10+ Education Resume Template

The Best Samples of Education Resume Template

Having a deep understanding of academic knowledge is not enough if you want to be an unforgettable teacher. You need to have some skills to catch your student’s heart, or you can simply follow the education resume template in this article below.

Health Education Assistant Resume

Do you want to be a remarkable teacher with a good attitude and personality that will definitely be loved by your students? If you do, you completely need to possess the proper attitude and impressive skills besides having great knowledge.

Education Resume Example

Read and comprehend the substance of a good resume by looking at the following education resume template:

Dina Hedges


Address: 236 Main Street, New Town, CA 12627

Phone   : 225 5252 6262

Email    : dina.hedges@live.com


  • Dedicated assistant teacher with impressive coordination and communication skills demonstrated by 7 years of classroom experience.
  • Professional and caring with high commitment to student overall wellbeing and learning.
  • Fully qualified by the country with driver’s license and clean driving background.


  • CPR Certification
  • Strong listener
  • Editing/proofreading
  • Interactive learning and teaching
  • Counseling, tutoring, and teaching
  • Creative engagement
  • Motivating students
  • Effective interaction with parents
  • Remarkable classroom management
  • Experienced in handling the special needs students


Teacher’s Assistant (2018 – Present)

Armadillo Elementary School, New Town, CA

  • Utilizing a variety of assisting methods including media, role-playing, lectures, and group discussions
  • Enforcing rules for student behavior and procedures for conducting order among a class of 27 students
  • Working with students on a small group and individual basis to maintain improving performance, helping to complete assignments, and learning concepts
  • Instructing students under the guidance and direction of teachers

Teacher’s Assistant (2015 – 2018)

Grey Bill Elementary School, New Town, CA

  • Receiving high value for the successful classroom learning plans and learning methods from faculty, parents, and students
  • Assisting with the design of learning plans focused on level-appropriate and age material
  • Correcting, administering, and developing quizzed and tests in a timely manner
  • Implementing student discipline procedures, decreasing classroom disturbance by 87%
  • Coordinating after school lesson hours with senior teachers to guide students of extra attention needs

Teacher’s Assistant (2013 – 2015)

Scarlett Elementary School, New Town, CA

  • Discussing in-class problems and lesson interruptions with the parents to developing solutions
  • Maintaining a positive and safe learning environment
  • Combining the discipline procedure with various lesson materials and effective measures to increase progress student, participation, and concentration
  • Observing the student’s performance and documenting both the negative and positive points
  • Earning positive written and verbal feedback from the parents regarding student learning and classroom lesson success


Associate of Applied Science (2009 – 2013)

Major: Early Childhood Development

Heiss University, New Town, CA

How to Make Education Resume

The next thing to do after knowing the education resume template sample above is by doing the following steps on writing the resume:

  1. Complete your heading with your contact information
  2. Include your professional summary as a teacher
  3. Continue by writing your working history as a teacher
  4. You can also add skills section by listing all of your teaching skills, both soft and hard skills
  5. Last, put your teaching educational background

People Also Ask

What is an educational resume?

Educational summary is one of the essential sections of your education resume where you put the academic achievements, qualifications, honors, and awards. This section is highly important, especially if you have no experience in being a teacher before. You can use the education summary section as a convincing tool for your employers to know your quality as a professional person, and to hire you as their staff. Therefore, make sure to write the best education summary and include the eye-catching educational qualifications.

What is the best format of resumes for teachers?

Usually, the recruiters will hire those who have exceptional and unique skills. So, the best resume format is the functional education resume template since this resume will spotlight your teaching skills. Using the functional template is definitely the perfect option that can be selected by those who don’t have the relevant working experience as they can boost their specific and unique teaching skills and methods in this resume.

How do I write my “Awards” section on my resume?

Writing your “Awards” section in education resume template might be quite confusing, especially if you haven’t make a single resume before. Here are the easy steps that you can easily do:

  1. Add only your significant awards
  2. Describe the award’s impact
  3. Quantify your awards
  4. Select action-oriented words
  5. Write the “Awards” section under the “Educational Qualification” section
  6. Include the date, recognition level, and award title

Types of Education Resume Samples

You can follow the following samples of education resume template based on your preferences and specialization.

Special Education Cover Letter

The next essential element of a good resume is a good cover letter. Use this cover letter for education resume template if you want to learn more about making a catchy cover letter. It will definitely make you get recruited any time soon.

High School Student Education Resume

Health Assistant Education Resume

In every school, there must be a health corner, such as a clinic or even a hospital. If you want to catch your career as a professional in this field job, select the health assistant education resume, and you will be immediately guided to make an impressive resume.

Physical Education Resume Cover Letter

Business Teacher Education Resume

To be a business teacher or mentor, you surely need to have a relevant educational background. Therefore, before using business teacher education resume template, you have to make sure your personal details are already qualified enough to be a professional teacher.

Physical Education Resume Format

College Education Resume

You can take the college graduate education resume template if you are a college graduate who wants to try to be a professional teacher and help to improve the educational sector in your city or even country. Do not forget to include your research experiences in this resume.

Physical Education Teacher Resume

Health Consultant Education Resume

The health consultant education resume template is quite similar to the health assistant resume, but these are not the same resume format. Just this template if you want to be a professional health consultant in an educational field job.


Special Education Assistant Resume College Student Education Resume6 Education Administrative Assistant Resume


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