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Best Store Manager Resume, Templates and Examples

Making store manager resume is easier when you have templates in your PC or laptop. Templates and examples are useful in making good resume in just minutes. The job as store manager is a big one, and thus applying for that job would be impossible without resume.

Grocery Store Manager Resume

There will be a lot of samples and templates of the resume for you. You can pick any of them that match to your purpose. Then, just edit and print them. It will be a good help as your resume is now done quickly and easily. Here are the templates for you.

The Store Manager Resume Example


Helen Parker



57 Dash St, Jackson, JJ, 728


  • Professional manager for retail store.
  • Having been working in the industry for the past three years.
  • Having experience in budgeting, financing, store managing and recruiting as well.
  • Graduating college with Bachelor Degree of Marketing Management. Willing to work in teams.


Violet High School, GPA 3.7, Graduated 2013

Gwendolyn University, GPA 3.4, Graduated 2017, Bachelor Degree of Marketing Management


2017-2018, Lucky Store, Store Manager Assistant

2018-2019, Bailey Retail Store, Store Manager

2019-Ongoing, Tamara Store and Café, Senior Store Manager


  • Budgeting
  • Financing
  • Recruiting
  • Marketing Management
  • Time Management
  • Team Working
  • Compassion


English, Advanced

Spanish, Advanced

Tagalog, Intermediate

How to Make Store Manager Resume?

In fact, there are several things that store managers should write on their store manager resume. These are the things along with the step-by-step of what to do when you have to write a resume like this. Follow the step, and you will not find it hard to make the resume:

  1. Write the contact information first. It is including name, email, phone and address. You can add LinkedIn or social media links as well.
  2. Write your history of education. It is usually containing high school and college.
  3. Write your working experience. You will have to write the managing-related experience. Internship and volunteering work can be counted as well.
  4. Write your skills and language skills. A good store manager must be skillful and hence these are needed on the resume.

People Also Ask

What are a store manager’s responsibilities?

The responsibilities of store manager are usually written on the store manager resume, and these include making schedule for the employees, checking goods and stocks, recruiting employees, making reports and many more.

What are the skills of a store manager?

In store manager resume, you have to write the skills of store manager. The skills are usually more on the soft skills, like time management, team working, leadership and delegation. However, hard skill like budgeting, marketing and financing should always be written as well.

Resume Example for Assistant Store Manager

As we know, many people want to work as assistant store manager. Usually, this job is given to those who have just graduated college or high school. The main duty is to help the store manager doing his responsibilities. Use a sample to make sure the store manager resume is correct.

Templates of Resume of Clothing Store Manager

If you want to work as a manager in a clothing store, you have to create a good resume. The resume should contain proper information about your work experience and the skills to handle the entire store eventually. Find an example to avoid spending hours thinking about the resume.

Restaurant Store Manager Resume

Resume Example for Convenience Store Manager

For those who are looking for store manager resume of a convenience store, the templates and examples are available for free. They are so useful in helping you understanding what a good resume should look like. The example is surely free to download.

Assistant Store Manager Resume

Templates of Resume of Furniture Store Manager

Managing furniture store is not an easy task considering this kind of store is full of expensive items. This is why the manager must be someone clever and hard-working. If you want to work in a store like this and have the job vacancy, apply for the job by using a good store manager resume.

Retail Store Manager Resume

Templates of Resume of Grocery Store Manager

Grocery store is literally everywhere. It is like around the corner, and surely this kind of store will have to employ a lot of people, including for the position of manager. Apply for the job as manager of a grocery store by sending your resume. Make sure the resume is well-written.

Convenience Store Manager Resume

Resume Example for Professional Store Manager

A professional should not find any difficulties in writing store manager resume. However, just in case you still need example or template, it is all available. The examples and templates are going to ease all the process of getting the resume done and sent.

Store Manager Resume

Templates of Resume of Restaurant Manager

When you walk into a restaurant, you will see a manager. The manager is to make sure everyone in the restaurant, including the waiters and waitresses are working coordinately. The job is a big responsibility and hence when you want to apply for the job like this, you will have to send a convincing resume.

Clothing Store Manager Resume

Resume Example for Retail Store Manager

Retail store is a huge store scattered around the country. Managing this kind of store is never easy and always challenging. For those who need to write store manager resume and the position is retail manager, you have to write the resume properly. Thankfully, the templates are available.

Store Manager Resume 1

Templates of Resume of Sales Store Manager

There is no need to face obstacles when writing a resume to show off your experience as store manager in sales. You can just use templates instead. The templates are very easy to find and will surely help you in writing a readable resume.

Sample of Resume for Store Manager

This is the store manager resume sample to download for free. Instead of spending hours creating the resume from a blank page, it is better to use templates or examples. These show the right and proper structure of a good resume.

Furniture Store Manager Resume

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