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The Inspiring Sample Security Guard Resume and Templates

Before applying to be a security guard staff, you should ensure that you have an exceptional physical state because this job requires you to do some physical tasks. Study from the following sample security guard resume to help you complete the administration requirements.

Hospital Security Guard Resume

This field job has various positions and specifications, starting from government security (federal and state buildings), corporate security (banks, office buildings, hospitals, and shopping malls), residential security (apartment), to the personal security.

Sample of Security Guard Resume

Below is the sample security guard resume that you can study from:

Michael Robinson


Phone   : 155 2666 1313

Email    : michael.robinson@outlook.com

Address: 1223 Rose Avenue, Nice, CA 15242

LinkedIn: Linkedin.com/in/michaelrobinson


  • Professional security staff with more than 5 years of experience in medical and corporate facility security.
  • Eager to increase the protection and safety of Pros Medical Center by applying my strong communication and observation skills via the open security staff position.


  1. S. (2010 – 2014)

Major: Criminal Justice

Eastrock University, Nice, CA

  1. A. (2008 – 2010)

Major: Criminal Justice

Eastrock University, Nice, CA

Key Skills

  • Problem-solving
  • Physically adept
  • Prioritization and organization
  • Team leadership
  • Spanish and English
  • Brazilian Ju-Jitsu Brown Belter


  • CPR Certification (2018) – American Red Cross
  • California State Driver’s License (2014)
  • California Armed Security Staff License (2012)

Professional Experience

Head Security Staff (2015 – Present)

White Williams Medical Center, Nice, CA

  • Inspecting and adjusting the machinery, equipment, and security systems to detect the proof of tampering and ensure the operational use
  • Maintaining the daily logs of irregularities such as property or equipment damage, usual events, unauthorized persons, or even theft
  • Monitoring more than 600 rooms in the hospital premises to prevent and detect signs of any potential issues and threats, and ensuring the security of windows and doors
  • Training the new security staff on medical center security standard procedures and regulations

Security Guard (2014 – 2015)

City Mall, Nice, CA

  • Warning and informing patrons of regulations infractions such as loitering and smoking
  • Operating over 80 surveillance cameras to check the exterior and interior entrances and public areas
  • Opening the common area to the customers in the morning and welcoming the employees and customers
  • Calling fire departments or police in cases of emergency events such as the presence of unauthorized persons or fire

Tips on Making Security Guard Resume

The next important thing to do when writing a resume after learning from sample security guard resume is by applying the following things:

  1. Add licenses, certifications, and skills section

After adding basic element details in your resume, add some additional sections, such as licenses, skills, and certifications.

  1. Use the security action keywords and verbs

You better use the action security keywords and verbs instead of using the weak ones, such as report, perform, warn, patrol, monitor, etc.

  1. Give a strong vibe in your career summary

To give a strong vibe to your resume objective, you can start by changing the weak words with the strong words and verbs.

  1. Specify the scope of responsibilities and duties

This point will prove that you are the qualified and right candidate to fill the security guard position.

People Also Ask

What should I put on my resume as a security guard?

The best thing to include in your resume is your security guard skills, such as:

  1. Patrolling
  2. Critical thinking
  3. Fast thinking
  4. Judgment
  5. Communication
  6. Surveillances cameras using and monitoring
  7. Criminal justice basic knowledge
  8. Coordination
  9. Customer service
  10. Law enforcement
  11. Surveillance equipment

How do you write a security resume?

You can’t include all skills or certifications when making a security resume. Only include the right and relevant details, such as:

  1. State laws and federal knowledge
  2. Language skills
  3. Firearms training
  4. Surveillance equipment knowledge
  5. Physical combat or martial arts training
  6. Psychology training or coursework
  7. CPR and first aid

How much does a security guard earn per year?

The data in 2019 shows a security guard earns a bit lower salary than a police officer. For now, the minimum wage of security guard ranges from $4220 to $5663 per month. It varies depending on the geographical area and the role in office. Therefore, this concludes that a security guard’s annual salary ranges from $52000 to $67000.

Many types of Security Guard Resume Sample

Choose and select one from the following types of sample security guard resume. You can choose or take the best one that you desire.

Security Guard Resume for Armed Officer

Take the armed officer sample security guard resume if you already have the armed certifications. This job can’t be taken by those who don’t pass out the armed certifications because the responsibilities are bigger than any other security guard position.

Security Guard Experience Resume

Security Guard Resume for Experienced

If you want to grow your career in this field, make sure you use the experienced sample security guard resume. List all the great working experiences of yours in this resume, and see that your career will grow soon.

Unarmed Security Guard Resume Sample

Security Guard Resume for Events

The events sample security guard resume can only be used for a part-time security guard position since this job usually takes a few days until a few months, not a long-term job. If you want to do something in your free time, try to be this part-time security guard officer.

Armed Security Guard Resume Sample

Security Guard Resume for Unarmed

Choose the job position that suits you well. Moreover, if you think you can handle the big responsibility of being an armed security guard, apply the job of unarmed security guard instead. Just use the unarmed sample security guard resume as your example.

Security Guard Resume for Professional

You can only take the professional sample security guard resume if you have many exceptional relevant educational backgrounds or working experiences because you need to list all those details in this resume template.

Security Guard Resume for Hospital

The last option is the hospital sample security guard resume. There are many medical job opportunities in this pandemic situation, including a security guard. Make sure you are capable to handle unexpected emergency situations before applying for this job position.

Event Security Guard Resume


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