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If you need computer science resume examples, you can find so many of them below. They are all needed to make sure you can write the resume with the right format. Computer science is something you won’t take for granted. People who work in the field are surely the educated ones.

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This is the reason why the resume should look really good and professionals. This is how you write the right resume. Simply pick one or two of these examples. Then, you should be able to copy and paste the contents, and make your own resume easily.

Example of Computer Science Resume


Name: Robert Gilbert

Email: robertgilbert@mail.me

Phone: 2715-2891

Address: 67 Green St, Henderson, PA 1816


  • An enthusiast computer scientist.
  • Having been working in the computing industry for more than 5 years.
  • Specialist in website and application developing.
  • Having a computer scientist degree for both Bachelor’s and Master’s level.
  • Good with team-working and willing to work in shifts if necessary and needed.

History of Education

  • Johnson High School, Graduated 2009, GPA 3.8
  • University of Southern Henderson, Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Graduated 2013, GPA 3.7
  • University of Southern Henderson, Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Graduated 2015, GPA 3.5

Work History

2015-2018, Hamilton Technology Inc., Software Engineering Team

Main Duties:

  • Writing interfaces for software engineering projects
  • Using C, Java and Phyton for software engineering projects
  • Tracking file backups

2018-Ongoing, Henderson Ministry of Technology, Software Engineering Team

Main Duties:

  • Debugging code branches using C, Java and Phyton
  • Refining debugging methods
  • Working on data virtualization
  • Writing interfaces for log data analysis
  • Preparing daily scrums

Previous Project

  • Thomas’ Book and Diary, Android App, Hamilton Technology Inc.
  • Digital Newspaper, Android and iOS App, Hamilton Technology Inc.
  • Massive Adventure, Android App Game, Hamilton Technology Inc.
  • Henderson Public Service App, Android App, Henderson Ministry of Technology
  • Online Complaint for Citizen, Android App, Henderson Ministry of Technology


  • 2018, Becoming a Good Software Engineering Team, Henderson Government
  • 2019, Skilled Computer Scientist Seminar, Henderson Government

Technical Skills

  • SQL
  • C
  • C++
  • Phyton
  • Java
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • TypeScript
  • Software Assembly

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Team-Working
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving

Language Skills

  • English, Advanced
  • Spanish, Advanced
  • Hindi, Intermediate

How to Make Computer Science Resume?

When you are a computer scientist, there are several things you have to put on the resume. These are the list of things you should include on the document, so it looks complete. This is the full list to note when looking for computer science resume examples.

  1. Download the computer science resume examples and save it in your computer
  2. Open the template and prepare your data to input
  3. Start by writing your brief profile on the top section followed by your contact information. It includes email address, phone number, and mailing address.
  4. List your history of education, particularly the ones where you get your computer science degree.
  5. List your history of professional career. If possible, list all the duties that you have done as computer scientist in the past.
  6. If you have done any projects, list the project in the resume.
  7. If you have joined any sorts of trainings related to computer science, list them on the resume
  8. Write the technical skills you have on the document followed by the soft skills
  9. Last but not least, write the language skills.

People Also Ask

How long should a computer science resume be?

One or two pages should be enough. You do not have to make a resume long and boring to write. Write the essentials information only. Say for example, if you want to write the history of your education, start writing from high school up to the college level.

You do not need to write the education start from elementary and middle school. It won’t be necessary and nobody takes it seriously anyway. This is why you have to keep the essential information only for the resume and you do not need to exaggerate things written there.

What skills do you need for computer science?

The skills are including technical ones like HTML-related knowledge and software engineering. Math is also a mandatory skill when it comes to computer scientist professions. The soft skills to have are including patience and resilient. These are needed because this job is full of challenge.

In the professional worlds, aside from the skill, people will also need to have computer scientist degree on their resume. People would be appreciated more and hired more easily when they do have Bachelor or Master degree in Computer Science.

Is computer scientist a job?

Yes, of course. There are so many specializations in computer science and everyone seems to need them. They are including website developer, software engineering and many more. They are all needed in companies, especially the ones dealing with technology these days.

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