10+ Sample Nanny Resume

Referring to a Sample Nanny Resume to Build Your Outstanding Resume

For many parents, hiring a trusted nanny is a bit troublesome these days. Therefore, you should try to become the trusted one if you are planning to apply for a nanny job. To do that, creating a resume by referring to a sample nanny resume could help you.

Professional Nanny Resume

By using sample nanny resume, you can get some aspects you need to include in your resume. Well, by doing so, it can pulley up your chance of winning a position.

Example of Nanny Resume

You might be that nanny with skills and experiences, yet you still don’t have a channel to show it to your potential recruiter. In that case, it’s time to take a look at this sample nanny resume.

Samantha Cruz

212 Baker Street, NYC, NY 20381




  • More than 7 years direct experience in professional child caring
  • Theoretically and practically ‘well-versed’ with various types of children
  • Fluency in three foreign language other than English

Childcare Skills:

  • Activity planning
  • Communication skill
  • Preparing children needs, ranging from meal preparation, bathing, to homework guidance
  • Housekeeping (including laundry)

Relevant Experiences:

Stay-in Babysitter | New Yorker Solutions, New York, NY | 2009–2018

  • Was assisted to high-profile family with children aged 3 and 8 (initially)
  • Cleaned the house, laundry tasks, and coordinating with the cook to prepare kids’ meals.
  • Helped children with food
  • Preparing fun, nurturing, and inspiring afterschool activities

Educational background:

New York State Community College, New York, NY | Graduated March 2009


Available on request

How to Make a Sample Nanny Resume?

  1. First, take a note of your working experiences.
  2. Then, try looking for a sample nanny resume as reference.
  3. Now try to imitate making the resume by referring to the aforementioned sample resume. If you desire, you can download a template to work with
  4. Edit, proof-read, edit!

People Also Ask

What should I put on my nanny resume?

Just like applying for any position, you’ll need to include:

  • Your personal identity
  • Skills and qualifications
  • Relevant child care (nanny) experience
  • Educational background (if any)
  • Reference (if any)

How do you write a good nanny profile?

Include the aforementioned items into your resume. Plus, you will need to make your resume look professional as well. Hence, consider using simply-looking template and proof-reading your resume after completion.

How do you list nanny skills on a resume?

  • Acknowledged with infant and child care, including nutrition
  • Great management skills
  • Outstanding cooking skills
  • Experienced with high-profile families
  • Loving personality

Various Sample of Nanny Resume

There’s a lot of sample nanny resume that works best to showcase one’s childcare skill to the recruiting parents. Take one example, and use that as reference to make your own nanny resume later.

Babysitter Nanny Resume Template

Many people still stick on the word ‘babysitter’ to refer to a nanny. Well, whatever it is called, it’s a great move to refer to a sample nanny resume template to create your resume. Since parents are the recruiter, the most important aspects may differ from applying for another job. Which is, in this case, experiences matter the most.

Professional New Born Nanny Resume

Childcare Nanny Resume Template Sample

If you’re experienced in child caring, and loving the process of growing up together with children, you’ll love this job of ‘nanny-ing’ someone’s child. Hence, why don’t you try to apply for a job that ensures you source of income? Becoming nanny is a respected job, and you can count on the dollars coming to your cash flow.

Nanny Resume Template

Example of High-profile Nanny Resume

Having worked for a high-profile family? It simply means you’re qualified enough to upkeep their children. Plus, working with a high-profile family means that you’re a trusted nanny. That’ll make you as a dream candidate parents want to hire!

Resume For Babysitter Nanny

Experienced Nanny Resume Sample

What speaks more than experience? If you have worked with various families and children in various developmental ages, you’re qualified to be called as an experienced nanny.

Selling your experiences for your future job is a must if you want to be hired quickly. One trick that should do is to write down your various experiences by referring to a sample nanny resume.

Housekeeper Nanny Resume Template Download

Not all nannies deal with kids – some will only have to deal with house chores. If this is what you do in your previous workplace, a housekeeper sample nanny resume template is exactly what you need.

Sample Nanny Childcare Resume Template

Nanny Professional Resume Template

These days, a nanny can be considered as a professional job. Hence, it is no wonder that people are applying for a job using a professional nanny resume template. What’s more to wait – if you’re planning to get that nanny position, you should try using a template to create the resume.

Nanny Resume Template Example

When it comes to apply for a nanny job, you cannot ignore the need of sample nanny resume. Besides you can imitate it for an all-out resume, by referring to a successful resume you’ll also get better chance of getting hired.

Sample Nanny Resume Template

Resume Sample Template for Babysitter

Who says babysitters don’t need to have their resume? Babysitters will need a resume to show their skills and experience working in related field. By doing so, parents as the recruiting party can see whether a babysitter is qualified or not.

Resume Template for Experienced Nanny

Having yourself experienced itself is a ‘blessing’. It means not every nanny applicant is granted the chance to have that. Hence, it’s best to get that new job with that experience. What’s left to do is to showcase it in a decently-tailored resume.

High Profile Nanny Resume

Sample of Nanny Resume Template

Are you new into the nanny workforce? Well, no need to complain: get a sample nanny resume or a nanny resume template first. After that, you can try to make your own resume by referring to those samples you obtained.

Template of Professional Newborn Nanny Resume

Not all nannies get the chance to handle newborn. Newborn is somehow easy to handle, yet difficult at the same time. If you are interested in becoming the aide for new moms out there, it is your chance to become a professional newborn nanny.

Nanny Housekeeper Resume Template Download

Smooth your step to make it come true by having a nanny resume sample. To create that, grabbing a template will help you to save time.

Well, those are some types of sample nanny resume, as well as the relevant information about making it. Are you ready to become the next nanny many parents want to hire?

Experienced Nanny Resume Sample Experienced Nanny Resume


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