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 Using fresher engineer resume template is a good decision as the template is usually helpful. Fresher means you are brand new in the working industry. Normally, this term is applied to those young man and women who have just graduated from college.

Fresher Mechanical Engineer Resume Template

If you are an engineer and new in the industry, there are several templates you can use below. Pick the one that you really need to use and then download it. The templates will be saved in your PC, and you can use them anytime you want for free.

Example of Fresher Engineer Resume


Name: Jacob Edwards

Email: jedwards@mail.me

Phone: 28156-28152

Address: 7 Queen St., Santa Sophia, HA, 2716


  • Fresh graduate computer engineer.
  • Having just graduated from Santa Sophia College for Technic and Engineering.
  • Graduated with honor and having been looking for decent jobs ever since.
  • Wishing to become a good, professional computer engineer.


2021, Graduated from Santa Sophia College for Technic and Engineering, BS for Computer Engineering. GPA 3.4

2017, Graduated from George Edward High School, GPA 3.7

Internship and Work History

2018-2019, Internship, Junior Computer and Partner, Computer Engineering assistant

2019-2020, Internship, Lady Louise Technical Centre, Computer Engineering

2021-Ongoing, Volunteering, St. Barbara Provider for the Need, IT team

Hard Skills

  • Cloud computer
  • DevOps
  • Microprocessor Design
  • Operating Systems
  • Programming language
  • Software Development

Soft Skills

  • Leadership
  • Critical-thinking
  • Pressure-management
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Multi-tasking

How to Write Fresher Engineer Resume

Anyone can write an easy resume as long as they have some templates. These are the best templates you can use for fresher engineer. Before jumping to those templates, you need to know the step-by-step instruction of how to write the resume. Here they are:

  1. Go look for fresher engineer resume template on the internet. On this page, you can find several of them. Locate their download button and download the template on your PC. Then, when you need to edit the resume, open the file.
  2. There will be sections on the resume template. The easiest way to edit it is to prepare your data beforehand and then complete the resume with your own data. Soon, it will be your own resume and it is surely going to be flawless.
  3. The section in the resume is including profile, contact information, skills, working experience, education and training. Complete every single one of them and do not forget to complete everything with dates and correct numbers.
  4. The resume is either printed or sent online. If you need to send the resume online, convert its format to PDF. It will help you to send the resume easily. If you need to print it, check everything so that there is no mistake is found in the document. If so, correct the document before printing or sending them to the employer. It will avoid any problematic situation.

People Also Ask

What does a good engineering resume look like?

A good resume will look well-written and well-structured. This is the reason why using fresher engineer resume template is much recommended. The resume is not too long but it is not too compact as well. The important information will be displayed in the document.

The reader will find essential information about the person writing the resume. They will also find their previous job experience because usually this is the most important information sought from a resume written by engineer. They have to highlight the work experience.

What does fresher mean?

Fresher is the term usually used to call someone who are very new in the industry. It also means someone who has just graduated from school or college. Fresher is also known as fresh graduate. It indicates that the person is basically having a very few working experiences.

Even when you are a fresher, you can write a lot of things in the experience section in the resume. As you can see in the fresher engineer resume template, the resume contains experience from internship and years of training during college years.

What skills are needed to be an engineer?

The technical skills are usually related to the specific engineering area that they have. However, the soft skills are rather same. A good engineer will have the skills like problem-solving, critical-thinking, communication, creativity and pressure management.

Fresher Computer engineer resume

Computer engineer is basically someone behind many programs and apps developed over the years. For those who have been studying computer engineering during high school and college years, use this fresher engineer resume template to write your resume.

Fresher Electrical engineer resume

Electrical engineering is one of the most common areas in the engineering world. Making the resume will be easier when you download and use fresher engineer resume template. The template is ready-to-go. Moreover, by using it, the resume will be done less than 30 minutes.

Fresher Software Engineer Resume Template

Fresher Mechanical engineer resume

Mechanical engineer is a profession in which the expertise comes with experience. Therefore, even though you are a fresher, you will have to start somewhere. Use this fresher engineer resume template to make sure you are going to end up with good resume.

Fresher Engineer Resume Format PDF

Printable fresher engineer resume

Some job opportunities are found around you, and when you apply for jobs offline, like you will have to come in person to an office, you need to bring in a printed resume. This is where printable fresher engineer resume template is needed. Just download the resume now.

Professional Fresher Engineer Resume Example

Sample fresher engineer resume

Of course, writing a resume needs example. The example can be found anywhere, but this one is the good sample to use. Download this fresher engineer resume template, and use it to guide your way to write the best resume.

Sample Engineer Resume

Fresher Software engineer resume

If you are an engineer and your expertise is software engineering, you need to download this fresher engineer resume template. The template is 100% free to download, and it is also editable. Therefore, making resume won’t be a fuss anymore from now on.

College of Engineering Undergraduate Resume Fresher Computer Engineer Resume Template

Fresher Electrical Engineer Resume Example

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