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Personal Trainer Resume Free Templates and Examples

Personal trainer resume is made quite often because these days, people go to the gym and workout frequently. Of course, they need a personal trainer to make sure their workout is done right. If you are a personal trainer or fitness trainer, you may need these templates.

Personal Fitness Trainer Resume

The templates are the ones for those who have the job as personal trainer and want to apply for the jobs in other places or just to make personal paperwork. These templates and examples will make sure the writing process of the resume is going to be as easy as it could be.

Personal Trainer Resume Example



Oscar Paulson



7 Beat St., Blackbird, 186, NM


  • Professional personal trainers.
  • Experienced in working with various clients and helping them to use all sorts of gym-related tools and workouts.
  • Having good understanding of weight loss knowledge, nutrition, workout tools and many more.
  • Willing to work in teams.


2009, Certified Gym and Trainers, Gov. of Blackbird (Health Ministry)

2016, Certified Personal Trainers, National Health Ministry


2009-2015, Hummel Training Centre, Assistant Personal Trainer

2015-2019, Hummel Training Centre, Personal Trainer

2019-Ongoing, Gov. of Blackbird, Personal Trainer at Health Ministry


  • Gym tool operations
  • Workouts and exercises
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Time-management
  • Multi-tasking
  • Self-discipline
  • Team-working
  • Communication


2018, Gym Trainer of the Year, Hummel Training Centre

2019, Best Persona Trainer, Blackbird Fitness Community

How to Make Personal Trainer Resume?

 The key to make a good personal trainer resume is to understand what to write on the resume. This is where examples and the templates become crucial. Without them, it will be very hard for you to determine the content of the resume. This is the steps you should understand.

  1. Find the templates or examples that you like on this page. Make sure the template matches with your particular profession or your need.
  2. Click on the download button, so the template is now downloaded and saved in your PC or laptop.
  3. Open the template and start editing the template. If the template is in doc format, it can be opened on Microsoft Word. If it is in PDF format, edit the template using PDF reader and editor tool.
  4. Examine each section of the resume, including the contact information section, profile section, work experience section and many more. Edit them by adding in your data so that the resume template is no longer blank.
  5. If you want to send the resume via email, convert the resume into PDF format and attach the resume on the email. If you need to hand the printed resume, print the resume immediately.

People Also Ask

What should a personal trainer put on resume?

Personal trainer is actually all about skills and experiences. Of course, when you hire a personal trainer, you want someone really skillful and knowledgeable about fitness and workouts. This is why in the personal trainer resume, the skills and working experience must be highlighted.

Make sure that you know exactly the date and period of your working experience as well as the duties given to you while working there. It will be necessary to put it on the personal trainer resume and convince the reader that you are indeed a professional and experienced fitness trainer.

What are the skills of a personal trainer?

The skills are mostly on the soft skill side. They are including self-discipline and time-management. A good personal trainer will also understand good communication with the clients. They are also good in multi-tasking and many other soft skills related to the job, including maintaining trust.

The hard skills should never get forgotten as well. When you are a good trainer, you will be full of knowledge about gym tools, exercises, weight loss, calories and many more. This knowledge are usually coming by experiences. The longer you are in the industry, the better the experience.

What are the duties of a personal trainer?

The main duty of a personal trainer is to assist and help someone to get physically fit. It is usually done for many purposes such as losing weight, achieving certain look/ body appearance, or just to maintain overall health. It will all get discussed at the beginning of every lesson.

Resume Template for Personal Trainer Assistant

Many professional fitness trainers started their career by becoming a trainer assistant first. If you will take the same path, this is the personal trainer resume for trainer assistant. It will show the correct content and format for the document. Download it for free now.

Resume Template for Entry Level Personal Trainer

The term “Entry Level” is usually applied to someone who is not too experienced in the industry. You will need to make sure that you get as many experiences as possible afterward. This is the personal trainer resume for the newbies in the industry. It can be downloaded for free.

Weight Loss Personal Trainer Resume

Resume Template for Experienced Personal Trainer

Experienced personal trainer is like the polar opposite to the entry-level one. The ones with experience means they have been joining the industry for years. Even so, they still need the help of personal trainer resume templates to make a good resume.

Assistant Personal Trainer Resume

Resume Template for Personal Trainer Manager

In gyms or fitness places, surely there are managers who supervise and manage everything. If this is the profession you are aiming for, this personal trainer resume template is surely the one you need. This template can be downloaded at all time, and it won’t cost you a dime.

Entry Level Personal Trainer Resume

Example of Resume for Personal Trainer

Writing personal trainer resume won’t be anything easy when you are using no example or no template. This is why the templates are pretty much essential. Download the template now and use it to guide you when writing the resume on your own.

Individual Fitness Personal Trainer

Resume Template for Weight Loss Personal Trainer

Weight loss is one of the biggest motivations for people to get personal trainer. This is why many trainers are specialized themselves as weight loss personal trainer. This is the personal trainer resume for them.


Personal Trainer Resume Experience

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