6+ Chiropractic Resume Templates

Free Chiropractic Resume Templates and Examples to Download

Writing chiropractic resume is usually done by those therapists who need to apply for a job or look for a job as chiropractor. This method of chiropractic is a massaging technique to heal joint misalignment, especially on the back area. This is a pretty well-known method, and it has been used by a lot of people.

Chiropractic Office Manager Resume

For those who need to find out the best way to write the resume, of course it will be templates and examples involved. These are some of them, and you can download for free. It is easy to download, and you should be able to work on them as soon as you need a resume.

Example of Chiropractic Resume


Name: Jessica Holland

Email: jessholand@mail.me

Address: 7 Cleo St., Richardson, HA, 2715

Phone: 2816-20176


  • Experienced chiropractor who has been working in the industry for 5 years after completing the licensing process.
  • Good with communication and willing to work in teams.
  • In the previous year, created self-owned chiropractor-on-demand business with several colleagues and friends.


2009, Graduating from Santa Catherina High School, GPA 3.7


2015, Licensing for Professional Chiropractor. Issued by the Health Ministry and Department of Richardson City. License Number: TG-2716-2015. License expired in 2025.


2015-2017, Grace Salon and Health Spa, Chiropractor Team

2017-Ongoing, Self-Own Business “Holland and Friends Massage and Spa”


  • Advanced chiropractor method
  • Body massages
  • Head massages
  • Communication
  • Empathy
  • Leadership
  • Time-Management
  • Multi-Tasking


English, Native

Spanish, Advanced

Indian, Intermediate

How to Make Chiropractor Resume

Just because a chiropractic staff does not work in office or something, it does not mean that they do not write resume. They still do and these are some information pieces about how chiropractic staffs write their resume. Of course, it will start from downloading a good chiropractic resume template.

  1. Take a look at the template example and make sure that you know exactly what kind of template you need. Then, see if you can download the resume template for free. You should be, though, because the best chiropractic resume template is the free one.
  2. After getting the template, open the folder and then the file. Start editing the file. Usually, the main part that people look for when they are reading resume for chiropractic expert is the licensing and experience. So, make sure it is all written in the resume.
  3. Skills are needed as well. Let the readers understand your capability by giving them a list of your skill. Usually, it is the soft skill and some technical skills, too. List them all and then your resume will look wholesome, that is for sure.
  4. Languages are sometimes overlooked when you are making chiropractic resume. However, a good therapist should be able to speak different languages so that when a client who does not speak English comes to the salon, they can still serve them easily.

People Also Ask

What skills do you need to be a chiropractor?

The technical skills often written on chiropractic resume are the chiropractic techniques. A good, licensed therapist should be able to treat those misaligned joints and painful back pain easily without causing any harms or complication to the patient or client. The chiropractic staff should have basic massaging skill as well.

For the soft skill, it is usually revolving around communication and empathy. A good chiropractic therapist must be able to communicate well with the clients before, during and after the treatment. They should be empathetic as well as helpful. After all, people who need chiropractic treatment are the one in terrible pain.

Is it worth becoming a chiropractor?

If you love helping people and you do love the art of massaging and chiropractic technique, you should try the job. The payment is quite decent and you can make good earning from this profession. The best payment that a chiropractic therapist will get is usually when the patient is managed to get healthier.

It is like the payment immeasurable by money. This is the reason why people who are writing chiropractic resume and look for a job like this is the one with socially-open characteristic. They want to help people and that is their top priority even before money.

What is the job description of a chiropractor?

In chiropractic resume, the job description of chiropractic therapist is the one who give treatment and medication to patient with joint problems on the back. The problems are usually sore lower back, misalignment of the joint, swelling spine and many more. It should be treated properly and professionally.

Chiropractic Assistant Resume Template

There are many people who work as assistant to senior chiropractic therapist first before they have the guts and ability to work as chiropractor on their own. If you are writing a resume for the assistant, this is the template you can easily use.

Associate Chiropractic Staff Resume Template

There are associated chiropractic staffs working here and there. In order to write the best resume, simply download this example and use it to make sure you should be able to write the resume properly.

Chiropractic Receptionist Resume

Example of Resume for Chiropractic

This is the basic resume example for chiropractor. Instead of writing one on your own, simply write your resume with the help of a template like this.

Chiropractic Student Resume

Chiropractic Office Manager Resume Template

For those who have the position of manager in the chiropractic place, this is the chiropractic resume example for that position. Download them all for free, and you should be able to write the resume easily and quickly.

Sample Chiropractic Resume Template

Chiropractic Receptionist Resume Template

In the spa or salon where chiropractic therapist works, surely there will be a customer service at the front desk, or we can also call them receptionist. If this is the profession you are looking for, get this chiropractic resume example now.

Chiropractic Assistant Resume

Chiropractic Students Resume Template

To be a good chiropractic therapist, you must get license and you need to study more about the treatment. This is the chiropractic resume example for you who are just on your way to become a licensed chiropractic therapist.

Chiropractic Associate Resume

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