10+ Administration Resume Sample

Administration Resume Sample as a Great Aid to Help You Get Hired

From healthcare centers, library, SMEs, even retail stores require workforces specializing in administration jobs to work for them. If you see a job opening as an administration officer and you’re interested in jumping into it, you have to prepare yourself a lot since the competition is quite hard. Hence, consider building your resume with the help of administration resume sample.

College administration resume Example

Administration resume sample may not be in your mind at first. Now that we’ve mentioned it, it’d be your greatest saviors in terms of creating your resume—and you can download it easily. These days, there are lots of online resources where you can find such templates at zero cost. Isn’t that better than hiring someone you don’t know to work on your resume? Well, you choose.

Administration Resume Example

You may be already quite experienced in the field, but nothing goes wrong with referring to a sample. It may refresh your memory hence you can work better on your resume. Below, you will find a shortened version of administration resume sample from a healthcare administration officer.

Nina M. Lindsay

Healthcare Administration Officer

8 Switzerland Street, Portland, Oregon 72389 | ninalindsay@mymail.com | 083-894-983-225


  • Experienced administration personnel with more than 7 year-experience working in hospitals.
  • An energetic and cheerful officer with great physical stamina to handle hospital administration workloads.
  • Great at working individually or in a team; great communicator and is adept in interpersonal skills.


  • Currently looking for an administration job in Oregon after moving from New York due to family reason.
  • It would be great to work with passionate people, positive colleagues, and highly-productive work ethic.


Bachelor of Science, Healthcare Administration                                                  Graduated in 2012

New York Institute of Applied Science, GPA 3.8/4.0


Healthcare Administration Officer, New York University Hospital                          2016 – 2021

  • Coordinated schedules for all doctors, nurses, and clerks
  • Helped the daily supervisor to evaluate the work of all station desk clerks
  • Maintained and procured supplies for each station desk
  • Updated health records and oversaw hospital’s administrative operational.
  • Coordinated any change to the schedules have there been any emergency cases
  • Worked with intern doctors’ schedules after coordinating the schedules with them.

Healthcare Administration Officer, New York Regional Hospital                            2012 – 2016

  • Coordinated any change to the schedules have there been any emergency cases
  • Coordinated schedules for all doctors, nurses, and clerks
  • Helped the daily supervisor to evaluate the work of all station desk clerks
  • Maintained and procured supplies for each station desk
  • Updated health records and oversaw hospital’s administrative operational.


Anna Smith, Healthcare Administration Supervisor                                  (091-829-347-777)

The document is enclosed

How to Make Your Administration Resume

Are you ready to build your administration resume? Now take a look back at the administration resume sample above. Note what you may require in making your resume: personal details, education background, working histories (completed with the job description list). Not to forget, you can as well add the optional ‘items’ such as references, professional summary, and objectives.

Then, by referring to an administration resume sample, you can start making your administration resume by inputting the data into a pre-made template (you got to download it beforehand, though). Alternately, you can make it from scratch—although this method may take you longer time.

Now that you’ve finished inputting the data into your resume, end the resume-making process by proofreading your document. Omit any mistakes you can spot from your resume, like misspelt words, grammatically inappropriate sentences, etc.

People Also Ask

How do I write an admin resume?

Just as mentioned previously, start your resume-making process by preparing your data. If required, you may also prepare an administration resume sample or a pre-made template. Then, put your data into it and make it neatly arranged. That way, you can make your resume quickly.

How do you describe an administrative job on a resume?

Simply mention what you did in your previous job. For example: taking phone calls, managing correspondence, maintaining filing systems, etc. You may not work with such job descriptions; so, you must detail it yourself.

What are the top 3 skills of an administrative assistant?

Instead of giving you just three, let’s go for more. Here are several skills you should have in order to succeed in applying for that administrative assistant job vacancy:

  • Technology, especially in terms of using relevant software
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to work in both team and individually
  • Problem-solving

Several Samples of Administration Resume

There are many administration jobs out there—and that results in various administration resume sample coming out. If you’re wondering which one to pick, you’ll just need to pick one that fits your needs.

Sample Resume of Healthcare Administration

Health-related jobs are surely one of the busiest jobs to choose from. If you’re planning to be a part of healthcare administration personnel, preparing your resume is a must. That said, taking a healthcare administration resume sample is a highly encouraged trick to make your resume quickly.

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Business Administration Officer Resume Sample

If working as an administration officer and being a crucial part of businesses is your desire, then be ready to compete with a lot of applicants. That’s why you got to make your resume stands out.

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Admin Support Resume Sample

Planning to switch job as an admin support? Go for it as you’re qualified. Now that you think you’re a good fit, creating resume should be a must-do step. Confused how to make one? Calm down, administration resume sample is ready to help.

Construction Project Administration Resume

Resume Sample of Administrative Analyst

Analyzing isn’t an easy job. If you’re long in such field, it’d make you to be a potential applicant to hire as an administrative analyst. Showcase your long-term working experiences and you’ll get the heart of that potential employer.

Dental Office Administration Resume

Resume Template for Administrative Director

If you are planning to get a position as an administrative director, aside from preparing your skills, you should also prepare your resume as well. Take an administration resume sample as example, and never got lost like your first-time!

Entry Level Office Administration Resume

Aside from that, having an administration resume sample will help to cut time while making your resume. This will be much beneficial if you’re a busy head or still confused about how to make a resume.

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