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Almost every company and business has a receptionist as important part since receptionist is the first person who customers see as the representative of company. Therefore, you will need an extraordinary receptionist resume to get this position.

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If you have a big desire to start your career as a receptionist, you need to know that you will be the first door of company, so you must have the great receptionist qualities.

Example of Receptionist Resume Template   

Before talking more details about the qualities you need as receptionist, first you should know the sample of receptionist resume.

Alexa Williams



Address: 182 4th St. Cambridge, FL 28269

Phone   : 9729 8888 2663

Email    : alexa.williams@live.com

About Me

Worked as an experienced receptionist for resorts and hotels in Florida

Work Experience

Receptionist (March 2010 – Present)

Sea Green Hotel, Florida

  • Maintaining the budget documents for all departments in the company
  • Scheduling the appointments and the meetings for all staffs in the company
  • Coordinating and greeting the customers, the guests, and the visitors of the company

Receptionist (December 2008 – March 2010)

  • Cambridge Bay Resort, Florida
  • Organizing and planning the events and outings of the company
  • Answering and managing the inquiries of the customers
  • Working as a customer service representative
  • Organizing, filing, and preparing the company documents

Educational Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts (August 2004 – July 2008)

University of Florida

Business Management Major

High School (2001 – 2004)

Cambridge High School

Personal Skills

  • Well-organized
  • Well-presented
  • Discipline
  • Hard work
  • Detail-oriented
  • Target oriented
  • Friendly
  • Great working under pressure
  • Teamwork
  • Quick thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • In-depth management business knowledge
  • Well written and spoken communication

Tips on Making Receptionist Resume

After knowing how to make receptionist resume by looking at the previous sample, here are the tips you can do in making your own resume:

  1. Highlight your receptionist skills
  2. Make an impressive personal summary at the first section of resume
  3. Add your reference if you have any
  4. Give detailed information about your work experience
  5. Use the interesting layout and template design
  6. Choose the font that’s easy to read
  7. Select the font size that suits best with your resume
  8. Do not over mention the same words or keywords

People Also Ask

How do I describe a receptionist on my resume?

To describe this job in a resume, you can give the information about receptionist, such as your receptionist skills, working experiences, or your duties, such as:

  1. Notify the other staffs about the guests and the visitor’s arrival
  2. Maintaining the telecommunication and security systems
  3. Answering the phone calls with the proper phone etiquette
  4. Directing and managing the guests, visitors, and customers
  5. Answering and managing the inquiries
  6. Welcoming and greeting the guests
  7. Coordinating the appointments and the meetings
  8. Organizing the outgoing and incoming mail
  9. Giving the best and positive first impression to the guests as the company’s representative

What skills should you put on your receptionist resume?

You need to highlight your skills on receptionist resume to make your value get increased. Here are the skills needed:

  1. Great attention to details
  2. Multitasking
  3. Customer service
  4. Relationship building
  5. Great ability to work under high pressure
  6. Microsoft Office skills
  7. Spoken and written communication skills
  8. Problem solving
  9. Quick thinking
  10. Creative thinking
  11. Friendly

What is a good receptionist objective summary?

To catch the recruiter’s eye, of course you need an outstanding resume, and one way to make it more outstanding is by putting the best career objective in the resume. Career objective is a brief summary of yourself as a professional receptionist. You can add the working experiences, receptionist skills, your achievements, and also career goal in the receptionist field. Offer also the best skills you have.

The Samples of Receptionist Resume

Finally, now you can choose one of these receptionist resume samples, and use them to boost your career as receptionist.

Receptionist Resume for Spa Receptionist

After downloading this template, you can start to fill in your name and other personal contact details. Then, fill your core competencies with the skills after putting in the profile summary.

Medical Receptionist Resume 1

Receptionist Resume for Salon Receptionist

In this receptionist resume template, you will need to list the previous working experience as a salon receptionist. Usually, a business place like a salon and spa is looking for an experienced receptionist to fill in the empty position.

Receptionist Resume for Medical Receptionist

If you are a professional receptionist who wants to try something different but still want to maximize the skills and experience, try to apply for medical receptionist. Just use the medical receptionist resume template as your guide to making an impressive resume.

Salon Receptionist Resume 1

Receptionist Resume for Veterinary Receptionist

Do you love pets and want to take care of them but your mother doesn’t allow you to have ones? Try to apply for the veterinary receptionist position instead. By working as a veterinary receptionist, you can earn some money by working at the place that you love.

Receptionist Resume for Front Office Receptionist

Although you download and use the front office receptionist resume sample, do not be afraid to be bold and make a little change in this resume. For example, you can include your professional photo in this resume, so your recruiter will know yourself even before meeting you in person.

Spa Receptionist Resume

Receptionist Resume for Hotel Receptionist  

If you are recently graduating from any hospitality school, now you can apply for any hotel receptionist position. Download and fill the blank spaces in this resume to highlight your profile.

Basic Receptionist Resume

Use the basic receptionist resume template if you still don’t know which kind of company or business you are targeting for. This sample will enable you to input your photo at the center of the resume then you can continue to list the work experiences.

Veterinary Receptionist Resume 1

Hospital Receptionist Resume

This last receptionist resume template is one of the best samples as it looks elegant and clear, but still can highlight your personal as a professional receptionist, especially as hospital receptionist. Make sure to include your academic qualifications since having any medical educational background could be your strength.

Front Desk Medical Receptionist Resume 1 Front Office Receptionist Resume

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