8+ Personal Trainer Resumes

‘Polishing’ Your Resume with Personal Trainer Resumes

Being a personal trainer does not mean you can offer your skills easily. You may offer your skill directly to people and start training them according to their goals and body condition. Another way to make your living is to apply for working in a gym or places alike. You cannot just go to the vacant position and grab your job there—you’ll still need to apply using personal trainer resumes and cover letter.

Fitness Personal Trainer Resume

By writing personal trainer resumes, your potential employer will know how qualified you are compared to other potential applicants. However, mentioning all your qualifications isn’t enough – you need to make your resume looks outstanding as well. Hence that’s why there are personal trainer resumes available online.

Sample of Personal Trainer Resume

Take a look at the sample below to know how to write your personal trainer resumes.

Min Nguyen

102 Baker Street, New York City, NY 18233 | minthatguy@gmail.com | 012-3824-4389


  • More than three years of experience as a fitness trainer
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Proven skills of setting routines for clients according to their goals and medical requirements
  • Proficient in demonstrating the use of various gymnastics training equipment
  • First-hand experience in teaching people how to perform fitness activities.


  • Anatomy/physiology
  • Rapport building
  • Clients’ service
  • Motivating clients
  • Leadership


Fitness trainer – HYE Fitness, New York City, NY                                   2017 – present

  • Helping clients to plan their exercise according to their needs
  • Helping members to use the equipment and how to train themselves using the equipment
  • Observing clients’ incapability to catch up with the plan and suggesting them to do a alteration
  • Following up clients’ progress in maintaining their health
  • Assisting clients to get information regarding nutrition and diet plans


University of New York, Physical Education                                Graduated in 2017

How to Make Personal Trainer Resume

In order to make personal trainer resumes, you need to gather several data. These data will include your personal identity, working experiences, education background, as well as your achievements, skills, and objectives.

  1. First, grab personal trainer resumes You can still make it yourself from scratch if you got enough time. Making your resume with templates is way easier to do and it also saves time.
  2. Next, take a short scan on the template you are going to work with. See what kinds of data you’ll need to input. If there are some fields that you want to delete, simply delete it.
  3. Now start to input your data to the template.
  4. Once you’re done with inputting the data, take your time to do proofreading. This is done to omit any mistyped/misspelt words, grammatical error, and ineffective sentences.
  5. Set the text to look neater.
  6. Review your text for several times. Make sure everything is fine. Once you’ve finished making your resume, you may proceed to make your cover letter.

People Also Ask

What are the skills of a personal trainer?

  • Communication skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Practical knowledge about fitness
  • Empathetic and encouraging people
  • Patience

What are the responsibilities of a personal trainer?

Personal trainers are responsible for:

  • Showing various routines and exercises to clients.
  • Helping clients in setting their exercises to befit their needs.
  • Modifying clients’ exercise according to their fitness levels.
  • Monitoring clients development/progress
  • Giving out resources and information about health issues and general fitness to clients.

What should a personal trainer put on resume?

Well, since basically personal trainer resumes are resumes, it means personal trainers have to input things that can be found normally in a resume. These will include:

  • Personal identity, consisting of name, email address, contact number, and address.
  • Objective (optional)
  • Education background
  • Skills, this is an important aspect and should show where you are specialized to. Whether it is yoga, Pilates, or aerobic, you should include it onto your personal trainer resumes.
  • Working experiences. It is pretty basic for a resume. If you have one, it’s best to include it to your resume.
  • References (if any)

Several Samples of Personal Trainer Resume

You may think that personal trainer resumes only come in one type only. Well, it’s nothing like that. Resumes of personal trainer come in various kinds, color, and file format – despite them being similar one after another.

Free Resume Template for Certified Personal Trainer

Everyone loves freebies. If it is something important to use such as templates, one’s preference towards free bits are escalating. Now that you can find free personal trainer resumes easily, it’s just the matter of time to make your own personal trainer resumes come to your hand. For that, you can easily grab a template online and customize it using your computer.

Functional Personal Trainer Resume

Resume Sample for Entry-level Personal Trainer

Even though you are new into the field, becoming entry-level employees is one that we all pass in our lives. Although an entry-level position does not require you a long working experiences, if you have one it’d be the best to include it to your resume. Aside from working experiences, the formatting of the resume itself is important. If it’s difficult to make a good look from your resume, it’s totally fine to apply a template to it.

Gym Personal Trainer Resume

Resume Template for Fitness Personal Trainer

Planning to get some trusting clients to use your fitness service? One thing that you must do is to prepare your personal trainer resumes. Note down your qualifications and make sure that it may ensure your potential clients about your capabilities.

Sample Personal Trainer Resume

Resume Template for Functional Personal Trainer

Whatever position of personal trainer you are applying, it never goes wrong to work with personal trainer resumes template. With that kind of template, you may know what content you need to include in a resume; not to exclude how to decorate the document in a sophisticated way.

Sports Personal Trainer Resume Template

Resume Sample for Gym Personal Trainer

If you prefer doing personal training in the gym, then you can do that as well with personal trainer resumes. Write your objectives that you prefer to work for gyms and work with clients that hit the gym frequently.

Certified Personal Trainer Resume

So, those are some kinds of personal trainer resumes as well as information about how to write one. Knowing those aspects will help you to get that vacant personal trainer position.

Student Personal Trainer Resume Entry Level Personal Trainer Resume 1

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