10+ Sample Medical Curriculum Vitae

Applying for a Medical Job? Take a Look at Sample Medical Curriculum Vitae before Making Yours

Medical jobs can be the dream job for many. But even a dream job isn’t far from resume-making process if you’re about to apply. Don’t worry if you’re confused about how to make it. You can always rely on sample medical curriculum vitae for reference.

Receptionist Curriculum Vitae

‘Tailoring’ and detailing your curriculum vitae will be important to make your resume stand out from the rest of the applicants. That said, it doesn’t mean to decorate excessively or 100% copying the sample medical curriculum vitae you’ve downloaded.

Sample of Medical Curriculum Vitae

Take your time to read this shortened version of medical resume by a medical doctor. You can always refer to sample medical curriculum vitae to make yours.

Oliver Smith

44 North-East Street, Tallahassee, Florida, 65910

(659)-400 3509



  • A physician with more than 10 years experiences in the medical field.
  • Performed examination, analysis, diagnosis, treatments of patients, recommendation for improvement, etc.


  • Comprehensive medical examination procedure (assessment, examination, analysis, diagnosis, composing a treatment plan.
  • Simple surgery
  • Health promotion
  • Medical-purpose communication skills
  • In-depth prescription skills, etc.


Physician – Paperia Hospital, Tallahassee, Florida (2010 – present)

In-charge for the patients’ physical examination, diagnosis, and treatment plan

Managing appointments each patient

Performing drug-prescribing or referring patient to specialists

Cooperating with the nurses and staff for providing patient care

Participated in the health promotion and disease-prevention programs


Medical Bachelor and Bachelor of Surgery from YYY University (2009)


Dr. Timothy Choi

Head of Physician Department, Paperia Hospital – Tallahassee, FL

How to Create a CV for Medical Jobs

Medical jobs can be pretty demanding for experiences and education background. Sometimes, the best candidates (for medical doctor, especially) include their high GPA or various achievements they ever got. But basically, it’s pretty same in terms of creating resume. You’ll need to include:

  • Personal information
  • Skills
  • Professional Experiences
  • Educational background
  • References (This is quite important. So, do your best to get at least one from a prominent person)

People Also Ask

How to write a CV for doctors?

You can refer to the aforementioned how-to to make your doctor CV/resume. It’s pretty similar to making CV/resume for any kinds of jobs. But, emphasize your experiences.

How do I write a CV for a hospital job?

  • Keep it short and looking professional
  • Make the personal information short
  • Focus on providing work experiences
  • Mention your skills and education background

What is a CV for a doctor?

It’s important to distinguish CV from resume. For doctors, CV is used to ‘introduce’ one’s accomplishments. Some institutions may require it for applying while others may not.

Curriculum Vitae Sample for Medical Jobs

It may be the first time to make a CV, hence it’s no wonder if you feel lost without a guidance. Dwell no more since there are various medical jobs out there, there are various types of CV as well.

Curriculum Vitae Template for Medical Secretary

It turns out that medical jobs aren’t just limited to nurses and doctors. Medical secretary jobs are also available to apply for. For this hospital job, you should as well prepare your curriculum vitae in a good way, so the chance of getting hired is bigger.

Sample Medical Student Template

CV Sample for Pediatric Cardiology

After years of being a student, now it’s time to earn your first money as a cardiologist. It sounds so heroic already? Pause that imaginary interview and prepare your CV by referring to sample medical curriculum vitae.

Example of Medical Curriculum Vitae

Example of Medical Assistant CV

Found a vacant position for medical assistant and feeling like it’s your call? Well, why don’t you apply for it? The first step to do is to build your professional CV. You can refer to sample medical curriculum vitae.

Secretary Curriculum Vitae

Medical Academic CV Template

Despite being outside the hospital, medical academic staffs still have their role in building a quality health care personnel. So, it’s a good job to achieve. Start building your CV now. You can use a template or simply referring to sample medical curriculum vitae.

Medical Doctor

Medical Faculty Resume Template

Dreaming to becoming the part of medical faculty? You should not go back and enroll yourself as a med student. Instead, when a medical faculty job is vacant, go get that position with all your wit! Don’t forget to build your curriculum vitae beforehand. So, the recruiter knows that you’re ‘the one’.

Student Curriculum Vitae Sample

Medical Officer CV Sample Template

If you’re already working for long as a medical officer and planning to change workplace, it’s a great move to start making your CV and taking a sample medical curriculum vitae as a sample. After all, making from scratch isn’t everyone’s cup of tea since it takes longer time to think about the concept!

Medical Fellowship Sample

Medical Receptionist CV

The best medical service starts with the best medical receptionist. Working as receptionists in hospitals or clinics may be unnerving for some, as it’s unlike receptionists for hospitalities.

Academic Medical

If you think you’re a fast-learner and eager to work in the medical field, do your best since the start. When others go with so-so CV, it will be better if you try referring to sample medical curriculum vitae.

Sample Medical Student CV Template

There’s nothing wrong by creating your CV since your student days. Who knows you’ll need it in the near future? Various sample medical curriculum vitae and its templates are ready to guide you.

Sample of Medical CV Template

Actually, a medical CV isn’t that 180o different with any kinds of CV. But still, instead of getting lost while making it, or revising incessantly out of confusion, getting some references will be much encouraged.

Assistant CV

Student Curriculum Vitae Sample Template

Prepare now, be carefree later’ should be the nice catchphrase when it comes to making a CV. It can take a long time making one, so it’s highly advised to make it now: when you’re still capable to have a free weekend.

Template for Medical Doctor CV

Secure your place as a medical doctor in a hospital/clinic/any institution simply by applying for a vacant job there. But first, build your CV nicely. That said, the recruiter will see you as a potential medical doctor to hire and count on in the short future.

Medical Officer Curriculum Vitae

Given that there are many medical-related jobs out there, it’s best to refer to the most relevant sample medical curriculum vitae with that job you’re applying. Once you make your resume, don’t forget to recheck it for any errors before submitting it in.

Medical Faculty

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