VA Appeal Letter, Tips And Its Sample

Receiving a denial letter from the Department of Veteran Affairs can be stressful. However, it is very common to receive such a letter and you can write your VA appeal letter. To do this, you have to call the Veteran’s Administration to know the VA’s employee and its department for delivering the letter. On this page, we will discuss some tips on writing the VA appeal letter.

When Can I Write A VA Appeal Letter?

Note that you have a year to submit your disagreement. This letter can be written from the date it is delivered to you, and not the day you are receiving this letter. However, this always depends on the states you are living in.  Always check the local law for more valid information. Additionally, check the form to use to appeal your case. You can find the information from the sites or visit the office for further information.

What Happens If Your VA Appeal Is Accepted?

If your VA appeal letter ends up being successful and granted, then the next thing to know is you will receive the new rating decision.

Why Does VA Deny The Claims?

There are various reasons why the VA denies the claims. First of all, this can be the veterans are not in a certain condition. If you have a temporary illness then your VA appeal will be denied. For example, if you suffered cancer and now cancer has been in remission status. Then your claims will be denied because the cancer is no longer active. Besides, your claims might be denied because you are lack proof. For example, if you experience an accident during the training that leads to subsequent disabilities, then you must provide valid proof of it.

VA Appeal Letter Sample

To write a VA appeal letter, you must include the Notice of Disagreement (NOD) and both documents must be delivered to the local Veteran’s Administration Office.

Below is a sample of the VA appeal letter that you might need to check for some ideas.


Dear Mr. Stevenson,

I am writing this letter as a formal appeal to the VA’s decision that denied my claims about my current condition, post-traumatic stress disorder on December December 17, 2015. I suffer from this condition as a result of my duties in Syria on January 13, 2015.

We were shots and left dead and I was the only one alive. I walked around 1,5 km to the basecamp with the bulled lodged in my back.

Due to this condition, I have nightmares and am very disturbed by lights and noise. I am also struggling with concentration which makes it difficult to handle various tasks. Along with this letter, I enclosed the medical record from the physician and psychologist along with the Notice of Disagreement forms.

I ask you to reconsider my claims to collect disability benefits. I am planning to return to the workforce when I am improving.

Thank you for your consideration.


Allan Jordan




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