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Free Samples and Templates of Superintendent Resume

Have you ever confused about making the incredible resume since you don’t have any experience in making one yet? You can learn and follow the samples of magnificent superintendent resume below before making one.

Project Management Specialist Resume

Being a superintendent staff means you have to report directly to the project manager. A superintendent staff holds responsibility for the whole working area, gives advice, controls every supervision team, evaluates and manages every supervisor in the company.

The Example of Superintendent Resume

The following is the most common template of superintendent resume. You can use it as your guide in writing professional resume.

Debora Gracia

Professional Summary

  • A highly productive and well-presented Site Manager with more than 6 years of track record of providing excellent construction and leadership work.
  • Having expertise in construction management, equipment operation, and interpreting heavy labor and blueprints.
  • Having in-depth knowledge of safety and operation protocols for many various kinds of industrial equipment.

Contacts Details

Email    : debora.gracia@live.com

Phone   : 282 2626 6262

Address            : 11 Highwood Avenue, New York City, NY 12212


  • OSHA compliance
  • Best building practices
  • Reading blueprints
  • Renovation, building, and demolition
  • Planning and design
  • Exterior and interior renovation


Bachelor of Arts (2010 – 2014)

Major: Construction Site Management

Texas University, TX

Work Experience

Construction Manager (2014 – Present)

JJ Construction, TX

  • Scheduling equipment service providers based on the project timelines
  • Leading the weekly meetings of the operators, contractors, and the production team
  • Resolving the critical issues of the company and conducting strong communication between every department
  • Providing the safety kits to all the staff and personnel regarding the safety and regulations protocols.
  • Managing the important pre-installation meeting with subcontractors, manufacturer’s representatives, general contractors, and consultants.

Assistant Construction Manager (2013 – 2014)

JJ Construction, TX

  • Assisting the Construction Manager in managing the pre-installation meeting that is held between the consultants, contractors, subcontractors, and other essential elements
  • Helping the Construction Manager in planning and executing the weekly meeting between the contractor and the production team to resolve the urgent issues of the company

Tips in Making Superintendent Resume

You just need to follow these simple steps and tips in making a superintendent resume:

  1. Reference

By writing any references in your resume, you tell the recruiters you have great integrity and credibility because you are confident in adding the references that the recruiters can contact anytime they want.

  1. Avoid any simple mistakes

Few simple mistakes could be the greatest doom for your resume and so does your career. You need to have great attention to details. This is the only way you can be contacted by the recruiters if you are determined to be the best candidates to fill the position of company. If you forget about this simple thing, be prepared to say goodbye to your great chance.

  1. Awards, Honors, and Accomplishments

This is the reason why you should gather and collect all certificates or trophies you have earned. Those awards and accomplishments will be the best support in your resume.

People Also Ask

How do I write a superintendent for a resume?

Superintendent staff can also be called a site manager who is responsible to take care, maintain, and handle all the activities in the working area. You can start by mentioning and describing the responsibilities of a superintendent in your superintendent resume. After that, add a profile summary that summarizes your qualifications and career goal as professional superintendent.

How do I write a catchy resume?

Do the following things to make a catchy resume:

  1. Write your technical and hard skills
  2. Use points
  3. Add volunteering experience
  4. Do not forget about the soft skills
  5. Add a resume objective
  6. Show your LinkedIn profile
  7. List some references

What are the 3 types of resumes?

There are three types of resumes you should know:

  1. Combination

This one is the best resume format that should be used nowadays. It usually contains both types of resume: chronological and functional.

  1. Chronological

This format is the resume that’s written in a chronological format. You can notice it by looking at the working experience section and the educational background section. Usually, the chronological resume contains all information of the candidate.

  1. Functional

This is the resume that gives the spotlight to the most relevant section, depending on every need and purpose. The functional resume only tells about the relevant information and background of the applicant.

The Types of Superintendent Resume

Based on the specialization, you can choose one from the following types of superintendent resume as your example.

Education Superintendent Resume

Select the education superintendent resume template if you are currently working in the education field or want to have a career in this field. You will be helped in writing your educational background as the best asset to be the competitive applicant.

Project Superintendent Resume

Basic Superintendent Resume

If you are not sure yet which field you want to pursue your career in, you can use the basic superintendent resume template because it will help you to write the resume that can be applied in many fields of job position.

School Superintendent Resume

Superintendent Resume for School

Do you want to work as a school manager? Well, try to download and follow the school superintendent resume template as your clue. You can also include your professional development and training experience in this template.

Superintendent Resume Template

Superintendent Resume for Construction

The construction field is the most common field job that has the superintendent position. Select the construction superintendent resume template if you are confused about making the best resume. This is the complete yet basic layout of resume.

Superintendent Crane Resume

Superintendent Resume for Project Manager

The last type you can use is the project manager superintendent resume template. Choose this type if you have been previously worked as a project manager or want to pursue your career to be a project manager. You will need to write your area of expertise, so the recruiters know about your specialties.

Building Superintendent Resume Construction Superintendent Resume General Superintendent Resume


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