Knowing More about Union Resignation Letter and its Sample

As a society member, joining a union can be a common thing to do to gather with people who share similarities with us. However, there is a chance that you wish to resign from the union and continue your life. If you decide to do so, it is better to notify the organization by sending the union resignation letter in a professional way to show that you are ending the term with a positive feeling.

What Happens when You Resign from Union

If you decide to resign from a union, there are things need to consider. Aside from submitting the union resignation letter to the boss, you need to terminate the membership. The purpose is to stop the payment to the union, usually in monthly basis. If you are officially leaving the union, you will no longer be responsible for the intern activities inside the organization. At the same time, you will not get the benefits any longer for the period after you are resigning. Yet, they still require sending you the basic necessities or the benefits until the last month you join the union.

Format of Union Resignation Letter

Even if you have joined the union for a while, the decision to leave or stay is completely in your hands. However, there is a proper way to resign from the union, including sending the union resignation letter. The format of this letter is the slightly similar to the resignation letter which inform the termination decision, with reason if desired, and the contact number. Avoid using flowery words in sending goodbye to the union and keep it brief and professional.

How to Write Resignation Letter to Union

If you are thinking of leaving the union you are joining right now and confused how to do so, the letter below can be used as the reference to send a union resignation letter. A woman, who joined a fitness union, decides to leave the union in order to move on to another city following her family. She sends the letter to the leader of the union.

Dear Mrs. Andini,

Through this letter, I would like to inform you about my resignation from Health and Fresh fitness union membership. I decided to resign from the fitness union since I need to accompany my husband whose work is relocated to another town. Please accept this letter as my official notice of termination with the union. I thank you for all the assistance and help you have given to me during the time I join the union.

I have fulfilled my responsibilities until the last month I join the union by completing the payments and handing over the union funds to Mrs. Tina, who is given the authority by all members to replace my position as a fund holder. I want to apologize if I caused any inconvenience from my resignation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 222-111-222-111. I hope we stay keep in touch even after I have resigned from the union. I have wonderful and healthy time joining the union and I have met many inspiring people. I appreciate all the trust and assistance you and all members have to me during the time I am in the union. I hope Health and Fresh fitness union will get even bigger in the future.



Patricia Kwen

Here is the sample of union resignation letter. Hopefully it helps you in writing one and hopefully you have a great time.


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