design and the experience. If you have the experience of your designs being included on fashion shows or galas, you must always put it on the resume.

People will also look for the skills that they have as fashion designer when they make fashion designer resume template. The skills are needed as they will make sure the designer is indeed a professional one. So, when making the resume, do not forget to include these sections there.

How do you write a profile summary for a fashion designer?

The profile summary on the fashion designer resume template should show the brief professionalism of you as a fashion designer. Write how many years of experience you have in the industry as well as the list of fashion shows and exhibitions you have followed over the years.

The profile summary should not be too long. A paragraph or two should be enough. It should be like information at a glance about yourself. Keep it simple but make sure it is interesting enough to read as the summary will be literally on the top section of the page and the first thing people read.

Which resume template is best?

For fashion designer, it is better to choose the resume that shows their signature look or the color that represent them. Do not write the fashion designer resume template in boring, formal-like template because it will be surely less interesting for everyone to read. Get bold is a better idea.

The Resume Template for Assistant Fashion Designer

As we know, every career starts from a quite a decent position, and assistant is surely one of them. Before you can make your own career as fashion designer, you need to start by assisting the professional. Use fashion designer resume template to write your assistant resume and start the career.

Free Resume Template for the Fashion Designer

Well, using fashion designer resume template is not going to cost you any money. It is what it should be. Therefore, when you find the template, but it forces you to pay or to reveal your credit card information, ditch it because there are so many other templates that you can get for free.

Sample Fashion Design CV PDF Format

The Resume Template for Modern Fashion Designer

In fact, the modern fashion designer is surely a hit these days. They design modern work of art in the form of clothing and accessories. For those who need this fashion designer resume template, download it now, and use it to guide you in making the designer’s clothes.

Resume Template for the Fashion Designer in PDF Format

Sending a resume via email means you have to make the resume in PDF format. This is the template that you can get for free, and it is in PDF format. It is easier to download and edit as well.

Professional Fashion Designer Resume Example

Professional fashion designer has years of experience in the industry. You should be able to download a flawless template for the resume right now, and use it to make your own resume or CV.

The Technical Fashion Designer Resume Example

This is the fashion designer resume template for technical fashion designer. These people are usually the ones doing the planning and the technical works. They do the concept and brief the dressmaker or other staffs to execute the design. Download this resume template for free.


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