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Free Fresher Resume Template for Fresh Graduates

Being a fresh graduate might sound challenging when applying for the first job as you don’t have enough working experience that could highlight your profile. Before being a professional in your job field, you have to start from the bottom.

Free Fresher Resume Format Download

You can’t automatically have many remarkable working experiences without being a newcomer first, especially if you are just recently graduating from college or high school. Well, now you can choose one of many fresher resume template examples provided below.

Example of Fresher Resume Template

Using a sample of fresher resume can help you to write first resume faster and easier. Try to follow the fresher resume template below:


Name                : Nicky Austen

Birth Place        : Chicago, Illinois

Date of Birth     : July 12, 1993

Age                  : 27

Gender             : Female

Personal Contacts

Address            : 73 Bend Ave, East Chicago, IL 82738

Phone               : 220 8478 7262

Email                : nicky.austen@live.com

Career Objective

I am Nicky Austen who just recent graduate as an IT graduate and aim to find a challenging and exciting job position in the IT industry with a company that continuously drive and motivate me to do my best and improve on my abilities and skills. Therefore, I can be able to help the company in reaching the goals, vision, and mission.

Academic Background

Masteral Degree (2016 – 2018)

BS Information and Technology

University of Illinois

Bachelor Degree (2012 – 2016)

BS Information and Technology

University of Illinois

Diploma (2011 – 2012)

Information and Technology Management

University of Chicago

Internship Experience

Web Developer Internship (2018)

Illinois Matric Co.

IT Management Internship (2016)

Illinois Digital Lab

Personal Skills

  • Critical thinker
  • Communication skills
  • Attentive listener
  • Quick thinker
  • Leadership
  • Paying attention to details
  • Multitasking

Areas of Expertise

  • Oracle
  • WordPress
  • Adobe Creative Cloud

Tips to Make Your First Fresher Resume

Making very first resume as fresh graduate might be difficult since you don’t know exactly how to start. If you are confused with that, try to follow these tips:

  1. Send your resume before officially graduating, so you can start having a job right when you are officially graduating.
  2. Do enough researches about the company that you are targeting. This will be a great help, especially in the interview session.
  3. Include your internship or achievements certificate to make your profile more valued even though you don’t have any working experiences yet.

People Also Ask

Which kind of resume is best for fresher?

As fresh graduate, you may confuse about which resume type that you should use to make your own resume. Using functional resume is recommended since this format is flexible. You can focus on personal skills or your experiences (training, workshops, etc.).

What should fresher write in the professional experience section?

Being a fresher means you don’t have any working experience yet since you were busy studying for college or high school. Therefore, you don’t need to include working experience. Just list your courses or internship experiences instead. But, of course, if you have working experiences because you have been working in the summer or winter break, include them in your professional experience section.

What are the essential skills requires for fresher?

Being a fresh graduate without working experience means you should highlight other strength, such as your skills, achievements, training experience, internship experience, or anything else. You have to show your skills, such as:

  1. Negotiation skills
  2. Persuasive skills
  3. Management skills
  4. Critical thinking
  5. Problem solving
  6. Spoken and written communication skills
  7. Creativity
  8. Adaptability
  9. Quick thinker
  10. Teamworking skills
  11. Relationship building skills

Types of Fresher Resume Template

A fresh graduate has so many opportunities to step into any field or job, and the following are the types of fresher resume template that you can choose based on a field you may seek.

Fresher Resume Template for Hotel Job

The fresher resume template for the hotel job template is best used for any fresh graduate who is passionate about the hospitality field and looking for a way to pursue the career in this field. You can highlight your career objective to make the resume look fantastic.

Resume Format For Software Developer

Fresher Resume Template for Electrical Engineer

If you are an electrical engineering fresh graduate and want to start your very first job in engineering field, this fresher resume template might be good for you. Do not forget to fill in your personal contact details since this is the only way for the recruiters to get in touch and contact you for further information about the job.

MBA HR Fresher Resume Free Download

Fresher Resume Template for Software Development

IT is one the highest-demand field jobs as these days everything goes online. Well, use this software developer fresher resume template to maximize yourself as the next top professional in IT. List your educational background in reversed mode, so the recruiters can read it easier and faster.

Resume Format For Fresher Electrical Engineer Free Download

Fresher Resume Template for Business Analyst

The business analyst is one of the most important jobs in the world. Therefore, if you are passionate about this field, you have the big opportunity to be the best business analyst in your city. Use the business analyst fresher resume template as your first start to get into this tempting field job.

Resume Format For MBA Finance Experienced

Fresher Resume Template for Accounting

If you are a highly passionate accounting fresher and ready to step into the competitive accounting field, try to follow this accounting fresher resume template. It helps you to write your basic accounting resume without forgetting about highlighting the best skills you can offer to the company.

Sample Fresher Resume Format Download

Fresher Resume Template for Graphic Designer

By using this graphic designer fresher resume template, you can be both: showing the great design skills as well as showing that you have an impressive resume because of the great qualities you have. Do not be afraid to play with the design and layout, but keep in mind you can’t overdo the design as this can be a big issue for your recruiters.

BBA Fresher Resume Format Download

Fresher Resume Template for Banking

Can you see how cool and impressive the banking fresher resume template is? Using this template will boost your personal value because it looks glamorous yet simple. Use the header format wisely because the wrong photo could make your whole resume look unprofessional.

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