8+ Sample Senior Administrative Assistant Resume

Sample Senior Administrative Assistant Resume Templates and Writing Tips

A senior administrative assistant works by performing various administrative tasks, such as planning meetings, scheduling appointments, and handling emails and phone calls. The main task is to support the senior manager and make sure that the daily operations at the office go smoothly. This job position requires great management and organizational skills, interpersonal skills, and excellent communication skills. In order to compete for the job with your qualification, you may want to consider looking at the sample senior administrative assistant resume below.

Sample Senior Medical Administrative Assistant Resume

This article provides you not only with an example of the resume, but also various effective templates of sample senior administrative assistant resume and several helpful writing tips in build yours. They can be useful to assist you in landing your next job in near time.

Example of Senior Administrative Assistant Resume

John Miller

1813 Hardman Road

Brattleboro, VT 05301




  • Office Manager
  • Art Center Manatee, Brattleboro, VT
  • December 2019 – Present
  • Manage office library, including record keeping, cataloging, and distribution. Handle members, including financial due records, and email reminders. Help with planning, managing, and executing art events.
  • Developing webpage with a team for gallery’s users, managing feedback from the web’s users.
  • Handle interns, including scheduling and interviewing.
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Abertment Office, Brattleboro, VT
  • January 2015 – November 2020
  • Supported hundreds of clients everyday in person, via phone, and via email; managed data drafting, filing, editing, and management; helped with other administrative duties in the office.
  • Involved and led research in new office acquisition, especially the ones related to the administrative processes.
  • Office Assistant
  • Registrar, The University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
  • August 2013 – January 2014
  • Filing data into the university’s database; helped students with registration and collecting information; scheduling appointments.


The University of Vermont, Burlington, VT

June 2014

Bachelor of Business Administration

Minor in Arts in English


  • Experience with managing data, including records and financial
  • Ability to operate software systems, such as Windows and Linux
  • Knowledge in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML coding


Tips to Write Senior Administrative Assistant Resume

After you have looked at the format and structure of sample senior administrative assistant resume, you may read about several tips in getting started to write your resume below:

  1. Show your work personality in the resume. For example, write about why you’re excited for the offered role, or write about how you relate to the company’s mission.
  2. Tailor the resume to suit with specific job application. You need to build a resume for the particular offered job position according to the requirement in the job advertisement.
  3. Create a resume that makes the hiring manager feels like you deserve a spot in interview. This can be done by providing your work experiences and skills.

People Also Ask

What does a senior administrative assistant do?

A senior administrative assistant has several organizational tasks to do daily. Some of them include arranging meetings in detailed way, make travel reservations and arrangements for the managers, handle emails and phone calls, and organize and schedule appointments.

What are the top 3 skills of an administrative assistant?

An administrative assistant is a position that requires various skills to cover their work responsibilities. The top 3 skills however, are the management things (including time management, problem-solving, delegation, communication, business planning, etc.); administrative skills (including skills that related to keep the office organized or to run the business); and organizational skills (including ability to organize data, files, schedules, projects, etc.).

What is the difference between an administrative assistant and a senior administrative assistant?

Senior Administrative Assistants work by helping senior managers and executives to optimize their work efficiency by offering secretarial and clerical assistance. It usually requires the job applicants to have at least 3-5 years of experience as administrative assistant.

Professional Senior Administrative Assistant Resume Template

Let the job recruiter know that you are the best possible candidate for the job position of senior administrative assistant by building an impressive resume. Make sure the document includes all of your experience, skills, and accomplishments.

Free Download Senior Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

Demonstrate how your extensive career of senior administrative assistant is through your resume. This sample senior administrative assistant resume template can help you to show what you have to offer for the job position in the company.

Senior Administrative Assistant Chronological Resume Sample

Customizable Senior Administrative Assistant Resume Document

The following sample senior administrative assistant resume is built to capture the hiring manager’s interest. A proper resume gives them a reason to continue reading the rest of the document past the summary, in order to know more about your unique experiences and skills.

Legal Administrative Assistant Combination Resume

Job Winning Resume for Senior Executive Administrative Assistant

Get the best sample senior administrative assistant resume that can assist you in improving your own. This customizable template document will accelerate the process of searching for your next job.

Senior Administrative Assistant Resume Example Download

Resume of Senior Executive Administrative Assistant Sample of Free

By using a great sample senior administrative assistant resume, you increase the chance to market yourself to the potential employer. A well-written resume document opens the opportunity by highlighting your skills and ability to perform at the specific job position.

Sample Resume for Experienced Senior Administrative Assistant Resume

The free provided sample senior administrative assistant resume gives you a strong example to be used for a reference. Download it if you’re still struggling in creating a resume document that stands out amongst sea of competitors.

Executive Administrative Assistant Resume Template

Template Sample of Senior Executive Administrative Assistant Resume

This sample senior administrative assistant resume can actually be used by experienced or entry-level administrative assistance. As long as you customize it based on your qualifications and the job requirements, the template can be a great help.

Free Resume Sample for Senior Executive Administrative Assistant Job Position

So, you have plenty of skills and experience to share. You need to provide detailed information about your qualifications from your previous job positions. This resume template shows how to input, format, and structure the information to make the document looks impressive for the recruiter.

Executive Administrative Assistant Resume by Professional Experience

The various templates of sample senior administrative assistant resume above help you to learn how to build a great resume. By having a proper resume, you raise the chance to win invitation to the interview and increase the opportunity to get on your next dream job position.


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