Resignation Letter Due to Health: Why and How to Make

Unfortunate events may come to us someday and there is nothing we can do about it. Illness might be one of those unfortunate events. Your health may get worse if you’re still working and you may cause burden to your coworker. When you have considered that you cannot work in this condition, you can write a resignation letter due to health. The purpose of this letter is to inform your superior that you will officially no longer working in your company due to your health issues.

The Content of a Good Resignation Letter due to Health

Start with a proper addressing to your superior. The most important thing in a good resignation letter due to health is to decide when you will officially leave the company. You can write the date of your transition in the first paragraph. State the reason of your resignation clearly and explain that you feel miserable because of the decision you make to finally leave your company by saying an apology. Show your gratitude to your company for the opportunities you had while you were working there. Add your contact information (phone or email) so you can still get in touch with your company to help them with the process of your transition with the new employee. Close it with sincere thanks for understanding your issue. Last, proofread to make sure your grammar and choice of words make it sounds that you respect your superior.

A good and Simple Example of Resignation Letter Due to Illness

Here is a good sample of resignation letter due to illness:

Dear Ms. Anne,

It saddens me that I am writing this letter to inform you that I will no longer work in Boss Company due to my medical reason. Recently I have realized that there are some changes with my mental condition. I have been feeling uneasy and confused all the time. I went to my psychiatrist and he diagnosed me with dementia. My psychiatrist and I finally decided that resignation is the best option for my both my health and this company. I will take my leave by the end of this month, 31st of January 2021, so please accept this two week’s resignation letter of mine.

My deepest apology since I had caused a lot of problem to you and Boss Company. If I am able to help anything due to my transition, please contact me at (123)-456-7890 or via email I will try my best to do anything I can for this company.

There is nothing that can replace the moment of working as a team in Boss Company. I have learned a lot and made a beautiful memory here. I hope that Boss Company will be more success in the future. For your consideration, I sincerely express my gratitude.


Yours sincerely,


Will Jenkins

Senior Assistant

Boss Company

Those are what you need to know about resignation letter due to health. Hope that the sample can be helpful to you.



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