10+ Education Curriculum Vitae Template

Education Curriculum Vitae Template, Example and Information

An education curriculum vitae template is certainly needed when you want to write a good resume or CV. This kind of document is a mandatory item to bring or send when you have to apply for a job or something like that. For those who need the templates right now, there will be plenty to download.

Professional Education

There are templates ready to use below. They are all for free, so everyone should be able to download them all without having to pay money for it. Without further ado, here are some templates for you to download, so writing the CV won’t be something hard to do anymore.

Example of Education Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Ramona Lee Smith



56 Hubert St., Brown Oak, JGH, 2816


  • Kindergarten teacher who have been working in kindergarten for more than three years.
  • Good with children and have a degree in early learning education.
  • Willing to work in class with 10-20 children in it.
  • Having a good experience dealing with children from pre-K age to elementary school age.


2016, Graduated from University of Santa Maria, Master’s Degree in Early Learning Education, GPA 3.4

2014, Graduated from University of Santa Maria, Bachelor’s Degree in Early Learning Education, GPA 3.9

2010, Graduated from Dominic Private High School, GPA 3.4

Work History

2016-2018, Jameson Kindergarten, Assistant Teacher

2018-2020, Jameson Kindergarten, Homeroom Teacher

2020-Ongoing, Kellan Kindergarten and Pre-K, Homeroom Teacher


  • Patience
  • Time-Management
  • Communication
  • Good Stamina
  • Early Learning Education
  • Basic Math
  • Reading and Writing 101


English, Native

Spanish, Advanced


How to write an education CV?

Writing a CV will never be easy when you refuse to use templates. The templates are so helpful and basically they are ready to use. All you have to do is filling in the blanks and the curriculum vitae will be ready in no time at all. These are the full steps to take when writing an education CV.

  1. Find a good education curriculum vitae template. It should match with your purpose and need. Click on the download button to save the file on your PC or on your laptop. Go to download folder to locate the downloaded file.
  2. Open the downloaded file. It is usually accessible using Microsoft Word. If the format of the template is PDF, open it up using PDF reader and editor available on your PC or on your smart phone.
  3. There will be sections on the CV template. Examine each section and see if you need to remove or add another section. Once done, start filling in the section with your own data. It should include your history of education, work history and brief profile.
  4. When your CV is done, recheck every section to see whether or not you have filled each section correctly. Then, save the file or print the file. Your CV is now done and you can use it to get a job or other purposes.

People Also Ask

Is education CV important?

Basically, any CV is important. The document is not only used to apply for a job, but for purposes like getting a promotion at your office or something like that. Education CV is usually made by those whose jobs are in educational industry such as at school, college and universities. They have to make the CV.

The CV will work as the introduction for those who have not met them yet. By reading the CV, people will understand who the person in the CV yet as it explains a lot of things, including the profile, work history and many more. This is the reason why education curriculum vitae template is always needed.

Where to get education CV template?

CV template is easy to find these days. You do not need to pay for money, too, to get the CV template as most of them are free. The key to get the right education curriculum vitae template is to understand what kind of education CV that you need. Find the one exactly to your need and it will be easier for you.

Also, do not try to download any education curriculum vitae template when it asks for your credit card information or ask you to pay. After all, a template should be free of charge. There are tons of templates out there downloadable for free. Go look for them and avoid being charged at all.

Template for Academic Education Curriculum Vitae

For those who are looking for academic education curriculum vitae template, which is usually needed by teachers, tutors or anyone working in the academic world, download the template for free right now. It will help you to create the best CV without any fuss in the process.

Template for Administration Education Curriculum Vitae

Administration staff is also needed in educational world. For those who need the resume for administration position, this one will help you a lot. It is free to download, and you can definitely make a good CV with it.

Sample Education CV

Template for College Education Curriculum Vitae

College is considered as a higher stage of education. The place is full of professors and experienced educator. Download the education curriculum vitae template now, and see what you can do with it. Without a doubt, it can certainly help you making a good resume easily.

Short Education CV

Template for Musical Education Curriculum Vitae

Musical education is usually given by music teacher or by professional musicians who have the capability to transfer their knowledge to their students. If you need the education curriculum vitae template, download it now and edit the template so easily.

Special Education

Template for Professional Education Curriculum Vitae

There are professionals in the education world. You can make a good CV for the profession when you have the right template like this one. Download education curriculum vitae template for free, and just use it whenever you need it.

Teaching Education Curriculum Vitae

Template for Teacher Education Curriculum Vitae

Teachers are certainly working in the education world. Without them, there will be no one to lead the class and educate the students. If you are a teacher and need to use education curriculum vitae template, get the template and start writing your resume right now.

Academic CV

Education and Unemployment CV

Higher Education Curriculum Vitae Template

Music Education

Physical Curriculum Vitae

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