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Business Analyst Resume Template for Free in Word and PDF Format

A business analyst resume template will always be needed by those working as an analyst in companies or organization. These days, having or running a business means you have to consider everything that goes around you, including the market and competitor. This is where a business analyst is required.

IT Business Analyst Resume

They work to make sure the business is running properly. They can do more for the companies by predicting the market and analyze their competitors. For those who need this type of resume template, you can get some of them below as well as the examples and explanations.

Example of Business Analyst Resume Template


Jonah Kellan Lee



26 Hummel St., Saint Kurt, 281, HK


  • Culinary business analyst.
  • Having been working in the industry for more than five years.
  • Having a good critical thinking and business understanding, particularly in culinary world and business.
  • Willing to work within teams and having good skills on leadership and other needed skills as well.


2017, Graduating from Liberty University, Master’s Degree in Business Education, GPA 3.3

2015, Graduating from Liberty University, Bachelor’s Degree in Business Education, GPA 3.5

2011, Graduating from Julien High School, GPA 3.1


2017-2019, Oscar Restaurant and Factory, Business Analyst

2019-Ongoing, Ramsay Business Centre, Business Analyst


  • Critical thinking
  • Analysis
  • Business strategies
  • Time-management
  • Leadership
  • Management finance
  • Communication


English, Advanced

Italian, Intermediate

How to Write Business Analyst Resume

It is very easy actually to write a resume for this business analyst profession. All you have to do is looking for the right business analyst resume template, and it will be easier to go from there. The templates are pre-made, and they are ready to use. You can follow these steps to get the resume done:

  1. Download the business analyst resume template available below. Select which one is matching with your need and make sure that you locate the download button and click it. It will save the file to your PC or laptop immediately.
  2. You can see that there will be sections in there. They are including: profile, education, work history, skill and language skill. Fill in each and every single one of them. You need to fill in your contact information as well. After that, recheck the document immediately.
  3. When you have made no mistake at all in the document, print the document or convert them into PDF file and send it via email. This is basically what you have to do to turn a business analyst resume template into a good resume for yourself.

People Also Ask

What skills should I list on my resume for business analyst?

Business analyst is a job where you cannot take everything for granted. This is why those who work for this position will need to have a lot of skills. The skills are of course divided into two types: hard skills and soft skills. The hard skills are including financial understanding and business techniques.

As for the soft skills, they are more needed as a profession like this requires you to think fast and effectively. In business analyst resume template, you can see that the soft skills are including critical thinking, deep analysis, time-management, and team-working. It is all needed in the job for sure.

What should be the resume headline for business analyst?

The headline should be telling who you are and how many years of experiences you have in the industry. It has to be that way because to be honest, no companies will hire someone without experience and leave them with the responsibility of analyzing the business. They want someone professional.

Even when you have entry-level skill, you need to highlight them in the profile or headline. Mention that you have college degree for business and you have years of training and internship. It will make the resume more selling and convincing. It gets your opportunity to gain the job bigger.

Is resume template for business analyst free?

It should be. If the CV template is not free or ask you to pay, go looking for another business analyst resume template somewhere else. However, do not get discouraged, though, because there are plenty of templates out there that can be downloaded for free. It should help you write the CV easier.

Template for Entry Level Business Analyst Resume

Entry level means you have very little experience. It is because you have just probably graduated from college or something. Fear not, the business analyst resume template will help you to write a good resume and see if you can get the job.

Template for Experienced Business Analyst Resume

Experienced means you have more than 3 years in the industry. You gained experienced over the years. Download the resume template and make a good resume from now on.

Sample Senior Business Manager Analyst Resume

Template for Free Business Analyst Resume

The templates for resume must be free. Do not even try to download business analyst resume template that costs you money or sensitive information. These are the free ones for you. Simply click on the download button, and they are yours.

Business Analyst Resume Format

Template for Healthcare Business Analyst Resume

Healthcare industry like hospital or clinic also needs the analyst for business. You can download this template, and make a good resume out of it.

Template for IT Business Analyst Resume

In IT industry, business analyst is certainly needed. This is the business analyst resume template for the profession. Download it now, and make the resume even better and flawless.

Template for Junior Business Analyst Resume

If you are junior analyst and need to write a resume, download this template and save it in your PC. It will help you writing the resume whenever you need it.

Template for Professional Business Analyst Resume

Even when you are a professional and have been working in the business for a while, you still need business analyst resume template. The template will make sure you end up with flawless resume and impress everyone reading the document.

Best Business Analyst Resume Template


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