6+ Classic Resume

The Classic Resume Template as the Basic Resume Format

When you are confused about choosing the best style of resume, go back to the classic ones. The classic resume never goes wrong as this format will enable you to make a clean-look resume and spotlight your achievements.

Classic Volley Ball Resume

The classic resume template will help you to make a straightforward resume that’s great to be applied to any field job. Because of its conventional format, the resume is more understandable.

Example of Classic Resume

You can learn from this sample of classic resume.

Jean Smith

Contact Details

Address            : 28 Madison Avenue, New York City, NY 18278

Phone               : 000 7277 7267

Email                : jean.smith@live.com

Career Objective

  • A well-presented administrative assistant with more than 4 years’ experience in working in the law company, B & S Inc., reporting directly to the President of the company.
  • Possess magnificent interpersonal skills and excellent written and spoken communication skills.

Core Competencies

  • Supplier relationship
  • Customer service
  • Organized and detailed
  • Cost-efficient

Professional Experience

Administrative Assistant (2017 – Present)

B & S Inc., New York City, NY

  • Directing and coordinating office services such as departmental finances, personnel issues, records, housekeeping, and budget preparation to the executives
  • Gathering data, conducting research, and preparing papers for presentation and consideration by boards of directors, committees, and executives
  • Preparing financial statements, reports, letters, invoices, memos, and other essential documents using the database, word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet software
  • Reading and analyzing the incoming submissions, reports, and memos to define their importance and manage their distribution

Rehabilitation Counselor (2016 – 2017)

The New York Department of Social Services, New York City, NY

  • Developing and maintaining good relationships with communities such as community groups and schools
  • Preparing and managing case and records files, including important documentation such as services provided, customer’s eligibility and personal information, customers contacts narratives, and any relevant documents
  • Analyzing the information from diagnostic evaluations, interviews, consultation sections, and medical and educational records to assess customer’s needs, services, and abilities


Bachelor of Arts (2012 – 2016)

Major: English Literature

The New York University, New York City, NY

GPA: 3.7/4.0


  • Bilingual English and French
  • Certified First Aid and CPR
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5
  • Microsoft Office

Honors and Awards

  • Won the “Best Writer” 2017 GoGurl Magazine Award
  • “Employee of the month” for a year straight in B & S Inc. (2018)
  • Awarded the “Best Performance” in 3 years in a row in B & S Inc. (2018 – 2020)

Tips on Making Classic Resume

Using the best classic resume template is not enough to make your resume astounding and catch the hiring manager’s eye. You need to do the following impressive tips:

  1. Leave out the additional information

You can’t write everything in your resume because the best resume should only be written in one-page length. You can explain your additional information in interview session.


  1. Leave out your high school education, unless if you are recently graduating a few months ago

Make sure to only write your college or university education in education section. Writing too much information, such as your elementary school or high school would just make the resume look boring.

  1. Use the proper format for education format

First, you can start by writing your major and degree then put your school name. After that, do not forget to write the city and country of your school.

  1. Include your GPA information

Yes, you should write your GPA information, especially if it is above 3.5.

People Also Ask

What is a classic resume?

The classic resume is might be the best resume template for a lifetime. The main key in writing resume is making it as simple as you can. That’s why this resume template will surely suit well to every type of job position. This resume uses the most simple and basic format. By using this template, you will have a huge advantage as it is easy to read.

How do I write an effective and simple resume?        

The following are the steps on making the effective classic resume:

  1. Include your best hard skills (technical skills) and soft skills
  2. Put an objective or resume summary
  3. Add additional sections, such as hobbies, languages, interests, etc.
  4. Pick the proper resume layout and format
  5. Write your contact information and personal details
  6. Describe your achievements and work experience, as well as your education

How do I describe my skills on my resume?

You can start by mentioning your soft skills first, such as:

  1. Patience
  2. Detail-oriented
  3. Well-presented
  4. Creativity
  5. Collaboration
  6. Teamwork
  7. Persistence
  8. Interpersonal skills
  9. Relationship building skills
  10. Communication
  11. Work ethic
  12. Critical thinking
  13. Confidence

Samples of Classic Resume Templates

The following are few samples of classic resume templates that are divided into a few subjects and specializations.

Classic Resume for Volleyball Players

If you are a highly passionate volleyball athlete and currently look for the best way in making the best athlete resume, you can learn from the volleyball player’s classic resume template. You will be helped in listing your athletic achievements from years to years without forgetting about your education background.

Classic Web Design Resume

Classic Resume for Web Design

By using the web design resume template, you will be guided in prioritizing your education first before listing down working experience. Then, put your technical web designing skills, such as in platforms, tools, databases, or technologies.

One Page Resume Template

One-Page Classic Resume

This template is the simplest classic resume template that will never go old. You will get the clean format with an elegant style. After adding the usual information, add your activities experience, such as training or volunteering experiences.

Sample Classic Resume Template

Professor Classic Resume

Select the professor resume template if you are currently a remarkably experienced professor who wants to try another career or field job. Make sure to include all achievements and publications that you have been done while working as a professor in many well-known universities.

British Classic Resume Template

The British Style Classic Resume

What is in your thought when you are thinking about the British? Yes, it is elegant. This exactly shows how the British classic resume template looks like. Use this template if you want to have a remarkable resume with a clean and elegant design.

Classic Professor Resume Template


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