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Retail stores are found in many places—and it draws the attention of many people since they commonly sell consumer goods. That said, it’s a normal occurrence that retail stores try to hire many people to support their operation. From sales to store manager, you’ll see it in retail store vacancy. For such vacancies, that’ll be fine if you prepare your resume by using retail resume template.

Retail Sample Resume Word Download

Retail resume template may not be used if you desire to make your resume from scratch. However, if you’re currently still too busy with your job, it never goes wrong by making your resume using a template. It helps to cut time used to make the resume. Plus, some templates come with good design—which will be beneficial if you’re trying to have a lavish look for your template.

Sample of Retail Resume

Well, retail resume isn’t that different compared to any resume for other jobs out there. It contains your personal information, working experiences, skills, objectives, and education background. For this sample, you’ll see those aspects as well; but don’t strict yourself for those aspects only. You can add another aspect into your default retail resume template as long as it is relevant to your job.


Jana K. Kirchoff

Retail Sales Supervisor

Apartment XCC no. 1009, Detroit, Michigan 99210 | janakkirchoff@gmail.com | 023-374-453-453


  • An energetic and loyal sales associate which has a solid experience in the field for more than five years.
  • Strong communication skills and has a good sense in understanding customer’s needs.
  • With an education background in sales, sales-related job has become a passion.


  • Currently looking for a retail sales job in retail industry in Detroit, Michigan, especially with SOHOC Department Store.
  • Aiming to work in a place that offers good work-life balance, high-spirit colleagues, and good working ethic.


Detroit Business Institute, Michigan                                                        Graduated in 2011

Bachelor of Economy – Marketing and Sales; GPA: 3.5/4.0


aNNa Cosmetics, Ltd., Sales Supervisor                                             2017 – present


  • Performing sales along with the team
  • In-charge for leading sales associate in order to reach the target set by the company
  • Collaborating with the marketing team in terms of some events to boost sales
  • Brainstorming with the subordinates about what method will be great for the sales
  • Making a monthly report about subordinates’ performances, including the target they reach

PopMart Supermarket, Ltd., Sales Supervisor                                     2012 – 2017


  • Brainstormed with the subordinates about what method will be great for the sales
  • Collaborated with the marketing team in terms of some events to boost sales
  • Made a monthly report about subordinates’ performances, including the target they reach
  • Performed sales along with the team
  • Was in-charge for leading sales associate in order to reach the target set by the company


Joanna Kindman, General Manager of aNNa Cosmetics (012-218-120-477)

Available on request

How to Create Your Retail Resume

As mentioned earlier, it’d be easier for you to make the resume using a retail resume template. But before you use one, it’d be best to prepare your data relevant to the resume itself, especially personal details and the working experiences. Remember, you’ll need to detail the job description of your previous job as well.

Once you’ve done that, you can start to work with the retail resume template. Input the data you have prepared earlier into the template you downloaded. Make sure to make the final file neat and free from misspelling, ineffective sentences, and grammar-related mistakes.

People Also Ask

What are retail skills?

  • Communication skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Sales skills
  • Familiarity with various business operations
  • Cash management abilities

What do you put on a resume for retail with no experience?

If you have no previous working experiences, don’t worry. By using your retail resume template, list down your ‘positive sides’ which resonates with the need of retail job. For example, if you’re good in communicating with people, patient, helpful and cheerful, you can say so.

What should I put on my resume for retail?

It’s literally similar to making any resume: starting from personal identity, working experiences, skills, to optional items such as objective, professional summary, and references. Aside from that, you may include any training relevant to retail job. You can just follow what’s written in the retail resume template though.

Several Examples of Retail Resume

Ever tried to find retail resume template and feeling like there are many samples of it? You’re true about that. Since retail industry is a relatively large industry, you can expect various retail resume template to find online. Each retail resume template will be customized differently according to the needs.

Resume Format for Clothing Retail Associate

Clothing retail is one place where many sales associate are highly needed. If you’re new into the career world, it’s a good start for you. As you learned that there is a job opening, it’d be better to prep your retail resume document.

Retail Sales Manager Resume Example

Template for Retail Manager Resume

Currently working as a retail manager and planning to shift job? That’s a good move—moreover if the job offers you a better career prospect. What you need to do is to prepare your retail resume, and retail resume template will be always ready to help you making the document.

Retail Store Associate Sample Resume

Retail Management Resume Sample

If you’re wishing to stand in management office, a retail management resume template is probably you need. Grab your template and get ready to input your personal information into it.

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Retail Store Associate Resume Template

Planning to get the sales associate job in the retail industry? Download and customize your retail resume template first before submitting your application to that potential employer.

Clothing Retail Associate Resume Format

Retail Sales Resume Sample for Free

The greatest thing about retail resume template is that it costs nothing. So, it’d be better to get a template and customize it yourself instead of hiring someone to work on your resume.

Free Retail Sales Resume Download

That sums up the information, you may need retail resume template. As emphasized in the above information, you can use the template especially if you wonder how to decorate your resume, or is confused about what aspects to include.

Retail Associate Resume Free Download

Retail Management Resume Example

Retail Manager Resume Template

Retail Sales Associate Resume Sample



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