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The Exceptional Manufacturing Resume Template and Samples

Are you a fresh graduate who looks for a job position in manufacturing sector, but don’t know how to start and make your resume? You can take one of these manufacturing resume template samples, and make it as your guide in writing one.

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The manufacturing sector is one of field jobs that are highly sought by applicants, especially fresh graduates because this job offers many positions. It is good option for fresh graduates who don’t have any working experiences yet.

Example of Manufacturing Resume

You can take a look at the example of manufacturing resume template below to help you get the big picture on writing the resume:

Gerald Jones

Quality Control Technician

Address            : 28 Haven Road, Atlanta, Georgia 23809

Phone   : 828 626 7878

Email    : gerald.jones@outlook.com

Resume Objective

  • Seeking a quality control technician job position in your company that has the amazing reputable in the country as a large manufacturing company.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Certified as a 6-sigma excellent expert
  • More than 8 years of experience in working as a quality control technician in a famous bottling manufacturing company
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills along with organizational skills, supervisory skills, and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent skills and talent in using the production tools and equipment
  • Easily adjustable and quick learner in every type of working environment

Educational Background

Bachelor of Science (2008 – 2012)

Major: Industrial Engineering

Cornell University, Georgia

High School (2005 – 2008)

Saint Haven High School, Georgia

Training Experience

Various in-house seminars, training, and workshops about statistical quality control

(2011 – Present)


Best employee of the month in 2 years (June 2018 – February 2020)

Old Creeks Bottling Company, Georgia

Bagged as the best Team Lead for the company’s program (December 2020)

Old Creeks Bottling Company, Georgia

Career Experience

Quality Control Technician (2012 – Present)

Old Creeks Bottling Company, Georgia

  • Performing in-process random document results and quality testing
  • Assisting the QC and industrial engineers in determining the quality standards based on the capability of the processing
  • Analyzing and gathering the production data points that indicate the company quality performance, then making the graph performance trends to increase the awareness of shop floor
  • Implementing and performing test systems that can catch the quality production before hitting the end of the processing line
  • Implementing the most effective system to maintain the high-quality standards of the product but still using the minimum production cost
  • Leading a team of 11 engineers for checking the quality of the final products and their functions

Tips on Writing a Manufacturing Resume

After learning from the sample of manufacturing resume template, now it is time to know more about the tips you can contemplate and apply to your resume, such as:

  1. Include your writing skills

Writing skills are highly required in the manufacturing sector because in this industry, you need to have excellent interpretation skills in reading and writing many important documents that might be required by the department where you are working in.

  1. Add the proof in your career experience

Giving the proof of working experience can make the resume more valued since it shows that you were truly a dependable staff in your previous company. You can also mention your reference or achievements.

  1. Include your excellent skills in artistic work

Having additional skills is always the best thing when it comes to apply for a job, including artistic skills. In the manufacturing sector, by having these exceptional skills, you can be hired to be a product or machine designer.

People Also Ask

What should you put on your manufacturing resume?

As mentioned above, the most important thing to be included in the resume is your skills. The following are the great skills to have as a manufacturing staff:

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Great at working under pressure
  3. Great ability in working cross-department
  4. Excellent communication
  5. High interest in technology
  6. Paying attention to detail

How do I describe a factory job on my resume?

Describing a factory job in the resume might be not easy, but based on manufacturing resume template; you can list all responsibilities and duties in the manufacturing job to describe your job. You can start with mentioning the department you want to work in or you were working in before. Then, add the duties, such as defining the materials required to produce each product, organizing the goods, maintaining the quality control, maintaining and operating the production machinery, etc.

What are the types of the manufacturing sector?

The manufacturing sector is a job field where the companies create or build the products. The company processes the creation of products by using raw materials with the help of production machinery. There are six types of manufacturing processes:

  1. Repetitive manufacturing
  2. Continuously manufacturing
  3. 3D printing manufacturing
  4. Job shop manufacturing
  5. Batch products manufacturing
  6. Discrete manufacturing

Types of Manufacturing Resume Template

From these following manufacturing resume template examples, use and choose one that’s best suitable for your specialization and skills.

Machinist Manufacturing Resume Template

Choose the machinist manufacturing resume template if you have exceptional experience in using, maintaining, and operating the manufacturing machinery. Make sure to write your previous career experience as well in your resume.

factory worker resume template

Factory Worker Manufacturing Resume Template

For being a factory worker, you don’t need to have an exceptional educational background or working experience. You just need to highlight your great personality in this manufacturing resume template to make yourself more stands out among other applicants.

free manufacturing resume template

Safety Manager Manufacturing Resume Template

This manufacturing resume template is perfect for you as this resume template leaves blank spaces that you can just fill in easily with your data and information. You will be guided in writing the best manufacturing resume format ever.

instrument mechanic resume template

Material Handler Manufacturing Resume Template

Being a material handler means you need to have good attention to detail because you will hold the responsible for maintaining and organizing the material stocks in your company. Just fill in this manufacturing resume template if you are confused about writing a good resume.

lean manufacturing resume template

AutoCAD Drafter Manufacturing Resume Template

Of course, you are required to have remarkable artistic skills if you are looking for an AutoCAD drafter position. The AutoCAD drafter manufacturing resume template will help you to make the resume more astounding, and it increases your chance of being hired.


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